Lieutenant Serala: Meeting adjourned.

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Jim Davis

Jan 29, 2019, 1:07:26 AM1/29/19
to USS Atlantis
(( Bridge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis, en route to DS26 ))

Williams: I made my decision…. Based on what Danara told me the captain is in immediate danger. Both physically and mentally. I know that Raga is probably in the same situation but at this point I can't risk losing them both. Raga would understand that better than anyone. We have to get the captain back. Using a shuttle to transport him is out of the question. The consortium could be anywhere we go. Taking shuttles against them and head for their potential headquarters without Atlantis to back them up is indeed suicide. Therefore… Maeli, set resume our course for DS26, inform them we are coming. Danara, inform their medical facilities what they can expect. Killiak, Dermont, I want you two to focus on repair. For now focus on getting shields to maximum efficiency. We are a few days from home and a lot can happen.

Knight: Sir, permission to ask an honest question?

Williams: By all means.

Knight: This seems the best time to ask since we’ll no doubt be debriefed when we return to DS26 and are unable to operate freely for the most part. The chances of the admiralty approving any rescue mission are low, due to several political reasons I’m sure you already know about. The question is, are we :: Gesturing to senior crew :: willing to accept running the risk of not being approved and waiting to find a deserted planet when the approval does come through?

Williams: I see your point and as YOUR friend I advise you to choose your next words wisely… I don’t want to be known as the First Officer who had his crew turn into a group of mutineers the first time he had to take charge.

oO Not on my watch. Oo :: She fingered the pommel of her sword at the mention of mutiny on the ship. ::

Knight: Well, Sir. :: Looking to Serala :: I think we know a friend that might be willing to help…..a family friend specifically.

Serala: Well, I had wanted to wait until we returned to the station and I had an opportunity to discuss it with Commander R’Val, but that was part of the plan I was just mentioning. She is always complaining about how undermanned her Warbird is. No doubt, if we agreed to man her ship and help with some of the perpetual repairs it needs, she would be willing to help us track down and rescue Commander Raga. From what I understand, Captain Brell has been discussing the idea of joint operations with her for some time now. This might be a good time to test that and see how well we work together. But we have to get back to DS26 first.

Dermont:  Bah!  Nonsense.  We have enough warp power vehicles...especially with those new shuttles and the aeroshuttle. :: He looked to Williams ::  Hear me out, Commander.  We leave Fiorr in command o' the Atlantis.  He gets 'er 'ome. Take 'bout a dozen of up with R'Val en route ta this "Volcania."  Join up with 'er and get our man back. And surprise the hell outta the Consortium!

oO Dammit Valin, quit being a sentimental fool and use your head for a change!. Oo

Williams: Not saying we will.. but do we know how we could contact the Romulans?

Serala: I do have my mother’s private frequency, Commander, but I tried to contact her about an hour ago and didn’t have much luck. Of course, our computers were down at the time. Perhaps, since they are back up I could try again. How are comms?

Kiliak: Subspace Comms are still a mess. With the injured staff and a dozen subsystems on fire, I haven't had a moment to take a close look at them yet. But we would have to get them back up to reliably send or receive a ship-to-ship message. And we don't know how far away Commander R'Val currently is, or if the Romulans are willing to take the diplomatic risk. All that being said, if an early rendezvous is possible, respectfully sir, I have to say that heading after Raga sooner may be worth the limited risk for Atlantis to go the last leg to DS26 with a smaller crew, Prophets know they've trained for it.

Anyone:  We could end up with the loss of Atlantis and its crew…

Kiliak: If the Consortium simply wanted to destroy the Atlantis, they had their chance a few hours ago. We were intentionally left crippled but alive. We have to assume they are not done with us yet, for what reason I don't know, but I have trouble believing they would launch a second assault so close to Federation space.

Maeli: But it’s not Federation space. That’s just it. We run the station, but this is Freeworlds territory. This is their space and the Consortium is taking advantage of the fact that we don’t know this space like we do our own.

Tarva: =/\= Ensign Kiliak, your presence is urgently required in Engineering. =/\=

Kiliak: =/\= On my way. =/\= Please excuse me. Back into the fire.

Logan: Commander, using the shuttles to transport the Captain back to 26 is far to dangerous he'd be to exposed. Using the shuttles to transport our team to 26 team up with their personnel and their ships combine with the Romulans :: Nodding to Serala :: will give us the forces we need. If they come back to attack us again having the shuttles here won't slow them down at all before getting to us. :: Nodding towards Danara and Knight :: If the Consortium has compromised the Atlantis then we have to assume 26 as well so any plans we make there's a good chance they'd know it anyway. So anything we can do to keep them guessing will help us. :: Looking around the faces in front of him after his longest talk in front of them. ::

Maeli: So what are you saying, Captain?

Logan: Other than supporting an attack and rescue mission for the noted reasons I've two suggestions and a request. Launching probes both in front to help with intel on them and behind to check what else is going on with them from our conversation earlier. The other concerns the Captain leaving him on 26 makes him a sitting target for them to try again as we don't know if or how many operatives they have onboard the station. Therefore once we reach the station and transfer the Captain I'll stay there to monitor and act as Security in case they try again

Serala: That would be fine. I want all my Security personnel here for now, anyway. And if what I suspect is even close to being the truth, we can’t trust station personnel either.

Williams: Doing a full sweep of DS26 is definitely required after what we suffered… They could be under attack right now for all we know.

Anyone: Response?

Logan: Captain McKnight is the Marine CO and with yourself and your people the station and the Romulans one extra gun won't make to much difference, but on the station, it could well be that difference they've put a lot of resources into this so far there's a good chance they'll try again.

Dermont: Response

Maeli: Excuse me, but I haven’t said much this whole time, but I would like to add my thoughts to this if I may? I have been in touch with the mind of Sylara here, and Commander Raga is indeed being tortured. I agree we should try to rescue him, but I do not think we should do it half-cocked. Additionally, the idea of the senior officers all running off in shuttlecraft and leaving junior officers in charge in an area of space that had repeatedly shown itself to be hostile is just plain ludicrous. Commander Fiorr may be capable, but most of the rest of the officers are just too junior to handle an emergency like this, training or no.

As for Commander Raga, he knew the potential consequences before he transported over. He was willing to take the chance. I do not propose leaving him in their hands any longer than necessary, but let us prepare ourselves. Let’s get Atlantis fully operational again. Or at least, let’s get it to safety and take this Romulan warbird, if they agree to help us, and go looking for him then. I have sensed him through Sylara. I know the pain he is in. But we need to take care of ourselves. Prepare ourselves. Gather the necessary intel. Then we can put together a plan and go get our man. Besides, it also gives us time to get the Captain well again, if we can. And I am pretty sure he is not going to want to miss out on this. Not after what he has been through. Or would you deny him the right of revenge, Lieutenant Dermont? As for leaving Security with the Captain, assuming we have to leave him behind, I concur. Obviously, Lieutenant Serala would be the ideal candidate for that, since she is our Chief of Security, but if we’re going to use her mother’s ship, most likely it would make sense for her to be there as well. However, Captain Logan. I disagree that we couldn’t leave Captain McKnight to handle the task. You are a Captain as well. Equally qualified to lead the marines. You are the one up here arguing for a rescue mission. You should be the one to go. Now please, let us put aside our feelings and start thinking! There is a saying I heard in the Academy from some Vulcans I knew. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.” I didn’t know the Commander well, but I think he would likely tell us to take care of ourselves first, then get him later if we can.

oO Hmm. Singer, telepath, artist, navigator, orator. What other surprises does this Rodulan hold? Oo

Williams: Couldn’t have said it better myself lieutenant. Our main priority right now is… and in THAT order…. Getting Atlantis and that includes us back to DS26, getting the captain the medical care he needs and … probably just as important. Make sure DS26 is no longer at risk itself.

Logan: I may be the one putting forward a rescue mission but Captain McKnight is the Marine CO and he'd be all ready to lead the assault with a butter knife and a tube of toothpaste so there's no problem there. The reason why it's better for me to stay on the station is apart from my time on the Atlantis I've pulled multiple Security shifts in 26 meaning I know it and the people on it probably better than anyone else in this ship. There are also Security Officers that I've known since serving in the Delta Quadrant who also know the Captain, so I've a few personal favors i can call in. As Marines, we'd always say go in earlier rather than latter but hey were just crazy

Williams: Enough talk everyone. The call is made. I know some of you will disapprove, and if you want to make that protest an official one, I will personally see to it it gets noted into the ship’s logs. But as said, for now we have to go by the book… Does anyone want to make an official protest to that decision?

Darkkdust: You’ll get no complaint from me, but I thought you’d like to know that the message we received from Zakaria is definitely clean, and ready to be played from the console by your chair, Commander.

Williams: Response

Hyden: Sir, If I may interject real quick? Tactical scans reveal that DS26 is ok, however, there seems to be some damage to the station, but I don’t know what it is that caused the damage. I caution how we approach DS26.

Williams: Response

Hyden: Acknowledged Commander. I will continue to see if I can find out more.

Williams: Response  

Serala: Ensign, I will be in my office if you need me, and later on Deck 15. Tactical remains yours for now. And well done on your report. Oh, and keep me apprised of the situation with the station.

Hyden: Response

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