Lt Commander Serala & PNPC Ambassador R’Val: Catching up

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Jim Davis

Mar 31, 2020, 12:26:43 AM3/31/20
to USS Atlantis

(( Ambassador’s Office, Romulan Republic Embassy, Level 5, Central Hub, Deep Space 26, Paldor System, Larokon Space, Par’tha Expanse ))

Centurion: Llairhi, ahr’khir nnerhai paenhe. (( Ambassador, your daughter is here. ))

R’Val: Hfaei h’rau rii, arrain. (( Send her in, Centurion ))

Centurion: Daie, llairhi. (( Yes, Ambassador. ))

The centurion exited the room and Serala entered carrying what R’Val assumed was her daughter. She certainly looked like a beautiful child from what R’Val could see.

Serala: Hello, Mother. I thought I would introduce you to your granddaughter, T’Saara. :: Looking down at her daughter :: T’Saara, meet your grandmother, the Ambassador for the Romulan Republic in this region..

R’Val got up and moved over to look more closely at the newest member of her family.

R’Val: Oh, she looks just like her grandmother.

Unable to resist herself, Serala decided to turn that on her own mother.

Serala: I will let Lady T’Sol know you said so. I am sure she will be pleased to hear it.

R’Val’s head snapped up in annoyance. Why couldn’t her daughter let things like that go. There was no need for that kind of remark.

Serala: Sorry, Mother. Sometimes I just can’t help myself.

R’Val: Try. I don’t find that amusing, Serala.

Serala: I know. Old habits die hard. But I will work on it. :: holds T’Saara out to R’Val :: Here, why don’t you hold her for a bit.

R’Val took the child in awe. Serala must have come a long way in her attitude. Never had she imagined her willful daughter would make such an offer.

R’Val: Hello, Little Bean. How are you? I am your grandmother.

It was Serala’s turn to have her head snap up.

Serala: I don’t remember telling you that nickname, Mother. Who told you?

R’Val cringed inwardly. Such a clumsy slip.

R’Val: No, Serala. I promised him I wouldn’t say anything.

Serala: oO Him! Toryn! That’s the only person it could be. I never told the Captain. I am going to get him for that. Oo  Oh, you have said enough. I can figure out the rest.

R’Val: Now, Serala. He meant well. Don’t do anything reckless.

Serala: Oh, I won’t. But I will get even eventually. Anyway, there is something else I need to discuss with you.

R’Val: Oh?

Serala: Yes. And you might want to sit down.

Curious now, R’Val moved back to her chair and began to sit.

Serala: Oh, and give me my daughter back, first.

Serala gently took T’Saara back from her and braced herself. This was not going to be an easy subject to bring up.

R’Val: Okay, Serala. Now that you have me sufficiently intrigued, what is going on?

Serala: Don’t shout. Promise. I don’t want to get T’Saara upset.

R’Val: :: gritting her teeth as she nodded her ascent :: Fine.

Serala: Well, just after we left to return here from our last mission, a man came into sickbay. It was the day after I had T’Saara.

She paused to reinforce herself and R’Val nodded at her to continue.

Serala: He claimed to be my father.

Despite her promise, R’Val shot up out of her chair like a bullet.

R’Val: HE WHAT?! I will kill him. NO ONE impersonates my husband!

Serala: Mother! Shush!

Too late. T’Saara started crying and Serala spent several minutes trying to get her daughter calmed down. Meanwhile, R’Val sat in her chair quietly fuming over the news. When the child was calm again, she spoke softly. Almost dangerously quiet.

R’Val: I am sure you verified his lie. What did he have to say for himself?

Serala: I tried to prove him a liar. But it turns out it really is him.

This time, R’Val remained quiet. So quiet, Serala was concerned. She had only seen her mother like this a few times. And each time, she knew her mother was on the verge of committing murder.

R’Val: And where is he now?

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