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Jim Davis

Jan 21, 2018, 7:41:03 PM1/21/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Ice Palace Jet'ral, Tiruelle Moon, Tigellis I, after the awards ceremony))

:: Serala had beamed just outside the palace and had made her way back to the party. She saw a number of people she recognized, but they were all engaged in various different conversations. Lieutenant Lambert appeared to be getting amorous with his female companion. She looked around for Toryn, but didn't spot him immediately. ::

oO Come on, you spineless idiot. Don't just stand here like a dolt. Pick someone and go talk to them. Oo

:: She had just singled out the new counselor and was about to head his  direction when she spotted Toryn. He appeared to have finished speaking to some female and looked to be headed toward the exit. ::

oO Oh, the Elements, no! If I'm going to stay for the party, he damn sure is going to also! Oo

:: With that, she moved quickly to intercept him.::

Serala: Well, Lieutenant. Congratulations again. Where are you headed?

Raga: Ah..well I was going to return to the ship. We return to duty tomorrow and I want to get back into things. I thought you went back to the ship for the night?

Serala: I changed my mind. I decided that what I really need right now is to be amongst people. I really know so few of my shipmates, I should take the opportunity to get to know them whenever I can.

Raga: I can understand that. I just made the rounds of the crew here since I haven't had many chances to get to know anyone other than Dermont until recently.  If you like I can stay and converse a bit. I wouldn't mind another spice cider.

Serala: That's a great idea. By the way, I've been meaning to ask you every since the trip, do you know why Lieutenant Dermont doesn't like me? I can't think of anything I've done to him but I caught him scowling at me several times during the climb. Now I'm curious as to why.

Raga: Ah, I noticed that as well. Valin...seems to have been bothered by recent events. Back on Devron, well, let's just say the sight of civilians being killed seemed to have an tormenting effect on him and I didn't know why.

::Raga casually walked over to a pair chairs as he continued to explain. ::

Raga: So upon our return to the ship after escaping Devron, I looked into it a little. And after seeing his reaction to you on the mountain, I put the two together. He was captain on a civilian freighter...that was raided by Romulans. Valin was the only survivor.

:: Toryn's voice was somber as he spoke and he stared into his glass. ::

Serala: I was unaware of that. I suppose I can understand his loathing of Romulans.

Raga:  I would be willing to bet that that's the reason for his harsh looks. I often find myself feeling similarly whenever I see Porus.

Serala:  You have problems with Klingons? What's that about? If I'm not being too nosy, that is.

Raga: I don't mind. ::He exhaled softly and looked back to her.:: Before joining the Academy I served in the Security Prote-se aboard my father's cruiser. During a patrol we were attacked by rogue Klingons and I watched one of my Haemachuo siblings die in front of me. We had to repel boarders, and I found him with a D'k tahg sticking out of his chest and a dead Klingon beside him. My brother managed to crush his skull as he died.

::Toryn closed his eyes for a moment and took a long sip of the spice cider before looking at her again.::

Serala: I'm sorry. That must have been hard. I didn't mean to dredge up all these bad memories.

Raga: It's fine Serala. It's part of getting to know someone. We all have trauma in our past that molds us and defines us. One of my mentor's favorite sayings. ::He half-smiled at that.::

:: Her father's face flashed in her mind and she experienced a moment of sadness, which she quickly forced herself to brush off.::

Serala: Yeah. It's just that I've been subject the prejudice my whole life from people who still remember the hostilities the Romulan Empire, especially the children who lost parents or grandparents because them.

:: She was about to continue when another voice spoke up. ::

Jann: Excuse my interuption. ::he held out his hand:: I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello in person.

Serala: No problem, Counselor, and welcome aboard. I'm Ensign Serala and this is Lieutenant JG Raga. We're Security.

:: Truth be told, Serala was not than a little surprised. Very rarely did someone approach her to strike up a conversation with having known her for sing time beforehand. More of that prejudice had just been speaking of. ::

Raga: Response

Jann: :: to Serala:: that dress is very nice. A wonderful mix of Romulan and Terran styles.

Serala: Thank you. You have a good eye. Yes. It was a gift from my mother, chosen, I believe, for that exact reason. That and it is my favorite color.

Jann: I hope you don't mind my saying but you don't see many Romulans in Starfleet let alone a Romulan/Human.

Serala: True, and there are two of us on the Atlantis. Our Chief of Intelligence is a full-blooded Romulan, though she and I haven't really talked.

Raga/Jann: Responses

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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