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Jim Davis

Nov 8, 2018, 10:03:49 PM11/8/18
to USS Atlantis

(( Deck 1, Captain’s Ready Room, USS Atlantis ))

:: Serala waited outside the Ready Room until she had been admitted, then entered. She immediately noticed Toryn standing at parade rest next to the Captain’s desk and Captain Brell, despite his best efforts to try and hide it had quickly stifled a grin trying to look serious. Toryn had also allowed a brief smile to cross his face, though that may have been due to being in the same room as her for a change. ::

Serala: Lieutenant Serala reporting as ordered, sir.

Raga: Hello, Serala. Thank you for coming.

Serala: Can I ask what is going on? You both look like cats about to pounce on the helpless mouse.

:: Toryn cleared his throat and met her gaze. No matter how much he kept his expression stoic, she could see in his eyes how he felt about her. ::

Raga: I have just been informed that I am to be relieved of my duties as Chief of Tactical and Security.

Serala: I don’t understand. Just because you’re Second Officer doesn’t mean you have to give up your position as Chief of Tactical and Security, sir.

Raga: As of this moment you are now Chief.

Serala: That’s great, but I still don’t understand. Why are you no longer the Chief?

:: A smirk broke out across his face. ::

Raga: Well, I can't be the new acting Marine CO and run both of those departments too.

:: He brought his hands around in front, opening the rosewood box to let her see the Major rank insignia contained within. ::

Serala: Well, congratulations. Acting CO. That’s impressive, sir. And, Captain, I won’t let you down. I realize this is all temporary until McKnight or Logan get back, but I will do my best in the meantime.

Brell: Oh no Lieutenant. I have other plans for Major Raga when our McKnight returns. This assignment is permanent.

oO Permanent? What could he be planning that would let me remain Department Head of TacSec? Not that I am complaining, of course? Oo

Raga: Really, sir? Like what?

Brell: We will talk about when the time comes Major. :: He shifted his gaze back to Serala :: I feel you have done an explinary job as assistant chief, and would not wish to take something away you have earned.

Serala: Thank you, sir. I will do my best.

Brell: I expect to see your department to see you’ll match or even best the new Major’s team in readiness evaluation reports.

Serala: Naturally, sir.

Raga: Well, I'm sure Serala will be a better Chief than I was. :: He looked to his friend :: That doesn't mean I'll make it easy for you though. I expect to have the Marines' performance records to surpass that of Security in a week.

Brell: :: Smirking. :: I look forward to seeing the results of the rest few rounds.

Serala: Hunh. You underestimate me, again, Major. It is true that you are stronger than me, and have better hearing, but you tend to forget that I am still three time stronger than the average human and have keen hearing of my own. Likewise, you are a good leader, but I was born to do this. My mother, a Romulan Commander, and my father, a Commander in Starfleet Intelligence, instilled in me the idea of duty almost from the day I was born. Both are - or were - leaders, and I have learned from them how to lead. You have your Prote-se. I have my mnei’sahe, and I will stake my mnei’sahe on the conviction that Security will far surpass the Marine contingent in all areas. Even if you do have Osiris. Don’t forget, I have Porus...and Noshka. :: grins broadly ::

oO Now, if that doesn’t motivate him, I don’t know what will. Oo

Raga: :: smiling :: Yes, sir. I'll make sure Amuro's people stay sharp so that it's like he never left whenever he returns.

Brell: As for now you are both dismissed to set up your new offices.  

Raga: Yes, sir. :: He smiled to them both, then stepped out of the room ::

:: She watched him leave regretful that the only relationship she could allow herself with him was a professional one. Once he was gone, she turned to the Captain. ::

Serala: Thank you for your confidence in me, Captain. Every since that first away mission to rescue you and your team, I have felt your confidence in me increasing. I haven’t even been away from the Academy for a year yet, and already I am a well-decorated Lieutenant and head of the Security and Tactical Department - which I consider to be only one department. I owe that largely to you and your confidence in me. That little speech I just made for Raga was part braggadocio meant to motivate him, but it was still all factual. I will do my absolute best for you, Captain. On my honor as a Romulan.

Brell: Response

:: She turned and left his office to gather a few personal things to put into her new office. She had no doubt Raga was on his way down there now to clear his things out. The first thing on her list was her dathe’anofvsen. She would hang it on the wall behind and over her chair as a constant reminder of her duty and her honor. ::

oO Yes, that is the perfect place for it. Oo

(( OOC: I will sim my arrival at the Security Office tomorrow. I am worn out, but I wanted to get this one done since it has been several days. ))

Lieutenant Serala, Chief of Tactical and Security
USS Atlantis NCC-74682
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