Lt Commander Serala: We're Going Home!

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Jim Davis

Sep 1, 2020, 10:41:45 PM9/1/20
to USS Atlantis

(( OOC: I will backsim any open tags, but I wanted to make sure I got this out. ))

(( Mephinii Shopping Center, Mephinii, Illara Prime ))

{{ Time Index: Shore Leave Day 21 }}

Serala had made good on her word to get out her quarters. She had even decided to take a little trip down to the planet. Given the recent events, and especially the disturbing report she had read regarding two of the senior staff, Serala had opted for a second to come along with her. Petty Officer Connors was doing her best to be discreet, and Serala appreciated it. She had thought to bring along one of her friends, but all of them were quite busy at the moment. And in truth, she appreciated the other woman’s presence. The last thing Serala needed was to be alone. She could do that quite well in her quarters. Or her office. And so, she made light conversation with the female security officer and the two of them perused the racks at a department store. Serala had found the perfect green dress and matching heels, and had just paid for it when Lieutenant Kiax’s voice came in over the comm.

Kiax: =/\= Atlantis to all surface parties: The ship will be leaving orbit in 90 minutes. All personnel are to report back to the ship and check in with their relevant department chiefs before departure. All shuttlecraft are to re-dock in the next 45 minutes and check in with the duty helm officer. Repeat: The ship will be departing in 90 minutes. All personnel are to return to the ship. =/\=

oO Odd, the Captain hadn’t mentioned anything to me. Oo

Serala: Well, Kenzi. Guess we’d better get back to the B’Hala.

Connors: Yes, ma’am.

Serala: And don’t fret. If he’s into you, he’ll let you know.

Connors: I don’t know, Commander. He’s too polite for his own good. And mine.

Serala chuckled. It felt good to be having a normal conversation with another woman. Just what she needed.

{{ Timeskip - 22 minutes later }}

Serala: =/\= Shuttle B’Hala to Atlantis control. Ready to dock. =/\=

Shuttle Control: =/\= Acknowledged. You are clear to dock. Shut down your engines and prepare to be tractored. =/\=

Serala cut power to the shuttle’s engines and a moment later, the docking tractors locked on and began to pull them in. One of the crewmen in the back let out a loud sneeze.

oO Great. Now I have to worry about a minor plague breaking out on our ship while we’re on the way to wherever we’re headed. Oo

A few minutes later, Serala stepped out of the shuttle and made her way to the bridge.

{{ Timeskip - 3 days later, Bridge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis, Jenatris Corridor, Par’tha Expanse, on route to Earth, Beta Quadrant }}

Raga: =/\= Captain. Commander Serala.  We’re exiting the Corridor now. =/\=

Serala: =/\= Acknowledged, Commander. I’m on my way. =/\=

Thoran: =/\= response =/\=

Earth. Home. They were on their way home. Serala hadn’t been to Earth since her graduation nearly 3 years ago. Now she was returning as the First Officer of a starship. The reason for the return had yet to be made known to her. In fact, she wasn’t even sure the Captain knew. One thing was certain, Serala would take advantage of the opportunity to visit her childhood home in Bogotá. True, their home was no longer their home. Mother had gotten rid of it when she had left for New Romulus. But she was more interested in looking up all those childhood “friends”, who would be in their middle-ages now. She wanted them to see what had become of the half-breed freak they had tormented so badly when she was a child.

The doors to the turbolift and she stepped out, making her way down to the command pit to take her seat. Her seat. Sometimes that idea still marvelled her. The Captain entered about the same time and joined them as she was beginning to sit.

Thoran: Response

Raga: Well, it’s definitely not an order I’d ever give. Considering the warp restrictions in the Expanse. I don’t think we’ve pushed the engines past warp 2 since her recommission. 

Serala: I don’t know, Toryn. Lieutenant Maeli seemed to get us around alright. But I never really paid attention to the speed. :: turning to the CO :: Eager to get home, sir?

Thoran/Anyone: Responses 

Raga: All departments report ready status sir. 

Thoran: response 

Serala stared out the viewscreen as they made their way through the Corridor. So many things had happened here since she had come to this ship. There were more Chon stations in those clouds. Word was, a Federation scientific exploration was being planned for those stations. She had been there during the discovery. Then there was the rescue of the Korri ship, the psychotropic effects of the Cloud, which had her behaving in ways that she might not otherwise behave. Well, she had quite the adventure on this Expanse. However, she had to admit it would be nice to take a bit of a break from the area for a while. Home would be nice to see. Even San Francisco and Starfleet Headquarters.

Serala: Is anyone else experiencing a sense of nostalgia right now, or is it just me?

Anyone: Responses

Serala: Lieutenant, check our shields. Maybe some of the Cloud is leaking in.

She was just kidding, of course. It felt good to be going somewhere without a sense of urgency.

Anyone: Response

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