Lt Commander Serala: Awards and Promotions, pt. 2

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Jim Davis

Apr 11, 2020, 12:11:55 AM4/11/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Nova Room, Level 13, Deep Space 26, Paldor System, Larokon Space, Par’tha Expanse ))

{{ Time Index: Shore Leave Day 17 }}

After the congratulations, she began to make her way back to her seat, but the Captain stopped her short.

Thoran: Not so fast Number One, I could use your assistance if you would be so kind. 

oO Of course! I’m the First Officer now and that means I get to help with the awards. I completely forgot about that. Oo

Serala: Of course, sir. It would be my honor.

And those that really knew her would know just how much that honor meant to her. She lived by a strict code of honor and this would greatly raise that honor. She took her place at the Captain’s side, ready to hand out the awards and ribbons. Possible promotions, though she wasn’t in the loop on those. At least not yet. She nodded at him to indicate she was ready to proceed.

Thoran: Lieutenant Commander G’Renn, Lieutenant Hyden, Lieutenant Journs, Lieutenant Kiax and Lieutenant Knight, please join us up here.

Serala waited as they made their way forward, still working to maintain as professional a posture as she could and not just beam her delight. She wasn’t quite sure how well she was succeeding, but she gave it her best effort. Once they were all present, the Captain continued with his presentation.

Thoran: All of you worked tirelessly to understand what was afflicting the Valcarian population. Had it not been for your efforts it would have taken a significant amount of time to identify and develop a cure for the heavy metal poisoning. I am delighted to award you all the Medical Science Ribbon. Congratulations.

Kiax: I don’t know what to say… Thank you, Sir.

Journs: ::breathily:: Thank you, sir.

Hyden: Thank you.

G’Renn / Knight: Response

Serala: It really was well done. Thank you to each of you and my congratulations as well.

Any: Responses

One at a time, the Captain handed her a small rosewood box tied with black and red ribbon. She handed the awards to each person and made sure to shake their hand.

Thoran: Doctors, Lieutenant Hyden, if you wouldn’t mind waiting a moment. Lieutenant Commander G’Renn, Lieutenant Journs, as if developing a cure was not enough, you also dedicated your time to assisting the Valcarian population and no doubt contributed to the saving of their lives. For your efforts, you are hereby awarded the Lifesaving Ribbon. Congratulations.

Journs: ::squeaks slightly:: Thank you, sir.

G’Renn: Response

Once again, she took the boxes and handed on to each doctor. What they did always impressed her. She had come up through the ranks of Security and Tactical and often thought her specialty was taking lives. Theirs was the opposite. Saving them.

Serala: You represented us well. Congratulations to you both.

Any: Responses

Kiax: ::Grinning:: Congratulations, you.

Thoran: Lieutenant Hyden, had it not been for your efforts it is quite likely that Lieutenant Kiax would not be here with us today. For saving the life of a fellow Starfleet officer, you are hereby awarded the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon. Congratulations.

Hyden: Thank you, Commander.

As Maddi came up to receive the award, Serala once again shook her hand as she handed her the rosewood box. Although Maddi hadn’t been able to save Serala’s husband, she had managed to save her own spouse. Serala could find that ironic and be bitter about it, but in truth, she was glad the Trill Ops Officer hadn’t died as well.

Serala: Well done, Maddi. I am so happy for you.

Raga: Well done!

Journs: ::grins:: Congratulations, Maddi.

Hyden: Thanks, Ishka I appreciate it!

Any: Responses

Thoran: Lieutenant Commander Raga, Lieutenant Knight, Captain Logan, Lieutenant Maeli, please join me. The following decoration is also awarded to Lieutenant Kiliak, although she cannot be with us today.

Serala watched as the four made their way to the front. Another fine group of officers. Serala wondered what award they would be receiving, though she could think of several they deserved. She looked at Maeli, wondering how she would be able to break the news to her that she was going to have to leave. She knew there were some very strong feelings developing between the Rodulan helm officer and David Knight. This was not going to be easy on either of them. She caught herself as she belatedly remembered that Trelixxa could read minds.

oO No reason to spoil it for her yet. Oo

Thoran: For your assistance to the Valcarian medical staff and Lieutenant Knight and Lieutenant Kiliak  for your work investigating the archaeological site, I am pleased to award you all the Good Conduct Ribbon. Congratulations.

Logan: :: Quietly :: Thank you, sir

Raga: ::stoically: Thank you, sir.

Knight / Maeli: Response

Serala: Congratulations to all of you.

Any: Responses

Again, she handed each a small rosewood box. She gave Toryn a big smile as she handed him his ribbon.

Thoran: Lieutenant Commander Raga, Captain Logan, Lieutenant Maeli, if you could hold on a moment. Lieutenant Commander Serala, you are included here as well. For braving the unknown to rescue your fellow Starfleet officers, and Lieutenant Commander Serala for remaining composed and continuing on with dignity despite your personal circumstances, I am proud to award you all the Captain’s Commendation. Congratulations.

The Captain took one of the boxes and handed it to her as he offered her his hand and congratulated her. She set the box aside, knowing she was going to need both of her hands for the rest of the ceremony, but she was certain to thank the Captain for the award. Then, as before, she handed each their box, shook their hands and congratulated them.

Logan: ::Quietly:: Thank you, Sir.

Raga: Thank you, sir. Atlanteans always come for their own.

Maeli: Response

Serala: Well done, each of you.

Any: Responses

Thoran: Ensign Bjørge, Captain McKnight, please join us.

The two officers made their way forward and Serala greeted each with a slight smile.

Thoran: Ensign Bjørge had it not been for your skill at breaking through the interference, it is likely that Commander Serala, Captain McKnight and I would have been discovered by the pursuing forces. Captain McKnight, you and I, were able to utilise local resources to construct a shelter from the pursuers that kept us hidden until backup arrived. It is my privilege to award you the Innovation Ribbon. Congratulations.

Bjørge / McKnight: Responses

Once she had given Amuro and Ensign Bjørge their awards, she watched as the Captain stepped toward her to receive his own. She grabbed the remaining box from the set he had been selecting from and handing it to him, shaking his hand.

Serala: Very impressive work, sir. And you will have my eternal gratitude for your innovation during that time.

Thoran: Response

Any: Responses

Thoran: Not so fast Captain. You, Lieutenant Commander Serala and I are being awarded the Joint Meritorious Unit Award for our work with both the Romulans and Valcarians. Although at times they tried our patience, we managed to overcome prejudices and survive our ordeal in the forest. Congratulations. 

Serala: Well, congratulations to the three of us.

McKnight: Response

Any: Responses

Thoran: That concludes the awarding of decorations. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your hardwork and dedication over the past several months. I know that life in Starfleet is not always easy, but each of you should be proud of your accomplishments. It is my honour to serve as your Captain and the Atlantis would not be half the ship it is without you.

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