Lt JG Serala: A Mother’s Surprise

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Jim Davis

Jul 21, 2018, 11:05:10 PM7/21/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Promenade Lower Level, Deep Space 26, Par’tha Expanse ))

:: Serala had wrapped her left arm around Stevok’s waist and he had his right arm around her shoulders as they walked through the Promenade headed toward the place where they could book passage on the Vulcan transport. The thoughts of Toryn were still in her mind, but Stevok had helped her to move them a little further back in her conscious. Her approaching wedding was also helping. ::

R’Val: Well, well... :: Shocked to here that voice, her head snapped up in the direction it was coming from :: ...If it isn’t my wayward Starfleet daughter. And who is this with her? A fine specimen of a Vulcan he is, Serala, if I may say so myself.

oO What is she doing here? I didn’t see her ship docked here. Oo

Serala: Mother! What a surprise! I didn’t see your ship, so I didn’t think you had made it back yet.

R’Val: Oh, we made it back days ago. Sub-Commander Tar’vel took the Illa'variea on a supply run and test maneuvers. They should be back in a few hours. Wait there, I will be right down.

:: She hurried down the stairs and to her daughter, taking note as she got closer that Serala had been promoted since the last time she had seen her. At that time, she was still an Ensign and up on charges of espionage against the Federation. R’Val had been instrumental in getting her cleared of those charges. ::

R’Val: So, Serala. You haven’t answered my question. Who is this fine Vulcan specimen hanging from your arm?

Serala: Mother, I would like you to meet my betrothed husband, Doctor Stevok of Vulcan. Stevok, this is my mother, Commander R’Val i-Fellarian e-Tuella ei-Nequencia t’Davis.

Stevok: A pleasure to meet you, Commander. :: Raises his hand in the Vulcan ta’al :: Live long and prosper.

R’Val: Jolan’tru, Doctor. What sort of doctor may I ask?

Stevok: Xenobiology, primarily, although I also hold a Ph.D in Psychiatry.

oO Well, either she missed it the first time, or she chose to ignore it. Either way, I am going to force her to recognize him as my husband. Oo

Serala: Stevok is three-quarters Romulan and one-quarter Betazoid, Mother. We’re on our way to Vulcan to get married.

R’Val: What?!!

oO There we go. Oo

Serala: Didn’t you hear me the first time, Mother? Stevok is my betrothed-husband.

R’Val: I heard that part, Serala. I just assumed you were getting married sometime in the future. Say a year or so from now. Not on your way to your wedding. Explain yourself, Serala.

Serala: I don’t answer to you, Mother. And it’s complicated. Stevok and I are bonded. From what I understand, by Vulcan law we are technically already married. We are just going to formalize the union.

R’Val: I see. Then you will have the Romulan wedding afterward?

oO This is the part I have been dreading. Oo

Serala: Mother, I have lived my life as a Romulan. Often, I forget that father was human. But this time, I have decided to observe my human half.

R’Val: You’re having a human wedding.

:: It was a statement, not a question. ::

Serala: Yes. When I return from Vulcan, I will be getting married on Atlantis. Captain Brell has already agreed to perform the ceremony.

R’Val: I understand. I’m disappointed, Serala, but I do understand.

Serala: Thank you, Mother. I am pleased to hear you say that. Shocked, a bit, as well.

R’Val: Well, maybe I can help. Let me see if I can get permission to travel through Federation space to Vulcan. Maybe I can give you a ride. Get you there and back faster?

:: Serala couldn’t believe her ears. Was this her mother? What had happened to her? She was being downright...well, motherly. ::

Serala: If you can get the clearance, that would be fantastic. I really am on a tight timetable and anything to speed this up would be useful.

R’Val: Of course, my daughter. Let me see what I can do. Why don’t you two meet me in the Nova Room in an hour.

Stevok: That would be great, Commander. I might try some connections of my own to see if I can get you clearance.

R’Val: Well, that would be helpful, Doctor.

(( Nova Room, Level 13, Deep Space 26, Par’tha Expanse))

R’Val: Well, it is done. It took every bit of diplomatic finesse I have to accomplish it, not to mention a request from the Vulcan Science Academy on your behalf Stevok. Your doing?

Stevok: Somewhat, Commander. I submitted the request to them, along with the circumstances, and they agreed that it would be logical to allow you to proceed through Federation space than have to worry about you sneaking around under cloak so you could be at the ceremony anyway.

Serala: Well, thank you both. So, when do we leave Mother?

R’Val: I received word from Sub-Commander Tar’vel that they are en route and should arrive within the hour. We can leave right away after that. Now, I will have some time to find out how this all happened. And so quickly at that.

Serala: It will be my pleasure to tell you that story.

R’Val: Then let’s start now.

:: And so, Serala found herself actually in a pleasant conversation with her mother as she recounted how Stevok and she had met, and how they had wound up being lifemates. It was not necessary to explain Stevok’s condition to her as she seemed to have already assumed that when she heard they were lifebonded. An hour later, they were headed to Vulcan at warp 8. ETA four and one-third standard days. ::

Lt JG Serala, Security Officer 
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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