Lt Commander Serala: Overwhelming emotions

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Jim Davis

Dec 23, 2019, 9:06:27 PM12/23/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Captain’s Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Atlantis ))

(( Time Index: Day Sixteen of Shore Leave ))

Thoran: Lieutenant Commander Serala, as per article fifteen of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, you have been found guilty of misconduct for assaulting a fellow officer. You are to be relieved of your position as Chief Tactical Officer and are required to seek counseling to address your anger management.

oO Guilty. My dishonor is complete. Oo

She couldn’t speak, so she nodded her understanding. She felt as if her world was crumbling around her. An Honor suicide was out of the question considering she was with child. But if she didn’t do so soon, the time for such an act would pass and it would mean nothing. At least she wasn’t in the Empire. Her name would be stripped from her, as had happened to her mother.

Thoran: You have the right to appeal the judgement, which will then be taken up with the Judge Advocate General Corps. You also have the option of refusing the punishment in favour of a court martial. ::He handed her the PADD which she took with a trembling hand:: On here you will find the full details, along with your rights under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

There was a long silence as Serala struggled to speak, to try and express her feelings. How could she make him understand what had just happened.

Serala: S...Sir. I understand. And I respect your decision. It … couldn’t have been easy. I have dishonored myself and this is the consequence. Your duty was clear.

Thoran: I can understand your feelings. But, there is a silver lining Commander. The situation in the region has become… complicated. More complicated. Things are changing and I feel it is not for the better. To that Commander, I would like to offer you the position of Strategic Operations Officer.

oO Uhm, fvah? Oo (( What? ))

Serala: What exactly would my new duties entail?

Thoran: Duties would include reviewing strategic and tactical data, man the Tactical station during combat conditions, oversee first line offensive and defensive capabilities on board the ship. You will also be expected to coordinate and liaise closely with various departments, including Flight Control, Operations, Science, Security and the Marines to ensure the safety of the ship.

Serala: :: incredulous :: I don’t know what to say? Did you just fire me and then offer me a better job?

The Captain let a smirk cross his lips at her question.

Thoran: Of course not. I have relieved you of your duties as Chief Tactical Officer and reassigned you to a position better suited to both your needs and the needs of the ship.

Serala: Well, I accept, sir. You know. Sometimes, I’m glad I serve in Starfleet and not the Imperial Military. There I would be having my name stripped from me right about now. The ultimate form of punishment. Worse than execution. A name is everything to a Romulan. But instead, I get offered a better job.

She was fighting back tears now. She wasn’t sure whether to be upset about her guilty finding, or ecstatic about her new position.

Thoran: A different job Commander. Perhaps in a week or two you will be begging for your old job back.

The Captain rose from the sofa and walked over to his desk, retrieved a data PADD and returned.

oO You’re a Romulan! You will not disgrace yourself further by crying in front of your Commanding Officer! Oo

But despite herself, she barely managed to keep the tears in check. In fact, while he had his back turned, she surreptitiously wiped a rogue tear from her cheek, getting her hand back into position just before he turned back around.

Thoran: On here you will find the full description of your new duties. Your security clearance has been upgraded to Beta Two giving you unlimited access to all ship’s records, systems and computers. I look forward to working with you in your new capacity Serala.

Serala: As do I, sir.

She couldn’t think of anything else to say. The stress of the last ten days flooded to the surface, and she had to silence herself lest she reveal her emotions in her voice. She couldn’t hide the smile, however.

Thoran: Well, I am sure you have much to be getting on with and I do not want to detain you any longer, so if there is nothing else?

Taking that as her dismissal, she rose from the couch and made her way across the Ready Room to the door. During the walk, she managed to collect herself just enough to ask one important question.

Serala: So, will I finally have an office with this new position, Captain?

Jarred held up a finger up in the air. He had completely forgotten to arrange an office and facilities for Serala to work from, something she had been lacking in since being moved to Tactical. 

Thoran: Ah yes, good point. I will have a talk with Lieutenant Kiax. I am sure we will be able to find you a suitable workspace somewhere onboard. 

Serala: Very good, sir. And thank you again.

As the doors shut behind her, her smile exploded into a massive grin. She was on the bridge, which was the only reason she neither let out tears of relief and joy, nor a shout of the same. She made a sharp left and entered the turbolift, where she finally let all her emotions loose. Managing to get it stopped long enough to allow her emotions their full head.

oO Damn pregnancy hormones! Little Bean, you’d better be worth all this. Oo

Once she was collected once more, she resumed the lift to deck 3 and her quarters.

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