Ensign Serala: Dinner roll ammo and a passing acquaintance

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Jim Davis

Apr 23, 2018, 6:16:54 PM4/23/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Holodeck 1, USS Atlantis, Docked at DS 26, Day 15))

Kiitiarel:  response

Serala: I'm sorry, Kiitiarel. What did you say?

Kiitiarel: Response

Serala: Yes, I decided to try something different with my hair. I was recently reminded that I'm not entirely Romulan and in light of my recent experience, I thought to focus on my human side for a bit. Do you like it? My hair, I mean? I even had my nails done.

Kiitiarel: Response

Serala: Yes, I heard every word and I think you're right.

Dermont:  Commander Williams, Ms. Sister Raga, Ensign, I'll be back soon.  I gotta take care of somethin' urgent I've been puttin' off.

Serala: Alright, just stay out of trouble.

::He headed away from them, but as he was quite a bit away he called back in a very loud, very carrying voice.::

Dermont:  And Serala!  If ya want me ta beam her inta space, just let me know!

oO What?! Dermont, what have you just done? … Am I that transparent? And why does this bother me? Oo

:: She could tell her face was six shades of green from embarrassment. ::

Serala: I don't think my mother would appreciate that, Lieutenant, but thanks anyway.

Serala: By the way, Kiitiarel, you are looking nice tonight as well.

Kiitiarel: Response

Serala: You're welcome.

:: And it was at just that moment that she felt something soft bounce the back of her head. Turning, she saw a dinner roll landing on the ground. A quick glance around revealed who the culprit was: One of the Captain's twins, instigated by one mischievous Marine. ::

:: The look she gave Logan said ‘Beware. Reprisal is on the way.’ ::

oO Fortunately, no damage was done. I've never put as much effort into my appearance as I have tonight. Even during inspections at the Academy. Speaking of which... Oo

Serala: Excuse me, everyone. I see someone I recognize the Academy.

Anyone nearby: Response

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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