Lt Commander Serala: Now we're finally hearing some truth

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Jim Davis

Jan 30, 2020, 12:48:47 AM1/30/20
to USS Atlantis

((Abandoned Outpost, Kaleth Woods, Tibro))

It took them over an hour to get to the outpost, especially encumbered as they were with the wounded officer and the gear they were carrying. Serala, for one was glad when they made it inside of a structure. It was still cold, but insulated from the biting chill that was outside. She just hoped they could find a way to warm things up. Of course, that could also risk them being detected by thermal sensors. In her opinion, though, it was a risk they needed to take.

Serala: Well, we’re here. Home sweet home.

Thoran: Home. Yes.

McKnight: We're clear. Looks like no one's been here in a long time. 

Dels’an: This outpost has been out of service for nineteen years. The last people here were a team of technicians who removed anything left of value.

Revix / Nehir: Responses

Serala: :: looking at the wounded woman :: How is she doing? That trip could not have been easy for her.

oO Elements, I feel like I have frostbite. I can’t even imagine what happened to her. Oo

Thoran: She is in critical condition. If she doesn’t receive medical attention soon then I doubt she will make it.

Dels’an: When we find those responsible, heads will roll!

Serala was a bit taken back by the sudden vehemence, but considering her own temper she could definitely understand why the woman was so angry. She would probably be livid if it were one of her people. Especially if it were Stevok or Toryn.

Revix / Nehir: Responses

Serala: Amuro, that fancy gadget of yours on your arm. Do you think you could use it to reach the ship? Maybe tie into your commbadge? Not trying to be funny here, and I know our supply of tools is severely limited, but I’m not an engineer and I am grasping for ideas here.

McKnight: Sorry, ma'am. I can't even tell where exactly we are without navigational data.  Hopefully, the Atlantis will know something is up, since we haven't checked it.

Revix / Nehir: Responses 

Thoran: Regardless the idea has merit. It can’t make our situation any worse. I’d also recommend that we take the time to search the area for supplies and post a lookout in the observation tower.

Nehir / Revix: Responses

Serala: Ambassador, you’re more familiar with the practices of your people than we are. Do you think there might be a chance of anything useful being found here?

Dels’an: I am unsure what of use the decommissioning team would have left behind, but it might be worth the time to search.

The Captain removed his comm badge and gave it to Jarol. Serala was a bit surprised and also not too happy about it. As a former security officer, one of the first things she would be looking for in the event of a search-and-rescue would be the signal from the comm badges. Still, it would help to stay in touch with the others and they still had McKnight’s, Nehir’s, and her badges as well. 

Thoran: If you hear, see or even smell anything that seems out of place, contact us immediately.

Dels’an: We will, Commander Thoran.

Revix: Response

Thoran: We will search the surrounding rooms, see if we can find any supplies.

Nehir: Response

Serala and the rest of the Atlanteans spread out to search through the rest of the complex, always being sure to remain within eye- and ear-shot of each other. Serala was especially careful to stay near the Captain. She may be weaponless and pregnant, but she was still a master martial artist and should be able to do some damage if someone decided to attack. She just hoped it wouldn’t be necessary. Her main concern was the Romulans. They had their own sense of honor, one she shared. But if they found it advantageous to do so, they would throw their informal truce out the window and eliminate them. She couldn’t imagine how they would find such an advantage in their current situation, but it was something to keep in mind.

Serala could hear the Ambassador and Commander Revix talking while they searched. The Captain and McKnight had moved into another room and were having a whispered conversation that she could barely hear. Something about communications and beacons. She was about to join them to find out what they were discussing when her keen hearing heard quite the startling revelation. Of course, it was loud enough that the others had probably heard it as well. One look at their faces confirmed it.

Dels’an: Asil and Varus won’t get away with this. Once we take the throne they’ll wish they never showed their faces in the Outlying Territories…

oO The throne? What is going on here? Are they planning a coup or something? Oo

Revix: Response

Anyone: Response(s)

Dels’an: Everyone, please come in here for a moment.

Serala and the others moved into the first room where the others were gathered.

Serala: What is going on, Ambassador?

Revix / McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Dels’an: You deserve the right to know why I’ve been targeted, and it isn’t just because of diplomacy. ::She sighed, took a deep breath, and continued.:: Emperor Altharra died almost four months ago. He dropped dead right in the middle of a War Council meeting. That’s why I didn’t want the elite-troopers here for our meeting. And that’s why I was targeted. Other factions are also attempting to seize control.

Serala had to consciously ensure her jaw didn’t drop. She was a Romulan and was standing in the room with three others. It wouldn’t do to show her human side right now. But this news was absolutely stunning. There had been nothing about this in the intelligence reports she had read. They must have done a remarkable job at covering that fact up. It made her wonder what else they were covering up. But in light of that fact, an assassination attempt would make a lot of sense. But, in that case, if that was what the sabotage was meant to be, it was quite a clumsy attempt. It would also explain why the Grand Admiral would try to curry favor with both the Federation and the Romulan Empire.

Serala: Interesting. Some things are starting to make sense to me.

Revix / McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Thoran: And why would these factions be targeting you Ambassador?

Dels’an: Myself and those who I’ve aligned with think that throwing endless troops and ships at the Caraadians and having no communication channels built up with foreign powers is not an efficient use of the empire’s resources. I do apologize for withholding this information, but the intention to build bridges is still true. And given the danger that the power struggle has brought upon us, you have the right to know.

Revix / Thoran / McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Serala had remained silent while everyone voiced their thoughts, comments and questions. As the Strategic Operations Officer for Atlantis, she was trying to put the picture together and see all the pieces. More importantly, how they would affect not just the team at the outpost, but Atlantis and the Federation. But one vital question needed to be asked.

Serala: Grand Admiral, and I think that is more likely your proper title given your revelation, I am wondering , had it been known that the Emperor had passed, who would have been selected to replace him? How exactly would that have worked under your laws. I am assuming he had no designated heir, since you and several others are all vying for the job?

Dels’an: Response

oO Now we’re hearing some truth. Oo

Revix / Thoran / McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Serala: And given the current situation, who has the better odds of winning this power struggle?

Dels’an: Response

And with that, her final suspicions were confirmed. Just one thing left to do. Have the Grand Admiral admit it.

Revix / Thoran / McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Serala: Right. I got all that. So, am I correct, then, in assuming that you really asked us and Commander Revix to your villa to see who would be better able to support you in this?

Dels’an: Response

Revix / Thoran / McKnight / Nehir: Responses

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