Lt Commander Serala: Heroic or Suicidal?

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Jim Davis

May 1, 2019, 10:11:38 PM5/1/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Outside Raga’s cell, TRS Torment ))

Interrogator_C: Ah, welcome. I was wondering how long it would take you to arrive. :: The RoLF half turned its head to look at the Raga :: Come now Commander, it's rude to ignore your friends after they've come all this way.

:: Suddenly, another electrical charge shimmered over Toryn’s body and he began to scream out in pain again. Serala’s heart leapt to her throat at that sound, but when Lieutenant Maeli crumpled to the ground screaming simultaneously in pain, Serala’s fear turned to rage. This thing was going to die! ::  



Interogator_C: So, my observations were correct. Your unusually telepathic mind was in contact with someone. That explains how you were able to fire on our ship while we were still cloaked.

Serala: Let him go, or I swear by all I hold dear and true, I will DESTROY YOU BOLT BY BOLT!!!. :: Without really thinking about what she was doing, she drew her dathe’anofvsen and held it at the ready while slinging her rifle over her shoulder. ::

Interrogator_C: It's unexpected to see such fury in you Commander Serala. I know the Commander here cares for you deeply given how often he screamed your name during out...discussions. ::The RoLF stopped and stared at the half-Romulan through the forcefield :: Aren't you a married woman now?

Raga: more.... :: He muttered in a hoarse voice ::

Serala: My marital status is none of your business you bucket of bolts. And in case your sensors are fried and you haven’t noticed, I AM Romulan!

Interrogator_C: :: He looked to Maeli :: Curious, that the Commander is linked to you. He never once called out for you, Lieutenant. Just how many women does he have in his head? :: The RoLF laughed, it was a crude approximation given his robotic voice but it was hollow, without emotion as well :: Did this Lael come to his rescue as well?

Serala: Is this just another way to torture him? Mind games? Your pathetic. Are you jealous that he has friends who care enough to come after him? Or maybe you just can’t stand the idea that so many women could fall for someone like him when no one would ever love a pathetic machine like you. Your worthless.

Raga: Stop...tormenting already showed me how they died...please....stop....I can't take this anymore.... :: He sobbed, staring at Serala and Logan as if he were staring at a pair of specters haunting him ::

:: The RoLF stopped and glared at Toryn and suddenly an even stronger charge of electricity engulfed him, arcing from his chest to the ceiling. Serala noted Logan dragging Maeli out of the room and backed out as he closed the door. ::

Logan: Sergeants secure the corridor

Serala: Tactical retreat. Good call, Captain. I was about to lose all control and that wouldn’t do any of any good. Suggestions?

:: As the door closed, Logan held his hand up indicating that no one should speak. She wanted to open that door and rush back in, to destroy the thing which has tormented her best friend for over a month. More than anything, she wanted to make it pay. But this wasn’t the time to let her temper get the better of her. No, this was a time for that cool, calculating mindset Romulans were known for. ::

Logan: :: Pushing the Rodulan into arms, Logan twisted and shot out 3 of the four light strips. :: We need a plan, that force field would take all our firepower for too long before we could get through. Sergeants tricorders now.

:: Serala passed Maeli to one of the Marines and he gently laid her out on the deck. Her eyes were still open, and she appeared conscious, but it was as if her mind was turned off...or maybe she was using her telepathy! ::

McKenzie: Large concentration headed our way

Logan: That in there is designed for one thing: keep Raga in and us out, so there's a good chance it's self-contained, with its own power source.

Serala: So we need to find that power source.

Logan: :: Nodding :: Yes find it and blow it

::Turning, Logan started to walk off ::

Logan: Outside the box time. I'm going to buy you some time, as much as I can.

oO Fvadt, Logan. I don’t have time for your suicidal heroics! Oo

:: Serala started to speak, but Logan cut her off. ::

Logan: We stay in there Raga doesn't have a chance out here he has a small one. Hunkered down here we'll be swamped and dead in no time, this is our chance. Find that chink in their plan and get Raga out. Sergeants scorched earth, take them all. :: Looking at the two Marines standing with Commander Serala and Lieutenant Maeli :: Hold as long as you can, I'll see if I can get them to pull back.

:: Once more, Serala thought to order him to stand down, but she knew he was right and part of the reason she had wanted him on this team was because he tended to pull these exact kinds of stunts and had a remarkable knack of surviving them. True, he had lost an arm in one such act, but he had survived and she trusted he would survive now. Not trusting herself to speak, she nodded her approval, but hoped the look on her face said “if you get yourself killed, I will raise you from the dead and kill you all over again.” ::

Logan: Get him out :: he passed her his emergency first aid kit filled with the medication sorted to assist Commander Raga :: Whatever it takes, I'll do what I can.

Serala: Do what you need to do, Kurt, but don’t get yourself killed. And that is an order. Don’t make me bring a friend up on charges for disobeying a superior officer.

:: As he jogged down the corridor, she reminded herself that he held the Federation Cross for a reason. Then turned her mind to the problem at hand. ::

Serala: :: to the two Marines :: So, any suggestions on how to get that forcefield down in case the Captain fails?

:: They just looked at her and shook their heads. Of course not. Marines, all brawn, little brains, certain officers excluded. She gave the problem a considerable amount of thought and was about to order the Marines to join her as she went back in, come what may, when her keen hearing barely picked up the distressed breathing of the helm officer. She looked back and saw Maeli was beginning to convulse. One of the Marines knelt down and tapped her commbadge, but she had time to softly say a few words. ::

Marine Sgt. 1: =/\= Emergency beam out! -- =/\=

Maeli: :: softly :: Try now, Commander. I don’t know for a certainty, but I think I may have shut it down.

Serala: You shut it down?! How?!

Maeli: :: With startling fierceness in her voice :: Destroy it.

:: And then she was engulfed by the green beam of a Romulan transporter and disappeared. ::

Serala: :: Turning to the two Sergeants with her. :: Well, you heard her. Destroy it! Let’s go. McKenzie, you go left, Rodger, go right, I’ll take the center.

:: Seeing their nods, she pointed at the door controls and looked at Rodger. He pressed the control and the door slid open quickly. What she saw startled her… ::

Lt. Commander Serala
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