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Sep 29, 2019, 9:53:09 PM9/29/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Main Shuttlebay, Deck 10, USS Atlantis ))

Serala stepped through the wide doors to the Main Shuttlebay and spotted several shuttles already on the launch bay floor ready for launch, including B’Hala. While nearly identical to Elysium, Serala had developed an affinity for this shuttle. She suspected it was partly due to the fact that Elysium bore that plaque. It was hard enough for her to look at it in the officer’s mess, much less be on a shuttle dedicated to the memories of the Atlantis 27. That was perhaps one of the darkest days in her life, just behind the day she learned of her father’s death while on a covert mission for Starfleet Intelligence. Serala was the Tactical Officer that day and still blamed herself for not detecting the ship full of spiderbots that would board this ship and reek so much havoc and death. The other reason was, since she had begun leading away teams, it seemed this shuttle had always been given to her. A coincidence at first, but once she began developing a preference for this particular shuttle, she was certain the shuttle crews made sure it was reserved for her. She was pleased to note that all of the shuttles were being well-stocked with medical supplies. Even as she approached the Elysium, she noted the Klingon medical officer, Toh’jak, approaching her.

Toh'jak:  Lieutenant Commander.  ::He gave a nod and then stood at attention.::

Serala didn’t really consider herself a racist, but her mother’s intense dislike for Klingons had made it way into her own belief system, but considerably less intense. Truth be told, she hadn’t met that many of them, and those few she had met had proven themselves quite capable. Take Porus, for example. They had sparred together once, first against each other to a stand still, and then together against many opponents. She couldn’t deny his combat prowess, and in the time she had been his department head, she had come to respect his sense of honor, albeit a Klingon sense of honor versus her own Romulan one. If she wanted to be honest, her only real issue with Klingons was their unusually strong odor offended her extremely sensitive sense of smell. Curious as to what the Klingon doctor wanted, she turned and addressed him.

Serala:  You have something for me, Doctor?

Her tone was one that most would assume was one of irritation or outright anger, but to a Klingon, it could almost be seen as appropriate for a senior military officer addressing a junior one.

Toh'jak:  Well, sir, I've come to request to join you.  You have corpsmen perfectly capable of patching up a phaser wound, but the effects that could happen if a subspace journey goes wrong?  I'd say no one here's trained for that. And how did the station hold up during its little jaunt? Are your men trained in how to counter the effects of mexahythelol poisoning?  If not, you'd better not go anywhere near the engineering levels...not without me.

Serala took note of the grin on his face and matched it with one of her own. She respected his initiative.

Serala: Very well, Doctor. Saves me having to track you down and ordering you to accompany me. I trust you still know how to fire a phaser?

Toh’jak: Response

Serala: :: chuckling :: Double check our medical supplies, doctor, then go ahead and board. We’ll be taking Elysium. You might also check Pembroke’s supplies since the Marines will be using that shuttle also.

Toh’jak: Response

As the Klingon walked away, a young, tall and rather striking Ensign wearing command red approached her. Serala remembered her from the crew manifest, but had never interacted with her before this.

Serala: oO Ensign Teravalis, I believe. Small craft pilot, usually does scouting missions in the Hawkeye. Might be good to get to know her since I will be completely focused on Tactical from now on. I wonder who her usual Tac officer is? Oo

Teravalis: Response

Serala: Report, Ensign.

Teravalis: Response

Serala: Excellent, Ensign. Was there something else?

Teravalis: Response

Serala: oO Now that is an interesting request. She could do the same from Hawkeye-I. Still, I did just finish thinking that it would be a good idea to get to know this person. Oo Very well, Ensign. Permission granted, assuming the Crew Chief doesn’t have other duties for you. Don’t you usually fly Hawkeye-I?

Teravalis: Response

Serala: Well, then we should get together after the mission and discuss some things. Bring your TO also. I think I might be able to more fully integrate you into the Tactical picture of this ship. For now, though, make sure your preflights are done and prepare to launch. We leave in 30.

Teravalis: Response

Serala: oO Efficient. I could get to like her. Oo Very good, Ensign. Go over them one more time anyway, and then standby.

Teravalis: Response

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