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Jim Davis

Jan 18, 2020, 1:51:53 AM1/18/20
to USS Atlantis

((Ambassadorial Yacht, somewhere in Tibro, about an hour after departing Keibrom))

They had been moving for about an hour now and Serala was still uncomfortable with the Romulan Commander. He had been outwardly quite courteous, but subtle gestures and movements, the undertone of his speech, and the inflections that she could hear since she had programmed her universal translator not to translate Romulan and a couple other languages, had her convinced he wasn’t being as charming as he appeared. Accusing him of such would be downright foolish at this point. For all her adherence to the principle of mnei’sahe, this Romulan lived it. It was part and parcel of who he was. She had been forced to modify her understanding of the concept to fit with Federation ideology. He had no such need. It was made for him. For all true Romulans. Especially Romulans still loyal to the Empire. One wrong move, and she could easily insult him, and that would have serious repercussions. She just hoped the others here would defer to her as the resident expert on this matter and follow her lead. The Captain included. It might not have been a bad thing to have brought a telepath with them. She could relay silent communications between herself and the Captain, if she was willing and if it became necessary.

A sudden jarring brought her back from her musings as she yacht suddenly lurched and then began a rapid descent. Serala’s final thought before they came to a rather abrupt stop on the surface was for her unborn child.

oO Elements, let my little bean be alright. Oo

Thoran: Is everybody okay?

Dels’an / Revix: Response

As the others sounded off, she checked herself over. For once, she seemed to have survived relatively unharmed. She had a slight gash on one arm that was leaking green blood, but otherwise seemed okay. Little Bean was kicking in protest to the sudden, rough treatment, but she took that as a good sign.

McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Serala: I’m okay, just a small gash in my arm, but otherwise fine. I don’t suppose there’s a medical kit on this yacht, Ambassador?

Before a response could be given, the yacht rocked and she heard what sounded like wood breaking. She assumed that meant they were actually lodged in some trees. Trees that sounded like they might be about to give way under the weight of the yacht.

Thoran: Ambassador, what is going on? Have we struck something?

Dels’an / Revix: Responses

Serala: In that case, I suggest everyone hold on. We’re not done crashing yet.

McKnight / Nehir: Responses

And sure enough, more branches snapped and the yacht dropped like a stone the last several feet to the ground. It was a hard landing, but not nearly as bad as the initial impact had been and she made it through that unharmed any further.

Serala: Just my luck. Stranded in the middle of a snowy wilderness. It’s a dream come true.

oO More like a nightmare. Get it together, Serala. Oo

Thoran: Response

Dels’an / Revik: Responses

McKnight / Nehir: Responses

Serala: Well, I know several of you outrank me here, and, Ambassador, this is your yacht, but I did quite well in survival training at the Academy. So, if I may offer a few suggestions?

Dels’an / Thoran / Revik: Responses

Serala: Yes. First we need to see if we can reach someone to let them know where we are and what our situation is. That is, assuming we actually know where we are. Then, we need to do several things. One, we need to secure shelter. It’s going to get cold in here with no power to run the heat. And this is most likely our best bet for now. Still, we should have one or two scout around nearby to see if there are any better prospects. We should also try and determine whether this was sabotage or not. We were under the impression, Ambassador, that you felt there might be some risk to you. Not to mention the fact that there might be more than one group who wouldn’t want to see an alliance between the Valcarian Empire and the Federation, or the Valcarian Empire and the Romulan Empire. There seem to be a number of reasons for such an act to have been staged. That will also lead to the need to determine just how safe we are out here, and not just from the wildlife, but also from other threats. Captain McKnight, do you think I missed anything here?

McKnight: Response

Serala: Captain Thoran, Ambassador, Commander Revik, do any of you have anything further to suggest?

Thoran / Dels’an / Revik: Response

Serala: And what about you, Counselor?

Nehir: Responses

Serala: Well, sirs, I think that about covers it for the moment. Should we begin?

Thoran / Dels’an: Responses

Revik: Response

McKnight / Nehir: Responses

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