Lt Commander Serala: How did they get so many Terran cliche's in one place?

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Jim Davis

Aug 11, 2019, 3:00:36 PM8/11/19
to USS Atlantis
((Chon Outpost “Beta”, Codename Medical 6)) 

D1N/A: Very well. We have need of your assistance, Nurse Avae. There is a biological organism being used to maintain MD6. It is ill. If you will follow me, I can lead you to it so that you can examine it to determine if you may be able to assist it. It is part of the source of MD6’s malfunctions.

Avae/McKnight/Solana: Responses

Serala: Well, maybe now we’re making progress. Secure your weapons for now, Captain. But remain vigilant. Until that AI is fixed, there’s no telling what could happen.

McKnight:  Response

(( A few minutes later, deeper into the station near the center ))

The liaison hologram led them deep into the station. Serala had noticed that everywhere they went seemed to be dedicated to medicine in some fashion or another. There were even a plethora of sparsely decorated waiting rooms. After several minutes, they came to an area that according to her tricorder was near the very center of the station. The chamber they entered was quite large and also quite dark. Even her keen Romulan vision had trouble seeing near the edges of the room. However, numerous machines that appeared to resemble something from a 1930s Terran horror movie were located all around the perimeter of the room and numerous flashing lights and illuminated tubes provided dim illumination. Several more wires and tubes led to a central bed of metallic nature in the center of the room underneath a very bright light.

The being was another sight straight out of a horror film. Quite large and stitched together in various areas just like the images of the creature known as Frankenstein’s Monster, this creature seemed to possess parts from various different species, considering the blue left arm, the emerald green left leg, the clawed left hand and the tusked face much like a Nausican’s. The creature was lying still at the moment and Serala noted that most of the wires seemed to be leading from the brain, which was quite bulbous and not at all like a Nausican’s. More like the images she had seen of a Talosian.

oO Now, there’s a disturbing thought. Oo

McKnight/Avae/Solana: Responses

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