Ensign Serala: Stunningly Beautiful

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Jim Davis

Apr 17, 2018, 10:46:30 PM4/17/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

(( Serala's Quarters, Deck 3,  USS Atlantis ))

:: Serala studied herself in the mirror. She’d had her dress whites cleaned and tailored. She had also treated herself to a spa and salon. Not something she did often, but this was going to be a special occasion. She liked her new hairstyle: short, but longer than it had been. She wore it loose, causing the short hair to frame her face, hiding her pointed ears. If it wasn't for her slightly pointed eyes, brow ridges, and green-tinted skin, she could pass as a full human. She'd even had her nails done. ::

Serala: Well. Looks pretty good.

:: She picked up her brush and took one last swipe at her hair, brushing the loose strands into place. Then headed out the door to the holodeck. ::

Serala: :: muttering as she tugs in the collar :: Feels like it's trying to strangle me.

:: Truth be told, she was glad to be wearing her uniform. Just a few short days ago, that wasn't a guarantee. She was glad that the Captain had worked as her advocate and even convinced her mother to send that affidavit. ::

(( Short Time skip ))

:: She paused outside the doors. True, it was most likely common knowledge that she had been acquitted, but there were no doubt some who harbored secret reservations about her. They would always wonder. As a result, she had been avoiding most people for days now. Acceptance was important to her. Maybe it shouldn't be, but it was. ::

Serala: Well. Quit being a coward. Let's get it over with.

:: And with that she entered the holodeck.::

:: As she stepped inside, she was struck by the sheer beauty of it. It left her awestruck for several minutes. She was so overwhelmed that she hardly noticed that there were others here. But, after a couple minutes, she snapped out of it and began to look around at the others. She noticed several of her fellow officers from the Atlantis, including the new ensigns who had arrived at the end of the invasion, Sotak and Termine. She also noticed the new nurse making acquaintances. Her interests, however, were on the guests.

:: As she looked around, there was quite a large gathering of brass here. No doubt they had heard about the accusations against her. She'd just have to deal with it. She even spotted a couple of people she recognized from her Academy Final Exam. ::

oO If they recognize me, I'd be surprised. I wouldn't mind catching up with them. Oo

:: Realizing was still standing in the entry, she moved further into the room. Again she was overawed by the sheer beauty. The Captain had really outdone himself.

She spotted Toryn and his sister over by the bar taking to Lieutenant Dermont and the big Worene, Osiris. Feeling more comfortable with them, she made her way over to them. ::

Serala: Do you mind if I join you?

:: As she greeted them, she made sure to place her hand on Toryn's shoulder he had shown her. ::

Raga/Kiitiarel/Dermont/Osiris: Responses

Serala: Thanks. Yes, it's very breathtaking. Far superior to that ice palace on Tiruelle, wouldn't you agree?

Raga/Kiitiarel/Dermont/Osiris: Responses

Serala: Lieutenant. I'm glad your son is okay. If I weren't a Starfleet Officer…

:: She could feel her temper rising again and forced herself to calm down, taking numerous deep breaths to help her do so. ::

Serala: Sorry. This is a party, not the time for stirring up anger. :: forces a smile back onto her face. ::

Raga/Kiitiarel/Dermont/Osiris: Responses

Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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