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(( OOC: I have included a couple of photos for visual reference. Hope y'all enjoy. Also, Captain Brell has indicated he wants to use this and the forthcoming reception as a transition to the awards ceremony this week. Mission briefing to follow. -- Serala ))

((Mess Hall, Deck 2, USS Atlantis))

:: Serala entered the mess hall, Toryn’s arm wrapped in her own. Together they walked to the front where Stevok waited for her, looking handsome in his Vulcan ceremonial robes. Captain Brell stood in front of the huge windows, the view of the stars and the starbase resplendent behind him. As she neared Stevok, her Toryn released her and stepped back and she reached out to take Stevok’s hand. ::

:: Stevok turned with the others as the doors to the mess hall opened and Serala entered. His breath caught as he caught sight of her in her wedding gown. She had looked beautiful from the moment he had first met her, but never had he seen her looking so stunning. It was made even more so by the realization that she had done this for him. That she wanted him to see her looking her best and to know that she had chosen this for him, and only him. He couldn’t wait to have her in his arms, to commit his life to hers before her friends and family. As she stepped near him, her escort, which he recognized as Toryn Raga from her thoughts of him, released her and he took her hand in his own, pleased to know she had chosen him. ::

Brell: Welcome everyone to this wondrous event, one of the most happy privileges bestowed upon Starfleet Captains and Admirals is the ability to join people in marriage. Today I am very pleased to join these two together, one whom I have served with many months, and the other someone who brings her great joy.

::The Bolian paused remembering he had been asked to make this ceremony as close to the human customs of Serala’s paternal side as possible. That included the bride being given away by her father, or a stand in for her father. It was a custom he did not fully understand but each species had many old things mixed into some ceremonies, his own people were no exception.::

Brell: Now to begin, with this blessed exchange to join to lives together. Who gives this woman to this man?

Raga: I do. :: His smile wavered as those two words had weight to them, he looked at Serala with pain in his eyes, but a joyous smile on his face. She was forever out of his reach. Toryn was not a jealous person by nature, but for a brief moment he felt it spark within him ::

:: Serala winced as she heard him saying those words, wondering if he was wishing he was saying the other “I do.” ::

Brell: Marriage is encountered across the known galaxy in many forms, some biologily require three or more members, some see the capacity to love as something that can be shared beyond two persons, others see the union of two as perfect. Nearly all cultures of the Federation see marriage as a sacrament to be held to the highest of importances to a beings life. It is for that we have come here today to witness. To see the union of love between these two people shown;    

:: Stevok listened as Captain Brell spoke his words on the purpose, beauty and sanctity of marriage, but his focus was entirely for his new bride. He could tell that she had make up on, but it had been so artfully applied that had he not been familiar with every inch of her face, he would never have known. It made her face appear even more perfect that it already was, like a doll. And the dress was amazing. So much like her, a blending of modern and retro, Romulan and human. ::

:: Serala couldn’t focus on the Captain. That bothered her somewhat, but everything was so surreal, so perfect, and the presence of her husband next to her in such a solemn, beautiful ceremony completely distracted her. She trusted that Brell’s words were perfect and most fitting. She would just have to watch the recording that she was sure her mother was making for her. Not to mention the one being recorded from the shipwide broadcast for those crewmembers who couldn’t be here, either because they had duty, or because there simply wasn’t enough room for everyone in the mess hall. ::

Brell: I believe the groom has prepared his own vows?

Stevok: Yes, Captain. Thank you. :: Turns to Serala :: Before I met you, my life was my work. That is common for Vulcans, I believe, but unlike my people, I cannot fully suppress my emotions. That  is likely due to my Betazoid heritage, but whatever the cause, I have, and express, emotion. So, while I was fully absorbed by my work, I still felt an emptiness inside. I didn’t understand why. I am young, with many friends and family. I have a great career and couldn’t be happier doing what I do. So, why was it I always felt empty and lonely. And then I met you and suddenly I understood. I was feeling these things because I hadn’t met you yet. From the moment I saw you at that waterfall, I knew my life would never be complete without you in it. A remarkable thing then happened. You accepted me, and suddenly we had become lifemates. A rare thing, even for Vulcans, without the proper bonding ceremony. A ceremony we just underwent a few days ago to make things official. Some would use the word miracle. Others, simply a rare phenomenon that occurs about once in a million pairings. I don’t know which, but it doesn’t matter to me. I can never be without you Serala. You complete me.

:: Serala thought she was going to cry. To know that she moved him so, to hear the words and not just the thoughts and emotions, was more beautiful than she could have imagined. ::

Brell: The bride has also prepared her own vows as well?

Serala: Thank you, Captain. Stevok. Before I met you, I … well, I never imagined it would be you standing next to me today. My heart belonged to another, but I had given up hope of that ever being truth. I had gone away by myself to get some distance and clear my head. Then you showed up and my life has been a whirlwind ever since. My heart is more complete and belongs to you more than it ever belonged to anyone else. Your eternal presence in my mind is a constant comfort and reminder that no matter what happens, you will always be there for me. Thank you for loving me, and being my life. Stevok of Vulcan, you complete me.

:: Stevok swelled with pride to hear those words from her. This was his bride. ::

Brell: Do you Stevok, take this woman to be your wife, in sickness or in health, to cherish and hold as long as you both shall live?

Stevok: I do.

Brell: Do you Serala, take this man to be your husband, in sickness or in health, to love, cherish and hold as long as you both shall live?

Serala: I do.

Brell: ::Looking to Stevok:: Please repeat after me, “With this ring I thee wed.”  

Stevok: :: pulls a beautiful 5 carat diamond on 24 karat gold ring :: Serala Elizabeth tr’Davis t’Havellian, with this ring, I thee wed. :: Takes her hand and slips the ring on her finger. ::

Brell: ::Looking to Serala with a wide smile.:: Again, please repeat after me, “With this ring I thee wed.”

Serala: :: Pulls a gold wedding band from her sleeve and slips it on Stevok’s finger :: Stevok tr’Havellian t’Davis, with this ring I thee wed

Brell: With the power vested in by the United Federation of Planets I now pronounce you; Wife, and Husband.  

:: With those words, Stevok took his most beautiful bride and pulled her in to him and gave her a momentous kiss, in sight of all the witnesses. But he had completely forgotten they were there until the cheer went up from the crowd, led surprisingly by his mother in law. ::

Serala in Wedding Dress                  Stevok


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