[[BACKSIM]] Lt Commander Serala with PNPC Ambassador R'Val: Mother - Daughter time together

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Jim Davis

Dec 24, 2019, 12:08:13 AM12/24/19
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(( OOC: I know I listed Serala first in the subject line, but that is due to our protocols. This post is written from R’Val’s POV. Also, since we have several new people, I thought I would revive some DS26 locations established in previous sims. ))

(( Mystic Gardens Restaurant, Public Domain 2, Central Hub Level 16, DS26 ))

{{ Time Index: Day 17 of Shore Leave }}

Ambassador R’Val watched as the waiter placed her meal before her. The restaurant was strictly vegetarian, and while R’Val wasn’t necessarily a vegetarian, this was by far the best restaurant on the station. And following the damage sustained by the station, the only one open for business at the moment, although she had heard that the Nova Room was close to reopening again. Not that she would be seen there. It just wasn’t her kind of establishment. She had hoped Serala would accept her invitation to meet here, but it seemed her daughter wasn’t going to make it. Secretly, she had to admit she was disappointed. She had fully intended to speak with her at the ball, but the Al-Leyan Lieutenant Commander had stopped her. Diplomatically, of course, as was his way, but it was clear he didn’t want her to speak to Serala at that time. She did enjoy the conversation they had briefly had, and just as she was about to seek out her daughter one more time, the High Prefect had requested her to come and speak with her. By the time they had finished their conversation, Serala and her husband had left, escorted by their not so subtle security escort. Sighing, she took up her fork and was about to start in on her meal when her daughter suddenly spoke near her. R’Val was proud her daughter hadn’t lost her stealth even though she was clearly along in her pregnancy. Anyone who could sneak up on her was good indeed.

Serala: And I thought you would wait for me before ordering.

R’Val: You’re late. I thought you wouldn’t be able to make it for some reason. Though you usually call when you’re going to be late. Which is rare for you.

R’Val made a note of the color change on her daughter’s uniform. She also noted that her daughter hadn’t lost any rank. She wondered if this meant the matter was resolved. She didn’t see any security with her daughter and concluded that it must be so.

Serala: Sorry, I was just taking care of some business. The Captain has reassigned me to a new position.

R’Val: So, he relieved you of your tactical duties. Well, I guess there had to be some consequences. I never really got a clear picture of what you were charged with. Care to fill in some details?

Serala: :: A scowl crossing her face :: I’d rather not discuss it, Mother. Suffice it to say that my honor was called into question by a slimeball who pretends to be a Starfleet officer.

R’Val: From my time on Earth, Serala, and from having been married to a human, I have learned that the accusations are more serious for us than it is for humans. But they don’t take such things lightly either. If you still have your rank, then your Commanding Officer must be satisfied regarding your honor. Is this not so?

Serala: I think you are correct, Mother. Still, he did find me guilty of the charges. His punishment was balanced by the mitigating circumstances that prompted my actions. The punishment was to be relieved of my duties as Chief Tactical Officer. Instead, he named me ship’s Strategic Operation Officer. :: Now a grin spread across her face :: Can you believe it? He gave me a better job!

Obviously Serala was pleased with the outcome, even if the stain on her honor stung her. No doubt it would for some time. But she also knew her daughter would recover. She may be Romulan at heart, but her Human resilience would see her through the pain. The two spent the next two hours in small talk before each had to depart to tend to their separate duties and R’Val wondered when she would have another opportunity to visit with her daughter like that again.

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