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Jim Davis

Jan 14, 2018, 9:59:53 PM1/14/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Azure Mountain - Nearing the summit))

:: Serala was miserable…and cold. Bitterly cold. Still, if it hadn't been for the cold, she might actually be having fun. Sure, the climb was exhausting, but it was a good form of exertion, like when she did her martial arts training. The exercise was even helping a bit to warm her up. She started to cheer up at that when Lambert spoke up. ::

Lambert: People! ::he nodded to Serala:: Break, please. ::he said almost without air::

oO Break? Hell, the exercise was helping me warm up and he wants to take a break? Oo

:: Although she would never admit it, especially to herself, she was enjoying herself despite the cold. The exertion allowed her to fully utilize her natural strength and ability to breath in a thinner atmosphere, and was exercising parts of her body that even her rigorous martial arts training wasn't able to exercise.::

Dermont: Bah, science officers!  Soft hands cramp up when they get dirty...::limping with every step, struggling to not fall::...come on now, sir.  I can carry you if ya need me to.  ::coughing fit.::

Lambert: Here!! ::offering his bottle of water::

Serala: Water is probably a good idea, although we're surrounded by tons of it.

Raga: True, but it's best not to resort to eating the snow and ice unless as a last resort. It can be tainted with various sedimentary and environmental compounds. ::He said, breathing a bit harshly.:: Let's rest here for a moment, this ledge has enough room for the three of you.

Dermont:  Oh yes, ensign...lots of water all over.  Ya can go right ahead and lick the wall if ya'd be so inclined.

Lambert: I'm very tired right now. A small headache is starting.

Serala: That is most likely due to the thinner air up here, Lieutenant. You need to be careful and monitor it. I don't want have to call for an emergency transport for you.

oO Just myself... for frostbite. Oo

Serala: However, the sooner we get to the top, the sooner can go back down. Come on, we are almost there.

Dermont: ::To Raga::  Alright, lad, not that I'm complainin', but how accurate is her statement?  We almost there?

Raga:  ::Looking back down at him from over his shoulder, hanging from his perch above.:: Quite actually. As I said Valin. We made good time.

::He gestured with an outstretched hand, finger pointing directly above them. There was little left of the mountain to tame, only 900 feet stood between them and their ultimate goal.::

Raga: Little under two hundred and seventy five meters to go. Let's take a fifteen and then start up again. We don't want to rest too long or it'll be harder to climb the last bit. We can rest as much as we want when we reach the peak. ::He smiled.::

((An hour later))

:: Serala was glad the climb was almost over. The cold was really sapping her and she was nearing the end of her physical reserves. All in all, she decided she was glad she had come along, the cold be damned. Lambert was nearly done too and she had been helping him along for some time now. She actually would have offered to assist Dermont instead, but his glares had made her cautious of him. And besides, Lambert had invited her on this shindig, so she felt she owed him this much.::

Raga: Almost there! Everyone keep climbing straight up!

:: Suddenly Raga jumped straight up, grabbed a handhold, pulled himself up and launched himself straight up. It wasn't long before was standing on the summit.::

Dermont: :: muffled croaking noise ::

:: She almost chuckled at that. Almost. ::

Lambert: WOW! ::smiling as a baby:: That is awesome! ::looking to the others: Are you all seeing that?

:: Wow was right, but she refused allow her appreciation of the stunt be seen in her face. ::

Dermont:  ::Looked away out into the open air.::  See what?  ::he rasped.::

Serala: Nothing. Raga's just showing off.

Lambert: Come on guys, let's finish this!

:: Serala took hold on Lambert and continued to help him up the mountain.::

Raga: You all are going to love this view.

Serala: The only thing I'm going to love is being done with this torture.

((A few minutes later))

:: Okay, so it had been worth it after all. She had to admit, if only to herself, that the view was stunning.::

oO Of course, we could have just beamed up here, but I guess that defeats the purpose. Maybe the climb makes it that much more impressive to see. Oo

Lambert: We must make a holoimage folks. ::trying to stand up but his knees were aching:: I guess someone brought a holocam, right?

Raga: Response

Serala: Do we have to?

:: Nevertheless, she huddled up with the others taking care to put Raga between Dermont and herself. Somehow She didn't think he and she had managed to become friends during this adventure. She even managed a smile as the flash went off.::

Lambert: Are you expecting some company?

:: Serala turned to see a vehicle approaching the mountains at high speed.::

Raga: Not specifically, but I did leave a message that we would be climbing out here today. So it could be someone from the ship coming to do the same. I left coordinates for the base camp. I think it's someone from the ship.  

Dermont:  We could have drove here?  Bah!

Serala: Even with my keen senses the vehicle is to far for me to make out who it is, yet the vehicle appears to be Federation in design.

Serala: Well, I've had about enough of the cold. I'm ready to return to the Atlantis. So, do we have to climb down, or what?

Lambert: Response

Raga: Right, well there's a few ways to get down quickly. The descent takes half the time, especially if you follow the rope lines. If you would prefer, just have the Atlantis beam you back down to the base camp, or directly to the ship. The third way, I don't know if any of you are familiar with so it might be best to use the transporter or climb. ::He smirked.:: Unless of course you like flying.

Dermont:  And door number two it is.

Serala: I agree.

Lambert: Response

::As Raga turned himself in a flying squirrel with his climbing suit turning into a glider at the push of a button, Dermont dropped his pack into the snow.::

Dermont:  Now that seems mighty fun, lad.  It really does.

::Dermont pulled three rods about the length of his forearm from his pack, an emitter at the end of each one.::

Dermont:  And I really, really do appreciate this journey.  

::With a twist, the first rod doubled in length and he set it in the snow.::

Dermont:  It was very informative, not just learning about myself and me crewmates...

::Second rod elongated and set into the ground about a meter away from the first.::

Dermont:  But also about this moon.  ::He held up the last rod as he extended it to it's full length.::  Did you know that a scan revealed certain parts of this moon has a crystal runnin' through the rock that gives off a strange frequency that I couldn't identify...but definitely interfered with transporters?

::He gave a big grin as he set the third pattern enhancer up and stepped inside the triangle he had formed.  He was clearly limping, but his eye was on the prize.  He smiled a big smile to the three around him.::

Dermont:  Lad, let's do this again sometime...not soon...but again!  =/\= Dermont to Atlantis.  One to beam up. =/\=

::He gave them all a cheerful wave as he disappeared in a dazzle of blue glowing swirls.::

Serala: :: tapping her commbadge:: =/\= Serala to Atlantis, two more to transport =/\= I assume you'd rather transport back than climb down alone? :: looking at Lambert. ::

Raga/ Lambert:  responses

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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