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Jim Davis

Jun 12, 2020, 1:10:43 AM6/12/20
to USS Atlantis

((Security Control, Mephinii Spaceport, Illara Prime))

Serala led the team until they reached a section of the corridors that she had not yet been in, where she fell back to let Toryn lead the way. Upon reaching the Security Suite, Toryn pressed the door switch, but nothing happened except a slight chirp indicating entry had been denied.

Raga: Perhaps it's malfunctioning?

Kiax: Low power? Look.

Esa held out a tricorder and showed it to Toryn. 

Serala: Well, that’s interesting. I wonder if there is a connection to our alleged spy.

Matthieu: Response

Knight: Well, when in doubt knock. :: Banging on the door. ::

It wasn’t hard to hear the reply, even if she didn’t have such good hearing.

Major Stonecyher: Hello! We are locked in!

Raga: It's always something. ::He grumbled:: This can't be a coincidence.

Kiax: I have a horrible suspicion it’s foul play. Someone is trying to get something shady done here…

Serala: :: chuckles :: I think that’s part and parcel of the trade for a spy, Esa. Damned annoying at times

oO Especially when it’s your father involved Oo

She was of course referring to her father, who she had believed dead for thirty years only to have him walk back into her life a few weeks ago. Hazards of a career in Starfleet Intelligence.

Matthieu: Response

Knight: Shame we don’t have a can opener with us. ::Looking to Raga.::

Raga seemed to catch the gist and motioned for David to stand aside.

Raga: Right.

Serala held back a chuckle knowing full well the potential of Raga’s strength as he unleashed a devastating kick at the door.

Serala: Not a can opener, David. A table-wrecker.

Matthieu / Knight: Responses

Kiax: ::Grinning:: Too much beans?

Raga: That was not as effective as I expected.

While the kick had done some extensive damage to the door, it had really put a large hole in it, rather than taking it off the hinges as was obviously his intent.

Kiax: ::Teasingly:: You’d think that they’d make doors to security centres stronger.

Serala: You’d also think that a Security Director would have precautions in place to keep himself from getting locked in his own office. But… :: she shrugged and gestured at the ruined door ::

Matthieu/Knight/Raga(?): Responses

Toryn removed his foot from the door and finished opening it, then stepped inside quite casually, as if it was an everyday occurrence for him.

Raga: Apologies, Major. It's been a frustrating day. What happened?

Stonecypher: Response

Kiax: Something is draining power from this area. I took some readings on the way here and discovered it. Might be a plausible explanation for the door not working…

Serala: It’s possible. Why don’t you and Ensign Matthieu work on that angle. See what you can dig up.

Kiax / Matthieu: Response

Knight / Stonecypher(?): Responses

Raga: That's not surprising. Major, we've reason to believe a Valcarian agent is at work at the conference. ::Toryn glanced back at her and she nodded at him:: We're still gathering evidence, but your current predicament would seem to corroborate our fears.

Kiax: Speaking of evidence gathering; do you have any access logs I can look over? It might reveal some clues as to whom, or what, caused the power drain.

Matthieu: Response

Knight / Stonecypher: Responses

Raga: ::Toryn looked over at her:: Perhaps it's a good time to call down our security teams. We can have them beam outside the room here or into our suite and catch them up to speed once they report in.

Serala agreed with that assessment, but she was still too new to the FO job and wasn’t quite sure of the extent of her authority yet, so she opted to consult with the Captain first. She nodded at him before tapping her commbadge.

Serala: =/\= Serala to Captain Thoran. Recommend we beam down some Security personnel to assist with conference security. =/\=

Thoran: =/\= Response =/\=

Kiax: I can set up a group comm network to enable us to communicate with the other faction’s security teams from here, if it’ll help?

Serala: Good idea, Esa. :: turns to Major Stonecypher :: with your permission, of course, Major.

Stonecypher: Response 

Serala: Thank you, Major. Esa, go ahead and get set up. I would also like you to keep on that power issue. Mr. Matthieu, assist her in any way she needs please.

Kiax: Response

Matthieu: Response

Knight / Stonecypher: Responses

Raga: I would be surprised if Amuro hadn't already called in some green shirts.

Serala: I would be too, but it might not be too bad an idea at this point. 

Kiax/Matthieu/Knight/Stonecypher: Responses

While the others worked, Serala mulled over something she had almost missed on her way here. Something she had noticed out of the corner of her eye and hadn’t really given too much thought to. Until now.

She had walked past a couple of people and one of them appeared to be a blonde haired woman with the softened features of a Vulcan. That was a bit odd in itself, but what had really caught Serala’s attention was the arm bracer the woman wore. She had seen one just like it. Well, a few really. But they had all come from the same source. Amuro. And it was supposed to be a unique design. Something proprietary, if she had her facts straight. She would need to think this over. Something about that was really niggling at the Security officer in her.

Her attention was drawn back when one of her team began speaking to her.

Raga / Knight / Kiax / Matthieu / Stonecypher: Responses

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