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Mar 4, 2020, 9:45:39 PM3/4/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Sickbay, Deck 5, USS Atlantis ))

{{ Time Index: Day 1 of Shore Leave, late evening }}

Serala: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Journs: Response

Serala: I am pushing, Doctor! Why don’t you push for a little while?!

Serala wasn’t trying to be obstinate or mean. The pain was nearly unbearable. How did women do this? Even with the local anesthetic Ishka had given her, the pain was nearly overwhelming. And added to the pain was her fear that something would go wrong. The baby was coming too soon. He or she wasn’t due to be born for nearly two more months. Still, that was an educated guess, but her mixed heritage made it difficult to be certain. And the child’s was even more diverse. The only comfort right now was that Toryn was here. Over and over, she had squeezed his hand as the pain wracked her. Despite her increased strength, she wasn’t concerned about hurting him because of his Al-Leyan physiology. He was stronger and his bones were denser due to the higher gravity of his world. Romulans and Vulcans were significantly stronger than humans, but Toryn made her look as weak as a child when he showed his full strength. Despite the current wave of pain, she nearly laughed as she remembered a poor metal table that had been sorely abused by him. She would have been lucky to even dent it.

Raga / Journs: Responses

Serala began the rhythmic breathing. Again. Then, at Ishka’s cue, she pushed with all her might, once more letting out a scream of pain. And then the baby was out. She could feel it. She laid back and continued to hold Toryn’s hand as she struggled to regain her breath and wait for the pain to subside. She was also waiting to hear the one sound she most wanted to hear right now.

Serala: :: worried, exhausted and sobbing voice :: Why isn’t it crying? Toryn, what is happening?

Before her best friend could answer, the baby cried and it was the most blessed sound she had ever heard. Once more, tears flowed down her face, this time in joy instead of grief.

Ishka: Response

oO A girl?! Oh the Elements! A beautiful baby girl! Oo

She took her daughter in her arms as Ishka handed her off. Serala really didn’t need to be told how to hold the little girl. It just seemed to come naturally. She looked down at her newborn daughter and marvelled in her solid black eyes, a trait inherent to Betazoids, and her father was one quarter Betazoid. Such beautiful eyes. Her olive skin was perfect as was the tiny pointed ears.

Serala: Hello Little Bean! Oh, you are so beautiful! Just like your father.

Raga / Journs: Responses

Serala: Little Bean. Oh, no. I can’t make that her real name. T’Saara. After her father’s mother’s mother.

Raga / Journs: Responses

Even through the pain of the childbirth, Serala had not failed to notice how close the two had become. She was happy for them both. Especially Toryn who had been so devastated when she had told him how she felt at the same time she had also told him she was now married. He had finally found someone who deserved him and it was at that moment she had made a decision.

Serala: Toryn, Ishka. I have something serious to ask both of you.

Raga / Journs: Responses

Serala: Since her father is …. :: She had trouble finishing that sentence and she knew they would understand her meaning :: Anyway, I am all she has and if something happens to me, I want to know she has someone who will look after her. Although I have always followed Romulan traditions, in this case I think my Human side offers a solution, if you two are willing.

She waited for their reactions before continuing, not expecting them to fully understand what she was about to ask of them.

Serala: There is an old Earth custom called a godparent. This is someone who would be responsible for taking a child and raising him or her as their own in the event that the child should find herself as an orphan. I know that you two are not Human, but the idea fits. And as we have recently seen, anything can happen at any time. So, would you two consent to be T’Saara’s godfather and godmother?

Raga / Journs: Responses

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