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Jim Davis

Mar 29, 2018, 6:08:41 PM3/29/18
to USS Atlantis - NCC-74682

((Romulan Warbird Illa'variea, Brig, Day 6 of Shore Leave ))

:: Serala sat in the cell brooding. She could figure no way out of the situation. The cell was every bit as secure as the ones on Atlantis, the only way out was through the forcefield barrier. And she wasn't getting through that. ::

oO I suppose I could try to overpower the guard the next time they drop the forcefield. Oo

:: But she knew that would not be easy. Here, they had the same natural strength she had. Her only advantage would be her training in martial arts. She'd have be quick though, because they always came in pairs and while she was dealing with one, the other could easily fire his disruptor at her, stunning or even disintegrating her. ::

oO But then what? I don't know my way around this ship. It would only be minutes before I was recaptured. If I could get to a transporter, though, I would be gone. Turn myself in and let the system figure the truth out. Oo

:: That was unlikely though. And it had been a whole day since the Ambassador had promised to return her to the station, yet she was still here. Then the Ambassador walked in flanked by two guards. ::

Jerek: Well Serala. One last chance to change your mind. Will you stay with us?

Serala: No, Ambassador. I am a Starfleet officer.

Jerek: Not for long.

Serala: Perhaps. But if I am to be stripped of my commission and thrown into a stockade, I will do so with my honor intact.

Jerek: How very Romulan of you. I commend you. :: pausing briefly :: Very well. Let's get you back to the station. I have spoken with the station commander and he going to have your chief of security on hand, a Commander Tel-ar.

Serala: Very good.

:: The field was dropped and she was escorted down a short passageway to the transporter room and escorted onto the platform. The Ambassador joined her on the platform. ::

Jerek: Signal the station that we are ready to proceed.

Centurion: :: pushing some controls. :: Station acknowledges and grants permission to transport.

Jerek: Energize.

:: Serala See the centurion work the transporter controls and felt that tingling sensation again. A wash of crimson passed her vision and she was standing in DS26 in the CO’s office. Commander Tel-ar and Lieutenant Porus were there also. ::

Serala: Commander, I surrender myself to your custody.

Tel-ar: Response

Serala: I understand and I invoke my right to an advocate and to silence.

Tel-ar/Porus: Responses


Ensign Serala, Security Officer
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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