Ensign Serala: Where did they come from?

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Jim Davis

Feb 8, 2018, 1:18:27 PM2/8/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Beta Quadrant, Par'tha Expanse, On Route To Deep Space 26, USS Atlantis, Deck 1, Main Bridge))

Logan: =/\= Yes sir, I’ll continue my recon back here Logan out =/\=

:: As she was listening to the Marine's report, she felt a wave of nausea wash over her and she fought it back. She just hoped the Captain hadn't noticed. Likely whoever or whatever was behind this attack wasn't finished and she was going to be needed, both a tactical officer and as a Security Officer.

Brell: Having any luck Counselor?

Jann: ::pained:: for the love off.... Sorry sir, this is one stubborn relay, it's not going to come normally, I might have to get creative.

Brell: I’m going to try a few tricks myself, proceed.

:: About that time, Logan came back with a bag in his hand and began handing out weapons, giving her a phaser rifle AND and a type II pistol.::

oO The Elements bless this man! Oo

Serala: Thank you, very much.

Logan: These might come in handy. Captain, I've also got one tricorder and another med kit. Both escape pods check out undamaged as is the airlock and spacesuits. The Emergency utility tanks are also undamaged so we can keep environmentals on the bridge at least. The power supply modules are also intact as neither system is directly linked to the main systems so the overload hasn’t affected them.

Adetola: Thanks.

Jann: Thank you. ::Jann placed the phaser next to him as he returned back inside the console::

Logan: The ramp to deck two is sealed the emergency bulkhead is twisted so unless you want to cut through it we can’t get down that way, but also no one’s coming up it either

Brell: Great. That means we are sealed in for now.

Serala: So, the only way in to the bridge is either by transporter or through the turboshaft?

Brell: The shaft would have been sealed by an emergency bulkhead as well, so transporter would be the only way … I’d be guessing that would be a shuttles transported if we can contact one given the state of ship.

Logan: But we'd need the computer to remotely control the shuttle

Jann: Couldn't we try an emergency site to site transport to a lower deck?

Brell: I’m going to try and get the MSD up so we can get an idea of the ships status. Once we do we can form a tactic to regain control.

:: The conversation seemed to die out there. Everyone knew what was needed of them, so they got to work. Serala went back to the tactical console to see if she could nudge some life into it. She had opened the panels and was looking at the circuits - fried badly, but possibly reparable - and was in the process of trying to determine her best course of action when the Captain's call came in. ::

Brell: =/\= Everyone on deck one to my ready room, quickly. =/\=

::The Captain was standing in the raised part of the room that held the seating area, the informal meet and greet part. ::

:: From here they all had a clear view of their attackers’ ship and just where it had impacted. It had nearly hit the bridge itself, and its pointed nose was no doubt inside of the deck two starboard side lounge. There were no markings on the hull of any kind at all, no windows or small port holes either. The warp nacelles looked a lot like Federation ones but they too looked as the ship did, slightly old::

Jann: erm...im not expert but that doesn't look accidental...

Logan: Only with my flying

Serala: Remind me never to fly with you as the pilot.

Brell: No accident is certain.

::Part of the surface started to move, a portal rose up opening the interior to space. Out of the opening objects started to pour out, and pour and pour. The size of a medium dog, they spread out over the hull even moving out of sight. Some headed for the ship’s docking ports and others headed down the saucer, others around it towards the stardrive section. ::

Logan: I see a reason for no life signs now

::The flashes of laser-torch beams could be seen from here already as they began to make new opening for themselves. A pair headed their indirection and veered over likely heading for the airlock on the aft section of the deck.::

Brell: Secure the bridge. They are going to try and breach the airlock!

Logan: Looks like it's our turn to take a bow.

Serala: Fvadt!

:: Serala immediately regretted the profanity. The only time she slipped on her Romulan was when was stressed. Now was not the time to be getting emotional. She needed to keep her head clear, to think, if she was going to do her part to help get them out of this mess alive.::

:: Serala looked at Logan and turned to head toward the airlock. With the situation as it was, if they opened the airlock, it would only take seconds to vent their air to space, and no way to replace it since they were completely isolated from the rest of the ship. Their only hope was to the…things…at the airlock BEFORE they breached. How, she wasn't sure yet. But they had to do it.::

::Reaching the aft airlock they took up positions waiting::

Logan: How are you doing, you ok from the collision ?

Serala: I'm pretty sure I have a concussion along with this gash over my left eye. :: wipes green blood off her face :: Seems like it might be slowing down though. No internal injuries that I can discern, but I got tossed pretty good. Don't want the Captain know, though. He might sideline me and we need all the help can get. How about you?

Logan::Shrugging:: Bumps, bruises, left side hurts. Just another day at the office ::Smiling::

Logan: Know were here ..... Of course what were you thinking of ?

Serala: What?

:: Shouldering his rifle he stood up from where he had been crouching to wait for the robots to enter::

Logan::Pointing at the door controls:: Get ready to open the outer door

Serala: Open it? We'll lose all our air!

Logan: If they burn through the outer door then we lose a defensive line, these inner doors aren't as strong and once inside ::Gesturing around at the non armoured machinery:: it won't take much to take all this out then deck one is untenable. And if we start shooting to early how many will we have to deal with once they know there's resistance here ?

Serala: I agree with the tactical analysis, but, in your little plan, how does evacuating all our oxygen help?

Logan: Plan, who said I had a plan ::Winking:: short out the panel to open the outer doors not to badly as we'll want to shut them again.

:: Serala shrugged and moved to comply. They would certainly die if they did nothing. This crazy idea just might work.::

::Watching sparks fly as the panel was opened and 'adjusted' , it gave it's warning alarm as the outer doors opened. The two robots stopped then scuttled in through the force field that held the environment in::

Logan: Good come on in, that's it ..that's it. Now the environmental panel increase the pressure fast, as fast as possible, as much as you can.Don't forget to make it short out though.

:: Again Serala followed his instructions. ::

oO This crazy idea just might work Oo

::Again sparks flew as the console showed the increase in pressure and gravity::

Logan: Let's hope they're logical and ...yes

::As the environmentals rapidly increased their legs moved back under them trying to keep their bodies off the deck to use their cutters::

Logan: on my mark cancel the force field and all environmentals ..... Ready .... Ready ... NOW...

:: Serala slammed the button and grabbed hold. Suddenly the glow from the force field vanished causing the atmosphere to be vented at the same time the gravity vanished lifting the Spiders off the bulkheads. Their legs sprung out as their 'brains' recognised the danger but it was to late their legs could reach and for a split second they hung their before they too vanished out of the airlock. Serala slammed the button again and the force field reappeared as the airlock doors shut. ::

Logan::Tapping his Comm badge:: =/\= Lieutenant Logan to Captain Brell =/\=

Brell: =/\= Response =/\=

Logan =/\= The two robots have been blown out of the airlock  Sir, do you need for us back with you? =/\=

Brell: =/\= Response =/\=

Logan: =/\= Understood Sir, be advised that we do have short range transporter ability from the Escape pods but it will mean powering them up fully. In addition sir I'm sure you've seen how these Spider bots and the ones from Taventa Robotics looked very much the same. =/\=

:: She didn't know what he was talking about, and she probably should have asked. Knowledge of one's enemy is always important in a battle. But right now, Serala focused on getting back to her station to get it up and running so they could find our the status of the rest if the ship. Consequently, she turned and headed immediately back to the bridge. Where she got there, she saw three of the spiderbots: One near Science station where Ensign Jann was working, one closing in on the Captain, and the third planted securely in her console which, amazingly enough, was under full power and send to be working okay. She didn't know how it had been repaired so quickly, but what bothered her wasn't that. It was the fact that the spider thing was apparently drawing information from it. Taking careful aim with her rifle, she fired at it, obliterating it.::

Serala: Captain. Behind you! :: She turned to fire at the second spider but she didn't have a clean shot.

Jann/Brell: Responses.

Logan: Response.

Serala: The better question is, how did they get in here?

Brell/Logan/Jann/Adetola: Responses

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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