Ensign Serala: Rescue 101

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Jim Davis

Dec 6, 2017, 8:27:02 PM12/6/17
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Armory, Deck 4, USS Atlantis))

::Serala stood in armory inspecting the ship's weapons. It was a tedious  task and not one she relished, but all she had to do was remember her final exam at the Academy and she would not complain. If she ever needed one of these weapons, she damn sure wanted to know it was fully charged and fully operational.::

::She hadn't been onboard long, but she wanted to make a good impression with her superiors. Granted, they probably barely knew she existed, but the young Half-Romulan woman was driven by her own modified form of the mnei'sahe,  the Romulan idea of honor, or face, but turned to a new sense of values derived from her Human father and Romulan mother, and from her upbringing on Earth. Her mnei'sahe would be determined by the way she performed her duties to the Federation and Starfleet.::

::She rubbed at her face as she replaced the last phaser. She ran her fingers through her thick, short black hair and sighed. It had been a long shift and it wasn't over yet. With the current situation - whatever that was - the Security department had been fully manned for some time. All she had been able to learn was that the Atlantis was helping in some diplomatic conflict and things had gotten tense.  Of course, she was just a lowly Ensign with no need to know about such things. All she needed to worry about was making sure the power cells of these weapons were fully charged. Still, she was Romulan and she longed for a good battle.::

oO Maybe I'm part Klingon, too. Oo

::She chuckled to herself at the thought. No, Romulans could be very bloodthirsty. They just hid it behind calculation and cunning.::

oO Take Mother, for example. Oo

::Serala was just putting away her tricorder when she noticed the security alert flashing on the display panel. Commander Tel-ar had ordered a Security response to some unauthorized transporter activity in transporter room 2. Glad she had just finished her inspection, Serala began grabbing gear for the arriving Security personnel. After handing a rifle to the Ferengi female...Noshka?..., Serala grabbed one for herself and headed to transporter room 2, securing the armory behind herself.::

((Transporter Room 2, Deck 4, USS Atlantis))

::Serala let the other Security personnel go first. When she got inside the transporter room, she noticed several Federation personnel  unconscious on the pad. Once the room was secured, the medical team ran in and immediately began treating the injured. Another officer entered and began going over the controls. Serala stood next to the Ferengi as the others did their jobs. Their duty now to ensure no further incursions would occur. She could here the transporter operator inform the bridge that he couldn't get a lock on whomever had been beamed out, although she missed the person's identity as a med tech bumped into her while transporting a patient. Eventually, everyone cleared out, even two of the other Security personnel, leaving only the Ferengi and herself to guard the room, and the transporter tech. She was just beginning to speculate on the idea of a Ferengi Security officer when the Transporter tech made an announcement...::

Carson: I no longer have a lock on Commander Brell and his team.

Noshka: What?

oO That's not good! Oo

Carson: =/\= Chief Carson to Bridge, we have lost the lock on the Captain’s team. Near as I can tell there is some kind of scattering field preventing us from picking up his commbadge or getting a lock on their signals. =/\=

Williams/Tel-ar: =/\= responses  =/\=

Carson: =/\= It looks like if they can get out of the building they are in I should be able to beam them up. =/\=

oO What was the Captain doing, again? Some kind of diplomatic mission, wasn't it? Oo

Tel-ar/Williams: =/\= response =/\=

Noshka: =/\= Ensign Noshka here sirs, Ensign Serala and myself are still here in the transporter room, we can go down ensure that they make it out. =/\=

oO Do what? She does know I've never been on a real away mission before, doesn't she? Much less a rescue mission. Oo

Tel-ar/Williams: =/\= response =/\=

Noshka: =/\= Yes Sir. =/\=

oO I hope she's done this before. Oo

::She noted the Ferengi's grin as they stepped onto the transporter pad.::

Noshka: Hope you don’t mind that I just volunteered us to go into what sounds like a warzone.  

Serala: I live for it. Of course, I've never done this in real life before.

Noshka: I thought as much. I owe you lunch after this mission.

Serala: ::chuckling:: I doubt you can find vii'nareen in the Expanse and replicators don't do it justice. Then again, you are Ferengi...maybe you can find some.

Noshka: Engerize.

((Garden walk, Central Estate, Devron))

::Serala began assessing the situation even before the transporter beam faded. She could see what seemed to be an ornate garden pathway. To either side were two massive estate domes and in the distance she could see a billow of smoke rising to the sky. She could hear the obvious sounds of combat and knew immediately that their people were in danger.::

oO Now, if we can find them and get out of here. Oo

Serala: fvadt! I hope we're not too late. This place is a mess.

Noshka: It’s a nice place .. hope it survives the day. The captain and his team were in one of the meeting domes. I hope the chief put us as close as he could.

::Serala pulled out her tricorder, thankful that she hadn't been able to put it away, and began to scan for the signs of Federation personnel. Soon, she had picked out a faint signal that read as a Bolian life sign, and assuming it to be the Captain, indicated the direction of the signal to Noshka.::

Serala: That way. There's numerous others between here and there, and there appears to be several skirmishes going on. This could get tricky. I hope you're a good shot.

::She put her tricorder away and drew the phaser rifle from its shoulder sling, setting it for heavy stun.::

Serala: Ready? Let's go. I recommend avoiding combat if possible, engaging only if there's no other option.

Noshka: Response

::Together the two began making their way toward where she had detected what seemed to be the Captain. Occasionally, Serala stopped to consult the tricorder and adjust their course.::

Serala: We're getting close, but it appears they are in a firefight. We may have to go in hot. Be ready.

::Once again, Serala put away the tricorder and readied her phaser rifle.::

Noshka: Response

((OOC: Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome. I am a bit lost, but I think I got enough for this post. Hope it works!))

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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