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Elizabeth Snow

Sep 23, 2020, 12:56:06 PM9/23/20
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((Sickbay Complex, Deck 5, USS Atlantis, In orbit of Earth))

{{Time Index: Day 25 of Shoreleave, Morning}}


Snow: ::smiles:: Awe That's sweet. I'm sure you both miss him dearly. My brother and I spent most of our time with our mother on Betazed while our father was off exploring the stars on the many different starships he served aboard during his time with Starfleet. So I can understand what you all are going through.

Rosek: He sounds like he was very dedicated.

Elizabeth sat the dermal regenerator asside.


Snow: He was. He went on to Captain the USS Expedition for some time before he retired. I always loved when we were able to visit or the occasional video call. I looked forward to hearing about the different things he had been up to. ::smiles:: It was a bit difficult not having him around. It made our time with him that much more special. I'm finished. How does it feel now?


Rosek: ::grins:: Much better. Maybe I’ll be able to actually walk without wincing every other step. Thanks, Doc.


Snow: ::smiles:: Anytime.


Rosek: ::slides down from the biobed:: Well, I really should get down to Engineering. Got a few urgent things to take care of. Personnel transfers and the like. See you around?


Snow: Keep in mind, I can always give you something mild for the pain and keep taking it easy.

Elizabeth knew better, but the offer was always on the table if the Commander should ever need it.

The Commander nodded and exited Sickbay. As she did, another patient walked in and Elizabeth did what she does best.


Ensign Elizabeth Snow
Medical Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-74682
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