Lieutenant Commander Serala: Awards, promotions, and a private conversation

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Jim Davis

Feb 10, 2019, 9:47:13 PM2/10/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Poseidon’s Bar, Deck 2, USS Atlantis, Day 3 of Shore Leave ))

:: If Serala was going to claim that a particular table in Poseidon’s Lounge was her table, this would be it. However, she didn’t come here often enough to be able to make that claim. Commander Williams had announced that they would have an awards ceremony tonight. She had heard the Captain was out of surgery, but his recovery would prevent him from being here tonight. She felt that was a shame as she was interested in hearing his thoughts on the last mission. Commander Williams approached the podium and seemed to ensure everything was to his liking before he continued. ::

Williams: May I have your attention, please.

:: A brief pause while the Commander waited for the noise to die down. ::

Williams: The past few weeks have been intense. It’s often said, and deeply felt, but what I say today has more meaning than ever. I am proud of you. Each and everyone one of you did what goes far beyond the call of duty. You saved a ship, a crew, and a captain. And although we all know your job is not over until Commander Raga is back in our family. I do think it’s time to stand still by what we did in the past few weeks. Therefore, I would like to ask Ensign Hyden and Killiak to join me a for a moment.

:: Serala watched as the two young officers made their way to the platform. ::

Williams: Young and fresh from the academy you stepped into a ship in great need of man and woman they can put there thrust in. In the short time that you are here, you have proven we can count on you no matter what faith throws at us. To thank you both for your efforts in engineering and the tactical division it pleases me to promote you both to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade with all the tasks and privileges that come with it.

:: He opened one of the boxes and added a half-pip to each of their collars. ::

Williams: Congratulations to you both.

Hyden: Thank you Sir

Killiak: I am honored. I will continue to do my best to serve this ship and her crew.

Williams: To some of you its feels like yesterday that you stood here, earning your first promotion. But there are two young officers among you who have already made a great difference. Young as they might be, I can’t imagine Atlantis without them. Therefore, it feels only right to remove the “junior” part of their rank. Please give a warm round of applause for the newly promoted Lieutenant Maeli and Lieutenant Knight.  Please step forward.

:: Serala noted the surprise in their eyes, especially of the helmswoman Maeli. She had been onboard for such a short time, but she had proven herself several times already. And David...Well, Serala had thought he deserved promotion sooner, but he was receiving it now and she was glad for him. However mysterious he was, she found him to be a great officer. Every since they had worked together to get the torpedoes back online during the ambush. Yes, he definitely had earned his promotion. ::

Williams: Congratulations Lieutenant, and thank you for keeping Atlantis in one piece when she was no doubt hard to fly.

Maeli: Thank you, Commander. You have no idea.

Williams: And congratulations to you too Lieutenant. Your brief switch to security tasks might not have been what you trained for but you did a great job. Having said that I am eager to get you back to Intel to find our missing comrade.

Knight: Thank you Sir, Just adapting to the situation.

Williams: Speaking of keeping things together… If there is one woman who has been everywhere around the ship during our last crisis its Lieutenant Serala. And even so she found time to train those under her command, Lieutenant Hyden in particular. For setting an example to the entire crew, I think it’s only just that we present you with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. It comes with great responsibility, but I am confident you will not let us down. You never have after all.

oO Well, I was somewhat expecting something, but this? I hope I am ready for the rank. Oo

:: She rose and walked the podium, attempting to maintain every bit of dignity her mother had forced into her all the while inwardly beaming with joy at the promotion. ::

oO And, if I’m not mistaken, until we get Toryn back, this makes me acting Second Officer. Unless they offer that to Commander Fiorr. Oo

Williams: Congratulations, Commander.

Serala: Thank you, sir. I shall endeavor to live up to the standards this rank requires.

Williams: Well…. I could stop here. But that wouldn’t be right. Many of you have done so much in the past weeks. Problem is there is so much to talk about. If I would stand still with all of your actions, we would be here tomorrow morning and that would be a waste of the wonderful dishes and drinks Zogi has prepared for you all. There are a few of you however that I want to honor.

:: Alex took a large box that contained a lot of similar ribbons ::

Williams: This is always an odd one to present. As our former Mission Specialist Tel-ar said. It's odd to get a reward for getting wounded. It's not something to be proud of. But it IS something to be thankful for. Thankful that you are still alive and live to continue your service to your family, friends, and our way of life. Please accept this as my personal thank you for being alive and well after taking an injury. Lieutenants Hyden and Killiak, Commander Serala. Captain Brell will of course also receive the ribbon and I will see to it that he gets it the moment he is back on his feet. And not only that, as temporal prisoner of war he will also receive the POW-ribbon.

:: Serala moved forward with the others to receive the second of her Purple Hearts. As Williams had said, and as her former supervisor, Tal-Telar had said, and even she had reminded others, this was not an award one would hope to receive. It meant that the person had been wounded in the line of duty. Fortunately, in this case, no one had received permanent or crippling injuries. Already, in her short time in Starfleet and on Atlantis, she had known one fellow officer to require a bionic arm and another needed a mechanical eye implant to replace a lost one. Her first Purple Heart had come at nearly the expense of her life as several broken ribs had threatened to puncture one of her hearts. ::

Williams: Some of you worked hard on getting the ship working again, some did so in a physical way like making emergency repairs, while others got to work on the ship’s computers. Both jobs equally as important. Therefore, I would like to offer the Innovation Ribbon to Commander Fiorr, Lieutenant Killiak, and Ensign Darkkdust. Congratulations to all of you.

Hyden: Thank you, Sir! Though being injured isn’t what any of us want sometimes it’s what’s needed to protect our crew.

Kiliak: Thank you sir. Glad we made it out of there in one piece. Well, maybe two pieces.

Williams: As I said before, Atlantis is a group of veterans and young talents. And it feels like I have been with you all for years even though it's not true. I checked and found it that some of you have served with us for over 6 months and done so as a department head. Therefore, it’s time to thank you as well. Thank you for leading your teams, and deal with all the paperwork that comes with it. Captain McKnight, Lieutenants Dermont and Danara and of course Commander Serala. You are awarded the Department Chief Ribbon for your services. Congratulations to you as well.

:: Once again, she went forward to receive another award. She wasn’t certain she had served as Head of TacSec for a full six months, but if they were counting her time as Assistant Head, then it would definitely qualify her for the award. ::

Williams: And last but not least… As if it was up to me, I would come up with a special way of thanking you all. The dinner you are about to enjoy is one of them. But after some discussion with the Admiralty – which wasn’t easy I might add- I managed to convince them that each and every one of you is a hero for seeing this crisis through. You have all shown you don’t panic even when the odds are against you. And for that, the admiralty has ordered me to offer each and every one of you the legion of Merit. And if you listened well, and I am sure you did you heard me say each and every one of you. As a symbol of that, I would like to offer this one ::he held up the Ribbon:: to someone who is important to us all, especially during times like these. If we work 26 hours a day because that’s what’s expected of us. We all know there is one place we can go to get a quick bite, or a strong cup of coffee to push ourselves forward. Mr. Zogi…. On behalf of the United Federation of Planets. I like to offer YOU the right Legion of Merit. For the rest of you, there will be a box on your bed when you return.

oO The Ferengi bartender? What did he do? Oo

:: Unless you count keeping a supply of Romulan Ale on hand for her benefit. ::

oO Or real aesollh. Oo

Williams: That concludes our evening. I am sure you all heard the captain will be back with us soon. A few days of rest is all he needs. I ask you all to go easy on him when he comes back to us. But I am sure you will know when something is vital to discuss with him, and what can wait a few days. Having said that… what can’t wait is the food and drink. Please raise your glass one more time for a toast. :: Serala raised her glass of kali-fal in unison with the others. :: To us!

Dermont:  Here here!  And if we keep wastin' time givin' ourselves pats on the back, we can give all of Raga's awards to him post-mortem!

:: And with that, the old engineer left. ::

Kiliak: Lieutenant Commander Serala. Congratulations.

Serala: Thank you, Lieutenant. To you as well. Most deserved.

Kiliak: Thank you. Excuse me, but do you have a moment to speak in private?

Serala: Certainly, let’s go to my office.

Kiliak: Response

:: The two entered left the lounge and headed to the nearest turbolift. ::

Serala: Deck 4, Security Office

(( A few moments later, Security Office, Deck 4 ))

Serala: Please, Lieutenant. Have a seat.

Kiliak: Response

Serala: So, what may I do for you?

Kiliak: Response

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