Lt Commander Serala: I have a bad feeling about this

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Jim Davis

Dec 24, 2019, 12:36:47 AM12/24/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Intelligence Department, Deck 13, USS Atlantis, en route to Tibro ))

Serala sat at the desk pouring of the volumes of intel Knight had gathered regarding the Valcarians. This was the first time she had ever been able to enter this area of the ship. Even as Chief of Security, she didn’t have the clearance to enter except in matters of ship’s security. And even then, protocols required certain things to shut down upon her entry. Now, she had full access. She wasn’t sure what she was looking for here, but this was the first time a Federation ship was allowed into Valcarian space. They would be escorting a Valcarian Ambassador and she decided that she needed to know as much as she could. Until recently, the VIR had displayed a hostile attitude toward them. Now, suddenly that position had reversed and she wanted to know why. There were some interesting facts in Knight’s notes that helped explain it. Things were changing in the Empire and she wasn’t sure whether they were positive or not.

Take this Ambassador. Grand Admiral Lorrein Dels’an. The SFI file was spotty, but contained some interesting information. She had won a major conflict that the VIR referred to as the Battle of Riala. And she had been named Conqueror of the Riala Sector. She had subsequently been appointed to Emperor Altharra’s War Counsel. A person of great influence.

oO So why make her an ambassador? She seems too valuable for such a role. Oo

(( Timeskip several hours - Bridge, Tactical Station, arrival at Tibro ))

Serala had finished reading the intel reports. She didn’t know what it all meant yet, but she would keep pondering it until a clearer picture came into her mind. Perhaps she should consult with Knight and get his take on things.

Maeli: Response

That was to be expected. The identification signal identified the ship as the Balor, the Grand Admiral’s ship.

Thoran: On screen.

The image of the planet was replaced with the face of the Valcarian Ambassador.

Dels’an: =/\= Greetings Commander Thoran, I am Grand Admiral Dels’an. Welcome to Tibro. =/\= 

Thoran: =/\= Ambassador a pleasure to finally put a face to the name. The crew and I are honoured to accept your invitation to join in on the festivities. =/\= 

Dels’an: =/\= We’ve never had any visitors from outside of the empire on one of our worlds. I hope that we can give your crew a taste of what the real Valcarian Empire is about. =/\= 

Thoran: =/\= Certainly, I look forward to meeting you in person.=/\=


Dels’an: =/\= Our communications officer will be sending you coordinates outside of the Sector Capitol Complex where you can land your crew. I will meet you on the surface soon. Balor out. =/\= 

With that the image of the Valcarian vanished off the viewscreen, replaced with Tibro once again.

Thoran: Well Number One it seems like we may just go down in the history books. The first Federation crew to set foot on a Valcarian world. And we were invited no less.

Williams: Response

Thoran: Most definitely. I’m sure the crew will enjoy the opportunity to get to know the Valcarians on a more personal level. Even if our history with them is rather… chequered.

oO That’s a nice word. Whatever they may have been trying to sell regarding Calasio, they were behind it. Oo

Thoran: Miss Kiax, begin arrangements for shuttling the crew down to the surface. We’ll operate on a reduced complement, giving as many of the crew the opportunity to join in with the festivities, without leaving us vulnerable.

Kiax: Response

Not really having much to add to the conversation, Serala monitored her sensors while mulling over the data she had learned from the intel files. She was missing something. Her Romulan nature was suspicious, and as a result it kept niggling at her that something didn’t feel right about this whole thing.

Serala: Well, another party. Who could resist? But, I have a bad feeling about this. Maybe it’s just that we’ve spent so much time thinking of them as the bad guys, but I just can’t help but feel like this might be some kind of trick.

Thoran/Williams/Maeli/Kiax/Anyone else on the bridge: Responses

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