Lt Commander Serala: Duty First

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Jim Davis

Feb 1, 2020, 5:46:56 PM2/1/20
to USS Atlantis

((Abandoned Outpost, Kaleth Woods, Tibro))

Serala: Grand Admiral, and I think that is more likely your proper title given your revelation, I am wondering , had it been known that the Emperor had passed, who would have been selected to replace him? How exactly would that have worked under your laws. I am assuming he had no designated heir, since you and several others are all vying for the job?

Revix: Who is next to take the mantle? So to speak.

Dels’an: Response

oO Now we’re hearing some truth. Oo

McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Serala: And given the current situation, who has the better odds of winning this power struggle?

Dels’an: Response

And with that, her final suspicions were confirmed. Just one thing left to do. Have the Grand Admiral admit it.

Serala: Right. I got all that. So, am I correct, then, in assuming that you really asked us and Commander Revix to your villa to see who would be better able to support you in this?

Dels’an: Response

Revix: Well, there is something you need to know. :: He looked at Dels’an.:: At the behest of the Admiral the Empire has dispatched multiple hiera which are now en route to the planet.

oO Hnaev! He did what?! Oo

Thoran: Once we are out of here I think we will have to discuss the matter further. For the moment however we need to figure out our next move. Mister McKnight, what is your assessment of our ability to hold out here?

McKnight: Response

Thoran: Ambassador, I hate to say it but based on Captain McKnight’s assessment we would stand a better chance on the move.

Dels’an: Response

At that moment the building shook, dust falling from the ceiling as the sound of engines buzzed overhead. Serala was fairly certain that wasn’t a Starfleet shuttle.

Thoran: Well looks like somebody is poking around. Given we are surrounded by forest, it is unlikely that they will be unable to land nearby. Okay people, suggestions?

Serala: We don’t have many weapons. I doubt we could out here for long. But if we go into the forest, we expose ourselves and increase the chances they will find us.

Dels’an / McKnight / Nehir / Revix: Responses

Serala had been trying to concentrate on the conversation, but a sudden scream in her mind drew her entire focus.

Stevok: ~ Serala… wife….always remember….that….I love….you ~

The complete utter silence and the ripping sensation in her mind as the bond between Stevok and herself was broken caused her to cry out in pain and collapse.

Serala: STEVOOOOKKKKK!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!

She had no knowledge of anything that happened for sometime. All she could think of was her husband and the time they had together. How he would never be able to see their unborn child. Nothing else mattered at this time.

Thoran / McKnight: Responses

Serala: Captain….Stevok...He’s dead.

Thoran / McKnight: Responses

Dels’an / Revix / Nehir: Responses

They were right. They were in danger. She needed to get collected. They had to move.

oO Time to be a Romulan, Serala. Time to be a Starfleet Officer. Be a grieving wife later. Oo

Serala: Yes, you are correct. We need to move. I...will be okay enough for now. Duty first. :: turning to Commander Revix :: Mnei’sahe. I can fall apart later.

Thoran / Dels’an / Revix / McKnight / Nehir: Responses

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