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Nathaniel Lawton

May 18, 2020, 12:37:43 PM5/18/20
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Atlantis

((Officers’ Quarters, Deck 4, USS Atlantis)


((OOC: This is fifteen minutes after the Senior Staff Meeting))


The door made a swoosh as it shut close behind him. His shuttle had been delayed on arriving to the Atlantis; the new officer’s itinerary had originally scheduled a ‘Staff Meeting’ upon arrival but unfortunately solar winds had forced the Type-9 shuttlecraft to drop to a meagre Warp 2 instead of it’s typical rating of warp 4. Thalas’ antennae twitched a little in annoyance. He hated being late and he disliked a no-show even more. It wasn’t exactly a good impression to make on his first day back.


Glancing around his quarters, Thalas noticed not much had changed in the assorted scenery. Dropping his bag beside his bed, Thalas arranged his assorted paraphernalia to his preference. In an effort to appreciate his work, Thalas took a step back and looked over the quarters like a virtuosic artist would a painting.


Taking a seat at his makeshift dining/work desk, Thalas took out his PADD and checked all of his new messages. A certain one stood out to him from the CO. It displayed the task of their current mission and all the details involved. Diplomacy was not exactly Thalas’ strong point and looking at the blue flares on his uniform, he did not see much opportunity for any scientific endeavours but he hoped their might be some chance to converse with other species about these interests. Only skim-reading the rest of the briefing (seeing the names Caraadians and Valcarians pop up frequently) he noticed a notice informing him that the arrival to Illara Prime would be within the next two or so hours. This gave Thalas time to organise his quarters and he took the opportunity.


((Timeskip: 2hrs later))


((Shuttlebay 1, Deck 10))


Thalas had given himself plenty of time to make his way down to Deck 10 so that he was actually on time for once. Straightening out his uniform and putting on a stoic face, he entered the Shuttlebay. Quickly striding round the edges of Shuttlebay 2, he found himself in the slightly smaller Shuttlebay 1 where a shuttle quitly waited.


He didn’t have to wait long for the rest of the senior officers to arrive and promptly the Captain arrived with a quick nod towards them.


Thoran: Everything ready?


Serala/Raga: Response


McKnight/Lazier/Kiax: Response


th’Koro: ::with what must of been seen to be a curtsy of the antennae:: I do believe so, sir.


The Captain smiled towards the away team and despite a complete lack of all telepathy, Thalas could almost sense the confidence coming from the crew.


Thoran: Excellent. Let us head down to the surface then.




th’Koro: This is going to be a bit different to Andoria...


McKnight/Lazier/Kiax: Response


Cpt. Thoran led the way to the shuttle and an excitement built up inside Thalas, wishing to be let out. He just about managed to keep his composure; constantly having to remind himself of the importance of the mission. Upholding the morals and values of the Federation: all of that important stuff.


One by one, they entered the shuttle and they were greeted by a Bajoran officer who was obviously going to be their pilot. The shuttle vibrated a little and of they went.


((Mephinii Spaceport, Illara Prime))


((Timeskip: 10mins later))


It hadn’t taken long for the shuttle to descend through the atmosphere of the planet, which (due to the ease of descent) seemed a bit thinner than Earth. The massive cityscape didn’t lend itself atmospheric flight with the shuttle having to pull multiple manoeuvres to get itself to the Spaceport. Looking out of the shuttle’s canopy, one could see numerous skyscrapers which could likely house ten-thousand people each.


The shuttle gently touched down and the crew disembarked. The landing pad was a bit dicey to walk on but thankfully there was no wind to knock the lanky Andorian. The pad was obviously build up on a platform considering that Thalas could only see cloud below them.


A man came towards them, flaunting his wealth with a long robe which trailed behind him by about a foot. He stopped and bowed at the Captain.


Pemne: Greetings. I am Senator Pemne and it is my pleasure to welcome you to Illara Prime. May I take your names please?


Thoran: We are honoured to have been invited. I am Commander Jarred Thoran, and this ::gesturing to all of them:: is my staff from the USS Atlantis.


Pemne: ::scanning down his list:: Atlantis... Atlantis. Ah yes, from the United Federation of Planets. Please follow me.


Like a frantic mouse, the man turned and abruptly led off leaving the team to follow.


Serala: Response


Thoran: Quite. I must say I do not think I would want to live on such a world. Too little greenery for my liking.


Serala/Raga: Response


th’Koro: It seems to be an incredibly functional planet where there is only wealth and work and likely in the depths squalor.


McKnight/Lazier/Kiax: Response


The man bustled the team into a compact Turbolift where everyone really got to know each other. Considering the speeds of Turbolifts, it took almost a full two minutes for it to finally halt. The door opened to a huge plaza with forty foot marble columns stretching to the elaborate ceiling. The floor was covered in a crimson, woollen carpet; which must of cost a fortunate. The room was filled with a multiple of species all segregated into their own little groups.


th’Koro: I think we’ve found the conference.


Pemne: Please acquaint yourself with our venerable guests. You will be notified when the conference will begin. You are free to explore our grand city in the meantime.


Thoran: Response


Serala/Raga: Response


McKnight/Lazier/Kiax: Response



Ensign Thalas th’Koro

Science Officer

USS Atlantis (NCC-74682)



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