Lt Commander Serala: Let's get busy

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Jim Davis

Feb 27, 2020, 11:26:58 PM2/27/20
to USS Atlantis

(( OOC: Just a short post to help move the scene along a bit more ))

(( Rooftop, Kellshir Medical Center, Keibrom, Tibro ))

Once she had finished her grieving, she stood and headed to the rear of the shuttle and activated the ramp. There was still a crisis on and she would do her part, no matter how she felt. As she stepped down the ramp she saw Toryn and Amuro both waiting for her and Logan not that far away either. Grateful, she gave them a small smile

Serala: What are you all standing around for? Isn’t there a pandemic to solve? Let’s get busy.

Raga / McKnight / Logan: Responses

Serala led the way to the door that would take them inside the building. Soon, they had rejoined with Captain Thoran and the rest of the crew who were receiving a sitrep from the doctors.

Thoran / Dels’an / Revix / G’Renn / Journs / Maeli / Logan: Responses

Lt. Commander Serala
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