Lt Commander Serala: Good Romulans?

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Jim Davis

May 16, 2020, 11:14:44 PM5/16/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Observation Lounge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis ))

Thoran: Thank you all for being so prompt. Help yourself to the refreshments. Now I am sure you are all wondering why I have called you here. The Freeworlds Council are holding a trade conference on Illara Prime and have invited us to attend.

oO Interesting. Last time we were there, things were kind of interesting. And the last diplomatic mission before that didn’t end well. I wonder what this one has in store for us. Oo

Thoran: The purpose of this conference from what I understand is to bring together several different factions and establish new trade relations with the Freeworlds.

Hyden: Well you say several factions so I am supposing our enemies may be present?

Kiax: Do we know who else they’ve invited, besides ourselves?

Thoran: An excellent question. From what I have been able to ascertain the Freeworlds Council have invited representatives from the Caraadian Noble Houses, Ferengi Commerce Authority, Romulan Republic and even the Valcarian Imperial Republic.

oO Great. That means Mother will be there. How did I get so lucky? Oo

McKnight: Let's hope just the good Romulans show up 

oO The good Romulans? Oo

Kiax: Sounds like we’re up against some fairly aggressive competition. What have we got to bring to the negotiating table?

T’Saara: :: happily :: ggwwabble maaa fu

The blush returned and Serala looked over at her daughter rubbing her tummy.

Serala: I don’t think she was asking you, Little Bean. But thanks for the suggestion.

Knight: I don’t think competition is the right context to use for our involvement in this. The competition will be between the Caraadain Houses now that the war has ended, there is a good chance a lot of old rivalries will surface. The Federation holds access to the most viable trade route out of the expanse, even the Ferengi have to contend with that fact.


Hyden: From what you’re saying it looks like we will need to keep a sharp eye out. We have vipers mixed with more vipers in a pit that we have to step into. 

oO It’s a good thing these are friends. I wonder if they remember that one of those vipers is my mother? Oo

Journs: ::pauses:: I wonder if we have anything in Sickbay that might be of interest. Medical tools always seem to be a valuable commodity. 

G’Renn: ::Smiling:: I do hope you aren’t planning to auction off all of sickbay.

Kiax: I can probably get my hands on some physical goods for us to use as trade samples before we leave. Just in case they want to inspect what we have before initiating trade… Currency might be a bit of an issue though.

G’Renn: It always is. ::She shrugged.:: But we’ve managed so far.

McKnight: I'm sure depending on the price, we can get authorization to...acquire the appropriate amount of funds.


Journs: ::nods:: If anything, we can always use the old-fashioned system--goods for goods. 

Logan: Am I to take it that were part of the trade talks and not just happy bystanders?

It was a good question. Apparently the Captain thought so as well because he raised a finger and smiled at Logan.

Thoran: Five points to Mr. Logan. We are indeed to represent Federation interests at these talks. Whatever that entails I am sure we shall find during the talks.

Serala: Since the Valcarians have been invited, sir, am I to understand that means Ambassador Dels’an? And if so, will she be travelling with us again, or does she have her own transport?

Knight: If I might add to that Sir. We need to be aware of the fact that if we transport the ambassador it could be used to imply a political agreement between us.

Serala: Fair point, Mr. Knight.

Thoran: I do not have details on whether the Ambassador will be attending. If Ambassador Dels’an is going to be in attendance then I would imagine she would have her own transport there.

oO May the Elements help her if she tries to catch a ride with Mother. Oo


Hyden: With all the factions you named I saw a possible power struggle with us in the middle. Negotiations only last as long as the status quo stays in each faction's favor. If that changes this situation could turn ugly and faster than we would want it too. Who do we have in the terms of allies?


Thoran: I think ally is a strong word in this context. Each attendee is going to be focused on what they can gain for themselves and who they represent. With the recent hostilities between the Valcarians and Caraadians, it may be the Caraadians are more amiable towards us. The Freeworlds are trying to gain more influence in the region, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to distance themselves from us. 


oO That would be most unfortunate, considering how much effort has been put in to cultivating that relationship. We’ll need to see about trying to change that. Oo

McKnight: Security would be on guard considering those attending. We need to be extra careful.

Journs: ::grimaces and mutters:: Sounds like a tough crowd.


G’Renn: We might not have a very long list of allies at the conference. What about the other members of the Freeworlds Council? What are we looking at in terms of people running the show on their end?


Knight: Illara Prime is known for its senate comprised of roughly a hundred different commercial companies, the appointed governor will likely be responsible for overseeing the event. Will we be attending in any capacity over than as Federation representatives?

Thoran: Just as representatives. We will be showing the friendly face of the Federation and hopefully making a few new contacts whilst we are there.


Ganarvuss: How long will the conference go?


Thoran: The conference is scheduled to last a few days; however in reality I would imagine up to a week. There will be a lot of schmoozing going on no doubt.


Matthieu: Valcarians, sir?


oO Right. New guy. Probably hasn’t had a chance to get up to speed yet. Oo

Journs: A large power in the region. Their republic is comprised of hundreds of worlds. If I’m recalling correctly, they’re in an expansionist phase of their development. The ones that I’ve encountered were very militaristic in their thinking and their demeanor. Much of what they did was about control.

(( TBC ))

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