Lt Commander Serala: Preliminary Strategic Overview

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Jim Davis

Mar 21, 2020, 10:01:15 PM3/21/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Strategic Operations section, Intel Lab, Deck 13, USS Atlantis ))

{{ Time Index: Day 6 of Shore Leave }}

She was back in a uniform. It felt good. The doctors had given her permission to return to light duty. And they had heavily emphasized the word light. Considering that her current duty assignment was mainly desk work anyway, she didn’t think that would be a problem. Her only real issue was leaving T’Saara. She couldn’t even do it today. She reached over and lightly stroked the little girl’s cheek and smiled. Thankfully, there were no Intel personnel on duty right now, or she would feel pretty guilty.

Technically, it was a security violation to have the child here, but Serala doubted T’Saara would be telling anyone what she saw or heard. After being certain T’Saara was okay, she turned back to the terminal screen in front of her.

Preliminary Analysis Conclusions: The apparent civil war that seems to be on the verge of beginning in the Valcarian Empire could have some serious, long term repercussions for the entire region. For one thing, they would no longer be able to sustain their war with the Caraadian Houses. Perhaps this is one reason Ambassador Dels’an is headed to DS26. A peace treaty would be in their best interest as they try to sort out their political situation. Once their power structure is finally determined, they would then be able to renew their aggression toward the Houses. This might not be so strong if Del’san achieves control, as she will be working with them and this will no doubt result in some softening of her outlook on these people. From what I have been able to gather about General Asil, on the other hand, is considerably more concerning. Not just for the Caraadians, but also for the Freeworlds and the Federation. It is my preliminary opinion that if this person gains control of the Valcarian Empire, the Federation’s presence in the region will be at an increased risk.

Coupled with this is the renewed presence of the Romulan Star Empire. I do not understand why Ambassador Dels’an would have invited them back to the region. And the fact that Commander Revix brought an entire task force is cause for concern. What is their ultimate plan for the VIR and the Par’tha Expanse? Only time will reveal this. I only hope my mother, Ambassador R’Val, will be able to pull one of her infamous tricks out of her metaphorical hat. Their return might also be a reason for the Federation to consider stepping up their presence in the Expanse, though I realize our presence here currently, was only at the request of the Freeworld’s Council. Now that the station has been moved to Paldor II, however, it might be best if we request the High Prefect allow us to bring in a few more ships. Call it assisting the defenses of House Larokon, if we need to, though that would have to be carefully worded so as to avoid offending their sensibilities. One thing is clear, however. If Revix brings his task force to DS26, the station and Atlantis combined, will have a hard time defending against them. We would have to rely on Caraadian assistance in that matter, and frankly, I am not sure how much we can rely on that assistance. Only if they feel their own security would be at risk, do I believe they would rise up to aid us.

The sudden crying of Little Bean drew her attention immediately and she instinctively knew what her daughter wanted. It was feeding time. Smiling, she picked her daughter up from the carrier and took her in her arms.

Serala: Alright, Bean. Let’s get you some food, shall we?

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