Ensign Serala: Getting some answers

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Jim Davis

Apr 12, 2018, 8:44:51 AM4/12/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Command Offices, Level 2, Central hub, DS26))

Serala: I doubt this is going to go well. My mother is exceptionally stubborn. Once she had set her mind on something she almost never changes it. And she has set her mind on having me serve under her.

Brell: I can understand the willful part. The serving for her part is less so, but I suppose she has her reasons. Have you met with anyone from the republic?

Serala: Yes, sir. There is an ambassador on board. I recall him saying something about trying to have more positive relations with the Federation as well as the Par'tha Expanse.

Brell: I will have to schedule a meeting with them. They might be willing to do some smoothing over through diplomatic channels.

Serala: Yes. That could…

:: The whine of a transporter and the reddish glow that accompanied it interrupted her as her mother appeared. ::

R'Val: I am here, Commander. Now, what did you want to talk about?

Serala: :: a hint of anger in her voice :: About how you tried to take advantage of my situation to recruit me.

Brell: Ensign, Let’s keep things civil please.

Serala: Yes, sir. I apologize. I'm just so frustrated.

R'Val: That is no excuse to speak to your Mother that way, much less a Commander of a Warbird in the Romulan Republic.

oO Now you're just bragging, Mother. Oo

Brell: Why don’t we move on … It’s clear emotions are running understandably high.

R'Val: Of course, Commander. Now. What did you want see me about, again?

oO Please. You know full well why you're here. You've never been anything but sharp-minded. Oo

Brell: If Serala faces a formal inquiry about this incident I believe you might be able to help as a witness.

R'Val: You believe you can't acquit her of these charges? Well, if my testimony will help, you will have it. I'm sure my Ambassador would be pleased for me clean up this mess and restore the hope for a positive relationship between us. Especially since we will be operating for quite some time in the Expanse and no doubt will encounter each other from time to time.

Brell: That is good to hear.

Serala: Thank you, mother.

oO I wonder what her real angle is? Oo

Brell: The most important thing you can answer for me, and to the inquiry board is why did you beam Ensign Serala to your ship? It was far more suspicious than anything else that could be investigated have its true origins and revealed.

R’Val: Although it may have seemed a snap decision at the time, I assure you there were several reasons that came to mind instantly that seemed to warrant that response. First, Serala is Romulan. Half-Romulan, but it's the Romulan part that matters for now. Since Hobus, our numbers are dangerously low. We need every Romulan we can get. It's why they overlooked my treason to the Empire. It's why, when under normal circumstances a half-breed would be scorned, one could now achieve great success. If Starfleet was willing to throw her talents away on a mere accusation, I was going to use them for the Republic. Next, I have had great respect for the Federation system of justice every since I mated with an Intelligence Officer. I could not believe they would try to arrest someone without solid evidence. However, I knew there could be no evidence since she is not now, nor has she ever been, one of our operatives. In my eyes, she was as good as convicted. I was not going to let that stand. So, I thought to rescue her. That seemed like the most opportune time to do so. And, finally, she is my daughter. Despite what anyone might think, I do care about her welfare.

Brell: That they just might understand.

Serala: Indeed. And as long as the J.A.G. isn't Vulcan, it might just be enough. Would you also be willing to testify that if you had decided to place agents here, they wouldn't be so obvious as your own daughter?

R’Val: Of course. However, since you mentioned Vulcans, there is a certain twisted logic in having you as an operative. As you said, it is obvious. Too obvious. So obvious, in fact, that no one would even suspect it. That is, until they found evidence pointing that direction. The only objection to that line of thought, however, is that my operatives are too well trained to make the kind of blunders you're accused of making.

Serala: Which are?

:: She still hadn't had anyone tell her exactly what the evidence against her was. ::

R'Val: If you don't know, then I can only assume it is being withheld from you for a reason. I will not interfere anymore than I already have. Ask your Commander.

:: She turned and cocked one quizzical eyebrow the Captain, as if to say “Well?” ::

Brell: Response.

R'Val: Would you like me to record a video affidavit, or will I need to appear in person? As you may understand, I have quite a load of things to attend to on my own ship and I don't want to get tangled in what appears to be an internal Federation matter any more than I already am. I am also subject to the whim of Ambassador Jerek who could decide we need to travel someplace with hardly any advanced notice.

Brell: Response.

R'Val: Then I shall prepare an affidavit and stay ready just in case I am needed to appear. Remember, however, that I am no longer a citizen of the Federation. If my own people have need of me, that must take priority over this. I trust you understand that, Commander?

Brell: Response

R'Val: Then I shall take my leave for now. My ship should be docking any minute and I should be on-board.

Brell: Response

R'Val: Jolan'tru, Commander, Serala. =/\=
Hteij'rhau =/\= ((OOC: Activate Transporter))

Brell: Response

Serala: :: snorts back a laugh :: Yes, sir. Seriously, though. I am confused. I have been released from the brig, but I would be surprised that, with the nature of the charges against me, I would be allowed to freely roamed around the station or Atlantis. So what are my current restrictions?

Brell: Response


Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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