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Elizabeth Snow

Sep 22, 2020, 8:00:54 PM9/22/20
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(( Sickbay, Deck 5, USS Atlantis, Earth Space Dock - SB1 ))

{{Time Index: Shore Leave, Day 23, shortly after arrival }}

Elizabeth got the scale ready for Sarala to lay T’Saara on.

Snow: You can go ahead and lay her down, Commander.

Serala: Oh, of course.

Elizabeth watched as the scale climbed up and settled on 16.5

Snow: You may pick her up. I'll finish the rest of her check up on biobed 3.

Serala: Certainly, Doctor.

Serala picked up T’Saara and carried her over to the biobed.

Snow: Do you have any concerns? Is she hitting all her milestones? ::walking over to join them at the biobed::

Serala: Uhm, well doctor, I have to be honest. I am not really sure what to be looking for. I mean, she seems healthy, and feeds regularly. What should I be looking for?

Snow: Rolling over from stomach to back and then back to stomach. Babbles to get attention. Reaches for toys. Working on sitting up if not already. You can even introduce her to soft foods.

It's normal for first time parents to not really know what to expect. She was sure the Commander had a lot on her plate right now as well as having a infant.

Serala: Well, thanks for the information. I will keep those things in mind.

Snow: Don't be too hard on yourself, Momma. This is something new to you and I'm sure you have a lot on your plate as well. Your little bean is happy and healthy. Those are the two important things. ::smiles:: You may lay her down.

Selara: Response

Elizabeth began the check up T’Saara.

Snow: ::laughs:: She is certainly a wiggle worm.

Selara: Response

Snow: Oh no, Commander. I can manage. ::smiles::

Selara: Response

Snow: How have you been handling everything?

Elizabeth hoped that with all the responsibilities that the Commander had, that Serala also remembered to take some time for herself every now and again.

Serala: Response

Ensign Elizabeth Snow
Medical Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-74682
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