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((Day 4 of leave))

((OOC: My previous sim “Time Alone...finally” was dated for day 4, but that obviously can’t work, so I am putting that in Day 3.))

((Astral Paradise, Starboard Event Hall, Deck 24))

:: Serala had slipped over to the Luxury liner and into the Event Hall unnoticed. Probably the first time ever. Raga was here, in hoverchair at the back of the hall trying to look inconspicuous. It wasn’t working so well. She listened to the awards ceremony for the junior officers and was pleased to hear her two juniors get their promotions. Especially Noshka. If it hadn’t been for that little Ferengi, Serala might still be an Ensign herself. But Noshka had convinced her to go on a rescue mission to save Captain Brell from a diplomatic mission turned bad, and that one incident had changed her perspective forever. She was where she was because of that one incident. Once the ceremony was over, she secretly slipped back out, knowing there would be a short break between the ceremony for the junior officers and the one for the senior officers. She would be back soon, but Stevok was here and she just needed to be with him for now. ::

(( One hour and 55 minutes later ))

:: Serala re-entered the Event Hall, this time escorted by her regal-bearing, handsome husband who had “put on his Vulcan face,” as she liked to tease. Stevok was only three-quarters Vulcan, the other part being Betazoid, and although he kept a check on his emotions most of the time, when it came to certain things, especially her, he would let those emotions out for a breath of fresh air. They were briefly greeted by a few people as they moved to the table where their names were placed and took their seats. Stevok moved over to the buffet table and retrieved a couple of deserts for them. Once he was seated again, she noticed Captain Brell moved up onto the podium. ::

oO Awards time! I hear Williams is getting his promotion finally. About time. Oh, look. Dr. Cattan is here too. Glad she could make it for him. Oo

Stevok: ~~ Serala, enough chatter. Even though you are thinking to yourself, I can hear every word. The Captain is about to speak. Please let me hear him. ~~

Serala: ~~ As you wish, my husband. As you wish. ~~

:: The Captain signalled Commander Williams to come up to the podium and join him. As the First Officer made his way up, Brell continued to speak. ::

Brell: Good evening, there is no better way to wrap up this appreciation day than to give some recognition to Atlantis’ senior officers.  

Williams:  This was a mission with the results we aimed for. That’s a rather pleasant outcome for a change. Many pushed to their limits, some beyond, but overall, we got the job done.  Unfortunately … :: he pointed at the scene outside the ship :: … a new task already lies ahead of us but as always it’s important to look back as well. That is why we are here today and take a moment to look back on what you all did for the greater good.

Brell: It also seem fitting to start with the biggest item first, jumping right into the deep water. Alexander Williams you have served with me for a few months shy of two years, and before that we were familiar acquaintance working with cadets via holo presence for several more years. Then, and since joining Atlantis you have been a steadfast diligent officer. You stepped up and took command while I had been captured with skill, and without missing a beat. Using that situation to satisfy your proficiency examinations, I am proud to promote you to the rank of full Commander.

::The Bolian held up the open rosebox that held the solid pip to replace the half pip he currently wore. Serala cheered for him inwardly ::

Brell: Congratulations Commander Williams.

Williams: Thank you , sir. That is uhm…. Something I have dreamed of for a long time now but I wasn’t expecting it today.

Brell: In the aftermath of your having to take command you along with Lt Commander Serala led a team to rescue Raga. :: Looking back to the crowd. :: Serala, Maeli, Logan, McKnight, Danara, and Knight would you join us please.

:: Not entirely surprised to hear her name called, she squeezed Stevok’s hand briefly then rose to join the others at the podium. ::

Brell: To mount this daring rescue so you all had to board a warbird from the Romulan Republic and set off into the Expanse with only a minor telepathic link to go on. You had to work with R’Val’s crew and the detachment of our crew in every detail, putting aside any old concerns or possible trust issues for the completion of your goal. For this I award you the Joint Meritorious Unit ribbon.

Serala: Thank you, sir.

Any other: Responses

:: Williams assisted him in handing out rosewood boxes to each of them except for their Rodulan Helm, Comm and OPS officer. He held her box in his blue hands as he stood before her and the crowd. ::

Brell: In addition I grant Lieutenant Trexxila Maeli the Purple Heart, and Legion of Merit for your sacrifice and personal hardship you endured acting as that telepathic link, we would have never gotten Raga back without you.

Williams: I couldn’t agree more. Congratulations to you all.

Maeli: response

Serala: You deserve it, Lieutenant. Well done.

Raga: Response

:: As Serala returned to her seat and was greeted with a warm hug of congratulations from Stevok - she could feel the pride beaming off of him - she heard the Captain make another announcement, and this one stunned her. ::

Brell: There is one more person here that without our ambitious plan would have ended before it could begin. Commander R’Val. :: Her mother entered the Hall, as militaristically perfect as ever. Straight back, perfect timing in her steps, crisp, uniform perfect. She approached the Captain at the podium and stopped, giving a traditional slight bow of one equal to another. :: Though I can not give you an award as you are not a member of Starfleet. you are a widow of an officer: Commander James Davis of Starfleet Intelligence. :: Serala sat perfectly upright in her chair now. What was happening here? :: Into his service record I have entered in the posthumously given award of a Captain's Commendation for instilling a legacy of cooperation in his family that has stood the test of time. I humbly present this ribbon to you to show my and Starfleet’s recognition of that legacy.

R’Val: Thank you, Captain. That means more to me than you could possibly know.

:: For the first time Serala could remember, her mother seemed to be on the edge of tears. Of course, the tough Romulan Commander would never let her discomposure show so thoroughly in front of a group of strangers, especially Federation strangers, but she was obviously fighting hard to make that so. Serala, herself, couldn’t believe what she had just heard. ::

Williams: No doubt Starfleet owes you one. Commander. And we intend to honor that debt some day.

oO Careful, Commander. My mother takes those kinds of vows very seriously. She just may call you on that one day.

R’Val: Thank you, Commander Williams. And congratulations on your promotion. Perhaps we will soon see another Federation ship in this sector? One with you as its Captain?

Williams: Response

:: R’Val only smiled as she performed a perfect about face and marched away from the podium, but instead of leaving, she moved toward Serala and Stevok, taking an empty seat next to them. ::

Serala: Mother. It is good to see you again.

R’Val: And you as well, my daughter.

:: No more words were exchanged until the end of the ceremony, although the only thing Serala really took note of was Lieutenant Hyden’s promotion and assignment as her Assistant. Well, she had recommended her for the job. That was the real reason behind the grilling she had given her the other day, but she didn’t want to ruin the surprise. Afterward, Serala, Stevok and R’Val all remained to mingle and get to know other members of the crew. ::

Anyone: Response

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