Lt Commander Serala: An unexpected escalation

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Jim Davis

Aug 11, 2019, 2:56:30 PM8/11/19
to USS Atlantis
((Chon Outpost “Beta”, Codename Medical 6)) 

McKnight: Congrats, commander. When's the baby shower?

Serala: But…

Serala finally got a grip on herself and began to resume her control. Whatever her health status was, she was in command of the away team and she needed to keep her composure. She could sort the rest later. The first thing that concerned her was the computer’s reference to the … fetus… as a parasite that needed decontamination. Sure enough…

MD6: Activate medical technicians, secure the patients. Decontamination procedures must commence immediately. Unknown species may present unknown threat to life. Decontamination of all patients required.

Suddenly, several more persons appeared around them, all dressed in white scrubs, all very large, muscular specimens. Another figure materialized a moment later, a rather attractive nurse with long, black hair and bearing a rather ominous looking needle.

D1N/A: Please allow the medics to take you to decontamination. The sooner the parasite can be eliminated and other potential contaminates destroyed, the sooner we can return to business.

McKnight: Well, this is...cliche...

Avae/Solana: Response

Serala: You heard them, Dina. I am afraid we are going to have to politely refuse your generous offer.

M3d/1C-A: You must be decontaminated. You must come with us. If you resist, we will be forced to sedate you.

The nurse with the ominous needle took one more step closer and squeezed a bit of the fluid from the syringe.

McKnight: Yeah...Definitely cliche...

Avae/Solana: Response


McKnight: Nope

A sudden burst of weapons fire erupted, all directed at the various holoimages. Apparently, the Marine Captain had decided at some point in the past that one day he might face this exact situation because their weapons had been modified with a setting that allowed them to destroy holograms. Serala took note of the changes. Maybe, if she survived this, she should make such mods to her security phasers also. That aside, she also noted that what was supposed to be a peaceful mission had just turned into another shoot-em up mission. Maybe the situation could still be salvaged.

Serala: Captain, what are you doing?

McKnight: The computer must be malfunctioning if it can identify your species but not the fact that you're pregnant! A rampant AI is very dangerous. Especially one that's following a program incorrectly. 

The Marine captain fired again, disrupting another hologram. By this point the marines had destroyed all the holograms except the liaison image, Dina. Worried the central AI might generate more, she held her hand up to signal the marines to cease fire and spoke rapidly to the woman.

Serala: There has been some misunderstanding. What you are detecting is not a parasite. It is an embryo in its early stages, considering I just learned of its existence. I do not require decontamination. :: Turning to Avae :: Nurse, explain to her in their language. Medicine. Maybe we can still resolve this.

Avae: Response

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