PNPC Science Advisor Dr. Stevok: I may be part Betazoid, but Humans still puzzle me

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Jim Davis

Jan 12, 2020, 9:20:39 PM1/12/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Science Lab 2, Deck 5, USS Atlantis, Tibro, Day 4 ))

Stevok leaned over the computer and studied the latest results from his test. The insects he had brought with him from Lydor IX were showing signs of degradation and he was trying to determine the cause. He had brought them with him over a year ago when he had been assigned to the Atlantis by the Daystrom Institute. He wanted to examine them further and had been closely monitoring them this entire time. But about two weeks ago, he had noticed they were suddenly beginning to show signs that they were dying. His initial studies showed that they should have another year left, so he couldn’t understand why this sudden decline. A sudden beeping from one of the stations drew his attention. It was an alert notice for the Science Department to be on standby. He called up the details of the message and learned that the planet below was experiencing a sudden outbreak of some kind of disease and they were being asked to investigate. Since his specialty was Xenobiology, of which microbiology was a branch, he decided his expertise would be useful. He quickly made his way to the shuttlebay and just managed to catch a ride down to the surface. Once there, he noticed several Atlantis officers making their way to a different shuttle and deduced the odds were high they were making their way to the location of the outbreak. He jogged over and just managed to board before the doors shut. He quietly took a seat and listened in to the impromptu briefing being given.

(( Shuttle to dig site ))

Williams: I’d rather do this in a proper briefing room but time is of the essence. Here is what I know so far. As you know, the locals here have found several ancient ruins lately. During one of the excavations, a device of some kind has been found. Since then several people in and around the dig sites have fallen ill. It seemed coincidence but with the first fatalities they have started to worry. They assume our medical knowledge is ahead of theirs and like us to investigate and set up a quarantine if we can…

Kiax/Raga/Knight: Response

Williams: Believe me, I wish we had more to go with as well. Since we know very little, we have to extremely careful. That means bio suits, phasers, and most of all…. A strong mindset. Dealing with sick people is always tough. They might not want to listen when we isolate them. They might go hostile or break into tears. It is vital, however, and I can't state this enough, that we keep the sick in quarantine. Compassion in any way can lead to the spread of whatever is loose.

oO To say the least. An unknown infection can quickly decimate whole populations if not handled properly. Just ask the Inca of Ancient Earth. Oo

Kiax/Raga/Knight: Response

Hyden: Sir, I do recommend that quarantine procedures are followed. This could be dangerous even for us. I know the shuttle has some biohazard suits I know they look outright ridiculous, but safety is more important plus our medical friends might frown if we didn’t. 

Stevok had to agree with the Security Chief. However, appearances were irrelevant in a situation like this. They would keep people alive and help prevent the infection, whatever kind it was, whether viral or bacterial, from spreading. There was no guarantee that they were immune to it anymore than the local population. In fact, the odds were high they were not.

Williams: That is why I want you to take care of Security while we are down there. Kiax, Stevok the medical team will follow soon. They will need a bio lab to work with. We should have all the stuff in the storage compartment to set up a simple but effective laboratory and emergency hospital. Mr Raga, find out what these people have done in the few weeks. Look for clues what might have caused the sickness to spread or occur in the first place.

Kiax/Raga/Knight: Response

Stevok: I will get to work on it immediately once we land, sir. And xenomicrobiology does fall within one of my specialties. I’m no Xenopathologist, of course, but I should be able to help identify this infection if we can get samples.

Williams: Knight… I hope we don’t need it but I fear I have the worst assignment for you. In case people try to leave the site, I need you to get them back and contain them….

Knight: response

Williams: ::checking his instruments:: Alright, we land in 5 minutes. Let’s suit up and prepare to disembark. Try to get a good look from up here. Familiarize yourself with the compound.

Kiax/Raga/Knight: Response

(( Dig Site, Tibro ))

Stevok withheld any further comment, deeming it illogical and unnecessary. He did, however, follow the Commander’s suggestion to get a good look at the site from the air. It was an impressive dig. And rather large. It might take time to find the source of the infection. After landing, he first donned a biosuit, then began to unload the supplies the Commander had mentioned and selected what seemed to be a suitable location for the bio lab. He would also need to establish a temporary quarantine site, though patients would have to be moved to a more long-term facility once stabilized. He had barely begun when he noticed Lieutenant Hyden walking over to him. Judging by her gait and the scowl on her face, she seemed irritated.

Hyden: Why didn’t you stay with the crew till I gave the all clear?

Stevok: I apologize, Lieutenant. I was not aware that was required. And I do believe time is of the essence here. The longer it takes to get this set up, the longer it will take to isolate the source of the infection.

Hyden: Ok just be careful

He quirked his left eyebrow at that. It only seemed logical for one to be careful in a situation like this.

Stevok: Naturally, Lieutenant. 

He watched her leave, puzzled for a moment at her comments. He was part Betazoid, but his Vulcan logic took over more often than not.

oO Curious. Oo

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