Lieutenant Serala: I smell another ambush

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Jim Davis

Dec 11, 2018, 11:06:30 PM12/11/18
to USS Atlantis
(( Bridge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis ))

Serala: With all due respect, sirs, I recommend we go to Yellow Alert and raise shields. I don’t know about you, but I have been ambushed one too many times.


Williams: It might be a bit premature. But keep your finger on the shields once we get there.


oO Aye, sir. Okay, Serala. You know it’s a trap. Just stay ready. Oo


(( Small timeskip ))


:: Serala may not have been able to raise the shields, but she had charged them to full capacity. When the order came - and she knew it would - the shields would spring to life at the mere push of a button. Similarly, she had diverted power to the phaser banks and quantum torpedoes. She couldn’t charge them - yet - but the power would be there as soon as she could, thus reducing the required time to power her weapon systems. ::


Maeli: Response?


Williams: Full scan, ensign Darkkdust. Let's see what she is hiding. Take us a bit closer but not to close… best to keep a bit of distance.


Maeli: Response?


:: Toryn's ears began to itch madly, his ESP kicking in full force a moment before that vibrant blue light flashed across the bridge. He immediately tapped the panel in front of him to trigger a Yellow Alert almost at the same instant William's called for it. Knowing Serala would have the shields up almost the same instant. ::


Williams: Yellow Alert, raise shields! Looks like you were right Lieutenant.


:: The alarm began almost before the Commander had finished speaking just as her shields had been fully charged just as fast. ::


Serala: Shields raised, sir. Yellow Alert is set. All stations reporting in.


Darkdust: Initiating deep level scans of the object. It appears to be a vessel of some description. I’m picking up a faint power signature from inside, propulsion signatures are definitely stronger. They seem to be using some kind of EM pulse drive. That beam was some kind of bio-scanner. They were definitely looking for something on board.


Raga: EM? :: He asked aloud :: What were they scanning for? I'm not seeing any breach of our computer systems.


Maeli: Response?


Williams: I don't mind being scanned, but I do mind them pretending to be an asteroid.


oO Well, sir. You might not mind, but I sure do! This is really starting to feel like another ambush. Oo


Darkdust: It could be some kind of elaborate holo-projection?


Raga: I'm more concerned with what their intent is. Was that scan just procedure to determine threats, or is their malicious intent? The way my ears are itching I'm inclined to think they're up to no good.


oO Your ears. My blood. It’s a trap to be sure. Oo


Maeli: Response


Williams: =/\= Williams to all hands, we just encountered an unknown object, all hands remain on standby, Captain report to the bridge. =/\=


Hars: =/\= Response ? =/\=


oO Fvadt! Sweet Elements, no! Not on my watch! Oo


Williams: =/\= Computer, locate captain Brell. =/\=


Computer: =/\= Captain Brell is not on board. =/\=


Williams: =/\= What exactly happened Hars? =/\=


Hars: =/\= Response? =/\=


Williams: =/\= Williams to all senior staff. Report to the conference room immediately! =/\= Maeli, I am turning the bridge over to you. Try to make contact with that asteroid if you can. If it tries to run, you have my authorization to use a tractor beam or any other force to keep it here!


:: Grimly, Serala secured her station until Noshka could arrive to take it over, then headed for the briefing room. The one duty she had sworn above all others, and she had failed! Her Captain was missing! ::

Lieutenant Serala, Chief of Tactical and Security
USS Atlantis NCC-74682
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