Lieutenant Serala: Conflicted emotions

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Jim Davis

Oct 1, 2018, 11:29:42 PM10/1/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Service Room, Korri Freighter ))


Serala: It looks as if my team has vanished down the rabbit hole!


Raga: When we get back remind me to talk to them about abandoning their team leader in a crisis.


Serala: My head is still kind of foggy, but I think they had some kind of crazy plan. It just didn’t register. All I could think of was that I needed to hold until you reached us. And I knew you would. You’re too crazy in combat not to. Don’t be hard on them. I think we’re all feeling the effects of the Cloud.


Raga: =/\= Raga to Termine and Malko. Get to the freighter's aft cargo bay now. Prep the shuttle for launch. Beau...Lieutenant Serala and I will meet you there with Korri survivors. =/\=


Termine/Malko: Responses?


Raga: Come on beautiful. Help me carry them back to the Elysium. I don't think we can stay here much doing something to all of us.


Serala: Like I said. And please, quit calling me that. I’m too confused right now. I’m married, but this stuff is….fvadt, I can’t just stop finding you attractive just because I’m married and this gas is muddling my mind!


:: She grabbed two Korri and slung them over her shoulders in a fireman’s carry and waited for Toryn to finish his makeshift sled and load it with the rest. ::


Raga: :: To two Korri huddled in the passage :: Move! We have to leave now!


Serala: I like it when you’re bossy! Fvadt, fvadt, fvadt! I’m sorry. It just slipped out.


:: Before he could reply, she was engulfed by a blue transporter beam… ::


Raga: See you back home, beautiful.


::  and then found herself standing on a transporter pad in the cargo bay. ::


(( Cargo Bay, USS Atlantis, Jenatris Cloud ))


Serala: :: whispered :: I said to please not call me that.


:: She quickly turned over her Korri passengers to the Klingon medical officer, and knowing she was affected, sought out another medical person to check her over. Spotting the purple-haired Ensign Avae, she moved over to her. ::


Serala: Excuse me, Ensign, but I believe I was affected by whatever is affecting these Korri. Counselor Malko gave me some oxygen and it helped some, but I can tell my thinking is still not clear.


Avae: Response


:: As the nurse was examining Serala, she noticed the blue transporter beam and heard its whine and noticed Raga materialize within it. He was carrying a Korri on his shoulder and after briefly looking around moved over to a cot and gently laid the survivor down on it and then summoned a security officer. ::


Raga: This one was hostile. Keep an eye on it. Use maximum stun. And if necessary beam any of the violent ones to the holding cells once they're cleared by medical. I don't want them loose on the ship.


and then found herself standing on a transporter pad. ::


Avae: Response


Serala: Thanks, Ensign. I’ll just go find a cot and lie down.


:: She had intended to do exactly that, but somehow found herself moving over to Raga. She grabbed him by the sleeve to get his attention. ::


Serala: Hello there Blue...I...I..mean...Toryn. Glad you made it back okay.


Raga: Response.





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