Lt Commander Serala: Mysterious Conferences

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Jim Davis

May 28, 2020, 11:43:09 PM5/28/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Weisto’s Council Chamber, Conference Center, Illara Prime ))

Serala: Excuse me, Councilor, but I get the feeling that this isn’t really what you called us here to talk about. May I ask if that’s the case, and if so, what did you really want to talk to us about?

Weisto: Well the Freeworlds have been trying to gather allies to help them, but it has not been easy. Our rules and regulations turn most away before we can even start to negotiate.

Serala: I think I am beginning to understand. But it sounds as if you aren’t telling us everything yet. Councilor. I don’t have the final word here, but if we are going to help you, we really should know everything you have.

Thoran: Commander Serala is quite correct Councillor. We are more than willing to assist in any capacity we can; however in order to do so we must have the full facts. Failure to disclose anything we need to know now could be disastrous further down the line.

Weisto: Well, the Freeworlds after long discussion want to become part of the Federation. Not like everyone else though. We would allow Federation and Starfleet here, but they would still need to adhere to Illaran law and discipline.

Serala looked over at the Captain, waiting to hear what his response would be to this.

Thoran: Thank you Councillor. I appreciate your candidness and honesty. I understand that my crew are already engaged in discussions with several representatives and it is possible they may glean information as to any threats to the conference. Do either of you have any observations?

th’Koro: No other than one hopes it doesn’t end in disaster.

Serala: I think I need time to think the Councilor’s comments over, sir. However, I am not sure the Federation Council is going to agree to those terms. We have always required that anyone joining be willing to adopt our own laws and policies. But those are matters far above my paygrade.


Thoran: Precisely


Serala: :: turns back to the Councilor :: Would your people be willing to conform to those restrictions?


Weisto: I am sorry but all of that is quite out of the question, as our laws are clear. 


th’Koro: ::bluntly:: Is there anything else you wish to inform us about?


Weisto: Response


th’Koro: I’m sure that could be arranged.


Thoran: Certainly. We shall endeavour to provide whatever assistance that you require.

Weisto: Response


Thoran: Thank you for your time Councillor, and we will do what we can regarding your request.


Serala: Good to meet you, Councilor.


th’Koro: Thank you for the much needed data. I wish you well.


Serala followed the Captain out of the office and together the three of them made their way to the conference area.

((Main Common Area, Conference Center))

When they got back to the conference area, Serala noticed that the volume of attendees had greatly increased. Worse, the Ferengi had arrived. And then, there was Mother.

Serala: Well, this party sure seems to be popular.


th’Koro: What’s now, sir?


Serala bit back her retort that the best tactical solution would be to retreat before either the Ferengi or her Mother could intercept them. It would have been highly inappropriate, not to mention against her Romulan code of honor and sense of duty. Instead, she waited the Captain to speak, trusting he would be more rational.


Thoran: Perhaps we should mingle, get to know the other delegates a little.

Serala: Certainly, as long as they don’t involve my Mother or the Ferengi. Is that the Grand Nagis? 

th’Koro: Response

Serala had just identified a dignitary she had never seen or met before and decided he might be a safe option, and was about to move in his direction when the Captain suddenly stopped and bent over to pick something up from the ground. Looking back, she noticed it was a piece of paper, and now curious - what was that old Rihannsu saying about cats and curiosity? - and turned back to see what it was. Even with her keen eyesight, she couldn’t make out the words and waited on the Captain. After reading the note, he looked around then turned back to them.

Thoran: Have the senior staff meet us at the suite provided. Be discreet about it, try not to draw too much attention to yourselves.

Serala: Understood, sir. I’ll just move back into the corridor and contact them.

th’Koro: Response

Serala turned back down the corridor they had just exited and when she was sufficiently away from prying eyes and ears, tapped her commbadge.

Serala: =/\= Serala to all senior staff at the conference. Please check your data PADDs for the location of our suite. The Captain would like us to have a huddle and discuss our plans for the conference as soon as you can get there. Serala out. =/\=

Hyden /  Logan / Dermont / Ganarvuss: =/\= Responses =/\= 

Journs / Knight / Matthieu: =/\= Responses =/\=

Raga / McKnight / Kiax / Lazier: =/\= Responses =/\=

Having sent the summons, and hoping it was discreet enough yet carried the proper sense of urgency, she turned and headed for the suite herself, now exercising every bit of caution that her years in Security, not to mention growing up with a semi-paranoid mother, had instilled in her. She only regretted she hadn’t been permitted a weapon. The reasons were understandable, but for some reason she suddenly felt like she needed that extra security. She reasoned she was safe enough, though, given her martial arts expertise.

(( Timeskip - a few minutes later ))

Serala entered the suite and found the Captain and Mr. th’Koro already present. She looked at the Captain and really didn’t give him a chance to speak before she began her questions.

Serala: Everyone has been notified, sir. I was as discreet as I could be and yet instill a sense of urgency. I told them that you wanted to discuss our plans for the conference. Now, may I ask what all this is about?

Thoran: Response

th’Koro: Response

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