Lt Commander Serala: Weapons free! Fire!

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Jim Davis

Apr 8, 2019, 10:07:47 PM4/8/19
to USS Atlantis

:: Serala entered the bay and looked around. Everyone was as busy as ants, but she could see that the gear had essentially been distributed in three separate yet equal groups and everyone was gearing themselves. ::

Serala: Listen up everyone! We’re in system. We should ready for boarding at any time. Finish gearing up and report to your transport stations. Captain Logan, you are with my team. Captain McKnight, you’ll be on Commander Williams’ team. Make sure his people are ready when he gets here. We’ll be in a hurry to board then.

McKnight: Response

:: Suddenly the alarms began sounding. Serala recognized it as battle alert. Akin to red alert on a Federation ship. Only, in this case, battle was certain. ::

R’Val: =/\= All boarding teams, standby. Attack maneuvers are in progress. As soon as we breach the shields, we will begin transport. =/\=

:: Serala waited with the others for nearly half an hour. She studied the third team, composed entirely of Romulan soldiers. They would be responsible for securing the auxiliary control systems. Serala would be leading the team in the Engineer spaces while Commander Williams would lead the team taking the bridge. She could feel the rocking of the ship as it maneuvered, the tremors as it fired and was fired upon. Finally the call came. ::

R’Val: =/\= Boarding teams, begin transport. Repeat, boarding teams begin transport. =/\=

:: Serala stepped up onto the pad next to Logan, checked her Type IIIb Phaser Rifle, setting it to semi-automatic mode, and double checking that she also had her Type II hand phaser and a Type 33 CQC Rifle slung across her back, opposite her dathe’anofvsen. Serala was strapped for war and there was only two ways she was coming back. In a black casket or with her best friend. Those were her last thoughts as the Romulan transporter engulfed her in it’s greenish beam and placed her squarely in the engine room of the Torment. ::

(( Engineering Room, Consortium Ship Torment ))

Serala: Tight formation, stay together until we know the situation here. Captain Logan, take lead. Remember, our objective is to secure this room. Take as many prisoners as possible, but if necessary, killing is authorized. Destroy ALL bots!

Logan/Danara/anyone else:

R’Val: =/\= Commander Serala. All personnel have been transported. Keep me informed and good luck. =/\=

Serala: =/\= Acknowledged and thank you, Commander R’Val. =/\= Chief Davis, are you detecting any lifesigns?

Davis: Negative, Commander. But there is a high concentration of ionizing gas in the compartment that could be interfering with my scans. I am detecting numerous signs of bots and Rolfs, however. And they all seem to be moving toward us.

Logan: Response

Serala: All right, everyone. This is what we trained for. Let’s get ready. Logan, find us a defensible position and let’s get there asap.

Logan/Danara/anyone else: Responses

Williams: =/\= Team Beta to Team Alpha. We have boarded the target. So sign of any enemy so far. What’s your status? =/\=

Serala: =/\= No resistance, so far, but there are a number of bots and Rolfs converging on our location. Expect resistance any moment. =/\=

Danara/Logan: Response

Williams: =/\= That explains the lack of a welcome party here. We will relieve you as soon as we are done here. Beta, out! =/\=

Davis: Here they come!

Serala: :: ducking behind a control console. :: Weapons free! Fire!

Anyone: Responses

Lt. Commander Serala
Chief of Tactical and Security
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