Lieutenant Serala: Making a thorough search

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Jim Davis

Jan 16, 2019, 10:36:54 PM1/16/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Security Office, Deck 4, USS Atlantis ))

:: Serala sighed in frustration. The computer outage still had communications down. She had thought to ask her mother about the device that had been planted in Captain Brell’s mind. Although her mother was never in theTal’Shiar, she had very close dealings with that organization when she was a Commander in the Romulan Star Empire. It was the reason she had been selected by her father as a target for his covert activities. Frustrated, she stood and began to leave her office. She had told Knight to meet her in an hour, but she couldn’t see any point in waiting. She would just have to start without him. She grabbed a tricorder, and Type II phaser, and her dathe’anofvsen, then left and made her way to the turbolift. ::

Serala: Deck 15

:: The turbolift began moving at her command. ::

(( 30 minutes later, Transporter Buffer Compartment, Deck 15 ))

:: Serala had been searching the deck for a half hour now and so far she had found nothing. She wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or not. She was certain that the Consortium had planted more bugs than they had found. She also suspected they had help in Starfleet, as difficult as that was for her to imagine. She had been giving this a lot of thought since the repairs after the ambush. Something she had read in Dermont’s report from the repairs back then bothered her. ::

:: Why would the Chief of Engineering of DS26 completely bar the ship’s Chief Engineer while repairs were underway? It just wasn’t logical. If anything, the Chief Engineer of the ship needed to be present to ensure repairs were conducted properly and to learn any new systems that might be installed - upgrades and the like. Any special issues that might require the ship’s Chief Engineer to monitor or be aware of, such as the temperamental relay juncture at section 22 alpha that she was constantly having to monitor to ensure her tactical panel remained operational. To keep Dermont and his team away from these repairs just seemed unusual to her. Could Commander Perkins be working with the Consortium? It might explain a number of things. But she had no evidence and so she was hoping to find some here, in the bowels of her ship. Security of this ship was her responsibility now and she’d be damned if she’d allow anymore surprises. It was time for the Consortium to loose it’s upper hand. ::

:: Because her honor was at stake, she had brought her dathe’anofvsen. Of course, it might also prove useful if there were a mole on the crew who took umbrage at her poking around. ::

:: What she really needed at this point was Knight’s expertise in this area. He would have a better clue as to what to look for. Sure, she had an intermediate level of understanding of spy-related devices and the types of signals they would be emitting. And they would be emitting those signal, otherwise they would be purposeless. She also knew that those signals usually could only be detected at close range. Otherwise, they tended to blend in with background emissions. That was what made them so effective. Internal sensors would never detect them. That was, unless a trained signals specialist, like Knight, was listening. And that presumed that such a person knew to listen and where exactly to listen for such a signal. ::

:: What bothered her even more was, that if Commander Perkins or someone on his team was behind this, then there could be more wrong than just a few spy devices. Systems could be rigged to fail at critical moments. Take the spare warp core she was scanning. What if Perkins had put a flaw in it that wouldn’t be detected until the core was put into use. One that could prove catastrophic once the core was put into use. She was no engineer. She had no way of knowing if such was the case. Maybe she should suggest to Dermont to give the ship a good once over as well. ::

Williams: =/\= All hands, this is Commander Williams, I am pleased to report we have made emergency repairs and are on our way home to DeepSpace 26. It won’t be an easy ride and there is still much to do. Your department head will provide with the latest update within the hour. All senior staff please report to Bridge for a status update in 10. Williams out. =/\=

Serala: Fvadt. I don’t have time for this. :: tapping her commbadge :: =/\= Serala, acknowledged. =/\=

:: Putting away her tricorder for now, she made her way back to the passageway and then to the Conference Room on Deck 1. ::

Lieutenant Serala
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