Lt Commander Serala: Down to business

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Jim Davis

Jul 4, 2019, 3:03:48 PM7/4/19
to USS Atlantis

((Shuttle B’Hala, Arrival at Chon Station "Beta", Jenatris Cloud))

:: For the rest of the trip, they only made small talk. Serala managed to get a few scans in, but they only confirmed what they already knew. No lifesigns. No further transmissions from the station. Like all Chon stations they had encountered so far, this one was somewhat large, though in comparison it was actually quite small. :: 

Solana: Well, the station's shields are still working. That's good. 

:: As they got closer, Serala noticed that it had the same greenish color as DS26, though it was indeed smaller as the sensors had indicated. They were going to need to find a place to dock and board the station. She began to scan the same areas of the station that DS26 provided for those functions and soon found one that would be acceptable. She passed the coordinates to McKnight so he could get them there.:: 

Serala: Captain, I sent you some coordinates that look good for potential docking. Let’s check it out, and see if we can get inside the station. Solana, see if you can get us a hole in the shields so we can get inside and dock up.

McKnight: Response 

Wyla: Not surprising. The Captain said the communication from this station said there were no crew or humanoids aboard. But no lifesigns makes no sense. Why would it send out a medical emergency request if there's no living thing here to treat? 

Solana: Might be a glitch in the system? :: She shrugged :: Once we're on board we should try and tap into the computer system. I'm more Marine than engineer, but I might be able to figure out if there's something wrong. 

Serala: That’s good to hear. I passed my engineering courses at the Academy, but they were definitely a weak spot for me.

McKnight: Response 

Serala: Even better. Well, let’s see if we can’t get in, shall we? I don’t suppose there’s a doorbell anywhere?

McKnight/Solana/Avae: Responses

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