Ensign Serala: I'll Never Join You.

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Jim Davis

Mar 27, 2018, 2:04:27 PM3/27/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Romulan Warbird Illa'variea, in orbit around DS26, 5 days after arrival of Atlantis ))

Serala: Mother! I should have known. What, in the name of the Elements, are you doing? Why did you bring me here? For that matter, what are you doing here the first place?

R'Val: Slow down, child. And mind your tone. I am your mother and the Commander of this ship. Speak with respect.

:: Serala bit back her retort. Her mother was correct. At least about being the ship's Commander. Serala was alone her and with the suspicions leveled against her, it was unlikely that Starfleet would be coming to get rescue. Her mother had just sealed that coffin. She needed to be cool if she was going to make it out this situation alive. ::

R'Val: Now, let me answer your last question first. A few months ago, the Romulan Republic petitioned to establish an embassy here at Deep Space 26 and that petition was granted. I'm here bringing the Ambassador to his new posting, and then I will be assuming command the military portion of the embassy.

:: That took Serala by surprise. She had heard nothing about that. ::

Serala: Congratulations, I guess.

R'Val: As for you, would you have me stand by while my daughter is arrested on false charges?

Serala: Yes!  They would have figured it out eventually.

R'Val: If they wanted to, child. I was married to an Intelligence Officer, remember? I know how they operate. And even if you were to get cleared, there would always be this doubt in everyone's mind. Is she really a spy? Face it. Your career in Starfleet just came to an abrupt halt.

Serala: I refuse to accept that.

R'Val: You always were naive, daughter. Do you not remember how you were treated by the human children when you were young? That is an expression of how humans really feel about us. They will never accept us, never trust us.

Serala: Father did.

R'Val: Are you sure? He was trained to be deceptive. Often, I wondered if he truly loved me, or if I - and you - were just long term consequences of his mission.

Serala: Mother!

R'Val: What child? Your naïvete is showing again. Think of the Intel Officers you know. Do you trust them fully?

:: She could only think of Danara and Knight. She had only briefly spoken to the Romulan, but Knight had fought alongside her against the bots, had helped her get the torpedoes ready, had coordinated targeting the enemy. She trusted him. But fully? :

Serala: I would trust anyone wearing a Starfleet uniform with my life.

R'Val: Have I taught you so little? You have never been a fool. Why are you being one now?

Serala: It is you who is being foolish, Mother. You know that I am completely loyal to the Federation. I always will be.

Jerek: :: Entering the room as he speaks. :: Your loyalty is misplaced, Ensign. Look how quickly they turned on you from an accusation and some planted evidence.

Serala: Who are you? Are you responsible for this?

Jerek: I am Ambassador Jerek of the Romulan Republic, and no, I am not responsible. Although, the opportunity was too good to pass up.

Serala: I'll never join you.

Jerek: You really should think about it, Ensign. Your career is over in Starfleet. The evidence against you was substantial, but circumstantial also. You may have eventually beaten the charges. Although there would always be the lingering doubts of everyone you meet. Your friends. Everyone. But then, your mother, the Elements bless her, snatched you off the station just as they were about to arrest you all the while announcing to everyone that the Romulans are in town. I'm afraid that pretty much sealed your conviction. You can't go back now. So, you might think about joining us.

Serala: I would die first.

R'Val: No, my daughter. But you will rot in this cell. No one from the Atlantis is coming to get you. To them, you are an escaped spy.

oO Damn, but they're probably right. Still, they have to be at least protesting my arrest. Oo

Serala: Your arguments are irrelevant. What they believe about me is irrelevant. All that matters right now is my honor.

R'Val: Your honor is going to get you sent to a Federation stockade.

Jerek: Serala, I am in a position to get you back to your ship and crew. No charges. I can't do anything about their suspicions; you'll have to do that.

Serala: Then what are you waiting for?

Jerek: I want a promise from you. On your honor.

:: She reminded silent but her posture said continue. ::

Jerek: This situation is likely to occur again in the future. You are always going to live with this incident like a cloud over your head. When you have had enough abuse from the Federation, come home to the Republic. We will always have a place for you. Promise me this, and I will see to it you are returned with no consequences to you.

Serala: Ambassador, it is possible you may be correct. Despite that, I will never tire of the suspicions as long as I get to continue serving in Starfleet. One thing I know about them. Enough hard work and acts of loyalty and they will eventually become convinced of my innocence.

Jerek: Then it should be no problem to agree to my terms.

oO I smell a trap in this, but I'll be damned if I can actually see one. Oo

Serala: Very well, Ambassador. If that ever happens, I will consider it.

:: The Ambassador grinned broadly, reminding her of a hawk. ::

Jerek: Very good. Then, if you will excuse me Commander, I will make arrangements for your daughter's return.

R'Val: Of course, Ambassador. Serala, you have made the right decision. Please, remain here until the arrangements for your return are completed.

Serala: Jolan'tru Mother.

:: As soon as her mother left the brig, Serala began trying to figure why she had been accused of spying. Unfortunately, she was coming up blank. ::

oO One thing at a time, Serala. Get off this ship first. Then try to figure out what's going on. Oo

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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