Lieutenant Serala: These guys again...I'm sick of them.

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Jim Davis

Dec 25, 2018, 12:19:52 AM12/25/18
to USS Atlantis

(( Bridge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis, a short time after Kiliak was beamed to sickbay ))

:: The doors to the turbolift opened again and Serala watched Toryn climb from the well onto the deck. A smirk crossed her lips, knowing he probably had enjoyed a climb that anyone else would have dreaded. Anyone with sense, that was. Of course, he was lucky that someone didn’t clobber him with a turbolift. Anyone with codes could access them again. Case in point, Nurse Avae had only just left moments ago. ::


Raga: Under normal circumstances that might have been fun.


Serala: Only you would think so, Commander. Though, you might want to stay out of the turboshafts. People are getting their codes and using them again. If you had been just a minute or two sooner, you might have been killed by Ensign Avae heading back to sickbay.


Williams/Maeli/Danara: response


Raga: Needed to get the codes for my teams. And to find out why the Captain's in the brig.


Serala: We suspected, based on the internal sensors bio-readings of him, that the individual was an imposter. A suspicion that Lieutenant Maeli has just confirmed for us.


Williams/Maeli: response


Raga: Branch. The abduction, an asteroid that's not an asteroid, that is. A fake captain. Anyone else feel like we're being played by some familiar enemies again?


Serala: I for one, want to know how they are always able to stay one step ahead of us. And how they are constantly able to defeat my security and tactical skills. This is twice now that I have been at Tactical and they have attacked us in some way. How many more lives is it going to take to put a stop to this threat?!


Williams/Maeli: response


Raga: You can't say this doesn't feel like the Consortium. How's Ensign Kiliak?


Serala: No word yet from the EMH. Seems medical may be a bit short staffed right now.

Williams/Maeli: response


Raga: Not sure, but before the device's booby trap tried to kill her and disable everyone in the room she mentioned it was some sort of quantum entanglement device meant for encrypted data transmission. She removed it, but she thinks there's a secondary device on the ship, likely  in the computer core.


Serala: I’m on it, sir. =/\= Serala to Ensign Hyden. Report to the main computer core. Bring an engineer with you. We have reason to believe there is another device there. Find it and disarm it. =/\=


Hyden: =/\=  Response =/\=


Williams/Maeli: response


Serala: I agree, sir. It is time to get him back. As for Maeli, if she thinks she can safely make contact with the Captain again, then I say we let her try. Let him know we’re coming so that the torture won’t be so hard to bear.


Maeli/Williams/Raga: Responses

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