Lt Serala: What happened to Ensign Jann?

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Jim Davis

Aug 11, 2018, 8:45:47 PM8/11/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Conference Room, Deck 1, U.S.S. Atlantis, Deep Space 26 ))

Brell: Three years ago in an effort to establish trade relations with the alpha and beta quadrants a convoy of Korri freighters left the expanse. During their passage through the Jenatris Corridor on the return trip for unknown reasons one of the ships lost their antimatter containment.

:: He tapped on the control pad on the the table and the holo emitters sprang to life. Displaying the massive Jenatris cloud made up of multitudes of nebulas nearly impassable and filled with gasses that caused strange, and unpredictable effects on humanoid bodies. The image zoomed into the corridor and sensor data from the Korri ships journey through it to DS26. ::

Brell: The lead ship was far enough in front of the explosion that it was able to return to DS26 though it was heavily damaged. According to their sensor data, when the third ship in convoy exploded it disturbed the various stellar debris in the corridor causing a chain reaction igniting the highly charged gas particles. The other two ships had no choice but to enter the Jenatris cloud to escape. We are their only chance, Atlantis has ventured into the cloud before and we should be able to counter most of the effects with the proper shield modulations. We won't be able to get a transporter target lock on anyone who has not been been tagged with an islonier tracker or has an activated Starfleet communicator beacon. That means we won’t be able to beam anyone onto the freighters and won’t be able to beam out survivors until we find and tag each one. The alternative of course would be get the ships out under their own power but we won't know the vessels’ statutes until we find them inside the cloud.

Raga: I'd recommend that both away teams take pattern enhancers. ::Looking around the room:: That way we can set them up on each ship and have a set point to beam out from in case the trackers are insufficient.  

Williams: Response

Brell: Each boarding team will be taking a shuttle to dock with each freighter, Atlantis will stay as close as we can and try to ensure neither ship drifts further into the cloud. And to beam back survivors or you all if things get worse. Korri ships won’t be able to stand being in there too long even more so if they are badly damaged.

Dermont:  We'll be lucky if another one o' the ships don't lose containment.  Korri ships don't have half the redundant systems we have...and even we are ill prepared fer a trip into the Cloud...

Brell: There is something more. According to the the lead freighters records it looks like the ship that exploded had at least a few survivors. Unfortunately those pods went the into the opposite side of the cloud as the other two intact freighters. And they were propelled at much higher velocity than they were designed for thanks to the explosions of gasses in the corridor.  

Williams: Response

Brell: They were going towards a trinary system believed to contain planetary bodies. That's why I want you leading that team, take Dr Cattan, Captain Logan, and Osiris.

Williams: response

Brell: Serala and Raga you each lead one of the teams to the freighters. Your team members to be decided when we arrive each of you will have a marine and a medical officer along with someone who can handle technical issues you will encounter.

Serala: Aye, sir. oO Away team leader? Well, I am a Lieutenant now. I guess it makes sense. Oo

Raga: Understood, sir.

Brell: Lieutenants Danara and Knight, I am making the sensor data and logs from the Korri freighter that made it to DS26 available to you.

Danara: Understood Captain. We’ll start an in depth analysis of that data to see what we can piece together for you.

Dermont:  I'd like that data as well, Captain...maybe I can come up with a potential damage report fer the Korri vessels before they went inta the cloud.  

Sotak: If it wouldn’t be much of a nuisance, Captain, I believe I can make use of the sensor data from the Korri freighter so as to be better informed for our voyage into the cloud, especially since our own sensors will be limited once inside the cloud. I could also be able to make a scale of the current gas mutations and radiation changes and so perhaps even be able to predict the strongest of plasma and ion storms. I can’t promise it will be anything definite, but the algorithm should be able to keep us out of harm’s way, mostly.

Brell: Response

Knight:  On a side note from that, communications within the cloud are limited due its unique composition. It is possible, however difficult to maintain clear lines in that region, as a result I would recommend the away teams be issued power amplifiers to improve their comm badge signal strength. And we should be prepared to use alternative means of communicating between the Atlantis and the shuttles if necessary.

Danara: Good suggestion. We should employ every means necessary to keep some form of communication between our ships available. Additionally it would be a good idea to find a way to alert ourselves if any unexpected traffic enters the area just in case. This region is already know to be highly unpredictable.

Dante: the signal boosters will definitely help and we can use the Atlantis as a signal relay, but I’d like a backup as well. A high-output broadband emergency signal like the ones we use for escape pods might be a good idea. It won’t be good for communication, but at least we will know if any teams are in need of immediate help. As for detecting other shuttles, I’ll ask Sotak to help me boost sensors as much as possible but I’m afraid me just might be in the dark.

Sotak: :: nodding once :: It is possible to boost the sensors, but only slightly. However… :: another idea came to her :: theoretically, we can use the algorithm I mentioned to configure the sensors to travel around the biggest concentrations of gas and radiation as the algorithm dictates. That would assuming the algorithm is sufficiently accurate, but it is a place to start.

:: The room was silent for a moment before the Captain nodded and resumed the his talk. ::

Brell: We depart the station in forty minutes, and will arrive at the coordinates the ships entered the cloud by noon tomorrow. Any questions?

:: Serala was sure she should have some, especially since she had never commanded an away mission before, but she just couldn’t think of any. She looked around to see if anyone else spoke up. ::

Raga: Is there any way we could tractor the ships out of the cloud? :: Looking to Dermont :: I'm sure the gases won't make it easy, but it would be nice to have as a backup in case things deteriorate quickly. :: He thought for a moment :: And given our track record to date, something invariably will.

Dermont:  ::He scratched his chin as he thought.:: Maybe.  But not'll be a dice throw. In some places o' the Cloud, the soup is so thick ya end up tractorin' the particles o' the Cloud itself and can't gain purchase on another vessel.  We'll have ta see the composition of the immediate space once we get there…

:: His voice trailed off as the door suddenly opened and a Denobulan in science teal walked in. Serala had seen the transfer report that they were to receive a new ship’s counselor after Jann’s sudden departure, and that report said that the new counselor, Ensign….Malvo..Mako...Malkov? Anyway, he was supposed to be a Denobulan, so she assumed this was the guy. ::

Malko: Captain, you wished to see me...Oh, pardon me, am I interrupting? I can come back...

Brell: response

Serala: I was not informed we were receiving any new personnel. Did you just get here, Ensign?

Malko: Indeed, I boarded only a few hours ago. Very nice to meet you all!... Oh, my professional opinion? The people in those pods are going to be suffering from shock, disorientation, and fatigue. Therefor, we shouldn't rely on their abilities to accurately communicate or orient their pods. This goes without saying, but the longer they are out there, the worse their condition will get. What do we know about the life support systems aboard these pods?

Dante: From our most recent data the Korri seem to value profit even above survivability. The pods are equipped with what Starfleet would be considered bare minimum. I think we can definitely expect them to be a bit beaten up when we get there.

Sotak: I assume you are to be the new ship’s Counsellor?

Malko: Response

Serala: What happened to Ensign Jann?

Brell: Response

Lt Serala, Assitant Chief of Security and Tactical
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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