Lt Commander Serala: Planning a Rescue Mission

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Jim Davis

Feb 22, 2019, 10:37:37 PM2/22/19
to USS Atlantis

(( Deck 4 Security Office, USS Atlantis, Day 4 ))

Serala: Please, sir. Take my seat.

Brell:  It is your office, so if you insist.

Serala: While we wait on Commander Williams, I just want to re-emphasize how glad I am to have you back, even if it did cost us Commander Raga. You see that sword hanging above your head? Had you died, I would have used that on myself for failing in my duty and breaking a vow of honor.

:: At that moment, Commander Williams walked in and she gave the Captain a look that said they would need to table that conversation for another time. ::

Williams: Sorry about the delay. I needed a quick word with the doctor. Don't let me interrupt you...

Brell: I am glad to hear your mother is willing to help. I have sent a request for covert ops mission to command. This might help it get approved. I asked and outlined a plan for two teams to be inserted into where we believe Raga is being held using our most senior intell and marine officers, as well as Maeli’s apparent ability to connect to Toryn.

Serala: I concur, Captain. Complete secrecy is key to this op. They have always seemed to have the heads up on our missions. I still suspect and insider, The fewer who know the better. What do you think, Commander? Any thoughts?

Williams: I wasn't sir, but I have to admit the plan has a lot of potential. For starters they won't expect to see us this soon. They won't know we are coming.

Brell: :: Grinning :: This is why they kept having to take PADDs away from me since the moment I woke up. :: His blue bifurcated face lost all hints of joviality. :: We have to react fast to this, and we simply can’t in our current state, estimates for the nacelle to be ready shakedown runs is eight days. …

Williams: Exactly why they won't expect us. I am positive they get an update on Atlantis repairs at the same rate we do. They have eyes and ears everywhere. :: The Commander paused briefly before continuing. :: I hate to bring this up sir, but we owe it to Raga as well…. He saved our life how many times now? On a personal note I think it's time we return the favor.

Brell: :: Somberly :: We can’t let them keep him that long, we would only get a shell of our friend back.

Serala: I hope Maeli is able to help mitigate some of that with her telepathy.

Brell: How many officers could R’Val’s Warbird host?, though away teams will be small. We will need back up along with support and medical personnel on her ship working alongside the Republic officers if we are to pull this off.

Serala: Sir, Mother’s ship is huge compared to Atlantis. It could easily carry our entire crew if it wouldn’t be a give away.

Williams: I like to volunteer sir, the doctor told me you are still in need of rest and with my tactical background I am confident I can be of more use over there then here overlooking repair. Fiorr would be better suited for the job.

Serala: I’m definitely not staying behind. If nothing else, Mother will probably insist on it.

Brell: Response

Williams: I suggest we add at least an Intel officer since they know about the consortium and someone who knows how to fight. A marine would be ideal…

Serala: I was actually thinking we could take all of the Marines. As well as two-thirds of Security. The other third would remain onboard under command of Ensign Noshka, who, by the way, is probably deserving of a promotion, sir. She was an Ensign at the same time as I, after all. At any rate, part of the conditions Mother put on us was as many engineers as the ship could spare to help get her own in working order. Not that Dermont will enjoy that much. Perhaps he could stay….Nevermind. He’d never let us leave without him.

Brell: Response

Williams: That leaves us with one last thing... Commander Serala just pointed out to me we no longer have a second officer.

Serala: Just until Raga gets back, obviously, but the chain of command needs to be clear. Since Commander Fiorr outranks me, I was thinking you might appoint him to the position, but Commander Williams seems to think there is some reason he is unable to fill the role?

Brell: Response

Williams: That would have been my suggestion.

Lt. Commander Serala
Chief of Tactical and Security
Atlantis Staff Member
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USS Atlantis NCC-74682

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