Lt Commander Serala: No Longer Welcome

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Jim Davis

Jul 11, 2020, 5:58:23 PM7/11/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Security Control, Mephinii Spaceport, Illara Prime ))

Serala: Commander. Implement Foxtrot Protocol. Recall any unnecessary personnel to the ship. All essential personnel must have an escort and all teams must be in at least groups of four. :: quietly, so only he could hear her :: And make sure my mother and her guards get out of here safely. Not you, personally. Just get a team on it.

Raga: Response

Knight: I am done helping with Kiax. Commander, where do you need me?

Stonecypher: Commander Serala as the security director of this conference I can not allow that….

Serala: Major, you do what you see fit to do. But I am now in command of the Starfleet personnel, at least temporarily, and I will do anything and everything I know how to do to protect my people. We are going to find the spy and we are going to find these attackers and may the Elements help anyone who stands in my way!

Major Stonecypher: I don’t think you quite understand, Commander. I can not allow you to do that because I am ordering a halt to the conference, all personnel are to be evacuated. Anyone refusing will be arrested and detained. 

The Major walked over to a console and entered some commands. Lights began to flash indicating an evacuation. Serala began to seethe inside. That action alone had probably just facilitated the spy’s escape, along with any assailants that had not yet been apprehended.

Major Stonecypher: Thank you for your assistance here today, you have all proved most helpful. I would like to say the Caraadain Houses thanks you but I am sure I am about to lose my title and any standing I previously had.

Raga: Response

Serala: Very well, Major. It is your call. However, I believe you just facilitated the escape of our spy and those assailants who have not yet been captured. Hopefully, my people have obtained sufficient information to still be able to determine the identity of the person or persons we are looking for.

Knight: Well I guess that settles that then, should we start beaming up to the big ship?

Serala: That’s an affirmative, Lieutenant. :: turns to Raga :: Commander, begin recalling all personnel to the ship. We are not needed here any longer. :: to Knight :: Mr. Knight, after we get back to the ship, I am going to need you to put those analysis skills to use to figure out who our spy is and the Captain’s assailant. Mr. McKnight has some evidence on the way. Analyze that as well.

Raga/Knight/Edwards: Responses

Checked fury still coursed through her veins as she tapped her badge once more.

Serala: =/\= Serala to all away teams. Our work here is done. Return to Atlantis as soon as possible. All security and Marine personnel assist in the safe evacuation of our people. Serala out. =/\=

She turned to the Major once more.

Serala: Major. However I might feel about this, it is your jurisdiction. But we aren’t going anywhere until I know who was responsible for attacking my Captain. The investigation regarding the spy is now in your hands unless you wish to continue our involvement. I will tell you, though, that it is likely we will still pursue it on our own using the information we have gathered.

With that, Serala turned to leave secretly hoping for a big break before she made it back to the shuttle. She really wanted to nab the spy and the attacker before they were no longer welcomed here.

Serala: Let’s go, gentlemen.

Raga/Knight/Edwards: Responses

(( OOC: Trying to leave it open for a big break, but also wrapping up in preparation for shore leave. ))

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