Ensign Serala: A shift at Tactical

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Jim Davis

Jan 31, 2018, 2:06:27 PM1/31/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Near the Intelligence suite, Deck 13 , USS Atlantis, a few days after leaving Tiruelle))

:: Serala was bored, homesick, and possibly a little depressed-not that she would admit to any of those things-but she was. Since coming to Atlantis, she had lost the one person she could talk to about anything. Her mother. Likely, she was halfway to New Romulus by now. She had attempted to make some friends, but apparently only one of those attempts had succeeded. And somehow, she had managed to ruin that one too.::

oO Probably woke up after the awards, when he was thawed out, and realized I'm Romulan. What else is new? Oo

:: She was seriously hoping that the few shifts Commander Tel-ar had promised her in Tactical would spice things up. Currently she was patrolling on Deck 13 outside the new Intel suite. She had been meaning to drop by and talk to Lieutenant Danara, but every time she caught a glimpse of her, what she saw was her mother wearing her father's uniform. This inevitably disturbed her and she would turn away instead.::

oO And you're so quick to judge others for being “cowards.” You're here, why don't you go in and talk to her? Oo

:: Insulted by her own thoughts, she felt she had no choice now. She stopped outside the suite and depressed the door chime. ::

Danara: Response

:: Serala entered the new Intel office and took a good look around. It was spooky. There was no other words for it. Computer banks everywhere. She continued her scan until her eyes landed on the Romulan Intelligence officer. There it was again… Her mother wearing her father's uniform. She shook her head to clear the image and saw that it was just the Lieutenant, not her mother.::

oO Heck, they don't even remotely look alike. Oo

:: Just then, she realized the Lieutenant was taking to her::

Danara: Response

Serala: I'm sorry, sir. I was distracted. This place looks…interesting. Anyway, I didn't mean to interrupt, but I was wondering if you and I could talk when you have some spare time? Someone suggested you may know where I might acquire some genuine aesollh and other Romulan beverages and foods.

Danara: Response

Serala: That would be great, sir. See you then.

Danara: Response

((Bridge, USS Atlantis, Tactical station, the next day))

:: As promised, Commander Tel-ar had scheduled her for a shift at tactical. Likely, nothing would happen except some systems checks and calibrations. Maybe, if she was lucky, a drill or two might get run. They were out of Caraadian space and in Free Worlds territory, so it was unlikely any threats would present themselves. Still… One never knew. As excited as she was to be standing duty on the bridge, she was just as excited about after shift. She was supposed to meet Lieutenant Danara. Perhaps she could find a friend there. Surely the Lieutenant must understand the challenges of being a Romulan while serving in Starfleet. As she was pondering these things…and keeping an eye on her status board...the Marine Lieutenant entered the bridge and headed toward her.::

Logan: Response

Serala: Of course, sir. How may I assist you?

:: Just as he began to respond, she saw the Captain enter the bridge from his ready room. ::

Serala: Captain on the bridge.

Logan: Response

Brell: How are you liking the new marine training area on deck 13 Lieutenant?

Logan: response

Brell: I shall have to join you all for a session one of these days.

Logan: Response

Serala: That should be interesting to watch.

::The turbolift doors swooshed open and Counselor Jann stepped out.::

Brell: Good day Counselor.

::He motioned for the man to join him and take Commander Williams’ currently unoccupied chair.::

:: Serala took this as a cue to carry on and turned back to Lieutenant Logan. ::

Serala: :: softly, so as to not interrupt the Captain's conversation. :: You were saying, sir?

((OOC: I'm leaving the tags for Brell and Jann because, while not actively participating in that conversation, her Romulan hearing would allow her to hear it. Hope it doesn't get too confusing to follow))

Jann: response

Logan: Response

Brell: ... back in space, are you feeling settled in abroad?

Jann: response

Serala: That seems reasonable. What was your plan?

Brell: ... the crew seems comfortable coming to you.

Jann: response

Logan: Response

Brell: ...s welcome here on the bridge as well.

Jann: response

Serala: I like that plan, but what if….

::The Laudean at the helm turned to look at the rest of the bridge breaking the conversations going on around.::

Adetola: Sir, we have lost communications with the navigational buoy in our path ahead.

::The nav-buoys were necessary to ships in the Expanse as the stellar debris and dust was extreme compared to other areas in the beta quadrant. Though the Intrepid class starship had been in service for a few decades now, it was one of the first to employ a secondary deflector array. They should be able to endure most any unexpected shifts in the stellar weather that would come their way. Serala immediately turned to her console and confirmed the helmsman's report.::

Brell: Are we able to read any ships near it?

Serala: Negative, sir.

Brell: Keep our sensors focused ahead. We are due to rendezvous with the away team in four hours. Once they are docked we can set a course to buoy to investigate and repair it.  

Adetola: Aye.

Logan: response

Serala: Aye, sir. :: She made some adjustments so that the majority of the ships sensors were focused straight ahead but kept enough pointed in the other directions to ensure that nothing would sneak up on them. The increased space dust in the area sure made it hard to see, though. Under normal conditions, long range sensors should be reading the shuttle. Because of the area, however, she could not detect them. ::

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482

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