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((Chief of Operations’ Office, Deck Six, USS Atlantis))

((Day Twenty-Four of Shore Leave))


Kiax: I’m afraid it doesn’t have a window, but I can always find another if this is a problem for you?


Not that it was really their decision. She had to assign rooms based on availability, and as Starfleet officers they usually just had to put up with it. Of course, that wasn’t to say she wasn’t able to do what she could to make others’ lives more comfortable.


Levinson: No need, Lieutenant, it is not. Thank you.


Kiax: Any other needs I should be aware of while you’re assigned here? Specialist gravity environments or Climate Controls?


Levinson: None. The default settings are sufficient for me.


Kiax: Thrilling.


She handed the PADD back to Noa, now containing the access codes to her room, and a map to its location


Levinson: Very well. Is there anything else?


Kiax: Only that if you need any assistance moving your belongings, our Quartermaster is on hand to help. You’ll probably find her in the Cargo bays on Deck Eight.


Levinson: Response


Esa gave a cheerful smile and an accompanying wave.


Kiax: See you around!


((OOC: Figured I’d just end this here seeing as we’ve got a new ship.))



Lieutenant Esa Kiax

Assistant Chief Operations Officer

USS Atlantis – NCC 74682

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