Lt Commander Serala: The Perkins Diplomatic Protocol

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Jim Davis

Jun 18, 2020, 9:37:16 PM6/18/20
to USS Atlantis
((Security Control, Mephinii Spaceport, Illara Prime)) 

Serala: Dermy?! Uh, I mean, Lieutenant Dermont! Good to see you? :: Eyeing him critically :: Where’s your coffee thermos and what are you doing here?

The Engineer greeted her with a barely suppressed frown and she did her best not to smirk.

Kiax: Good to have you with us, Sir.

Raga: It's good to see you, my friend. ::He glanced around Dermont's figure to see that he was in fact without the famed thermos:: I second those questions.

Matthieu/Knight: Responses

Dermont:  I was comin' ta 'elp with the strange power signals Kiax's tricorder was feedin' ta the ship...but've got the master o' the work'round already on it I see.  Oh, and a bunch o' security came wit me… :: He nodded in the direction of his duffel bag. :: And don't ya worry.  I've got me personal supplies tucked safely 'way with me business ones.  Filled it right 'fore steppin' on the pad.

Well that solved that issue. She was very happy to see Valin again. He and Serala had something of a love/hate history. Valin held some rather negative feelings about Romulans, and Serala had to admit he had good reasons, but he had eventually come around to her. Then she had hurt Toryn and that anger welled back up and she was back on his bad side. Fortunately, as far as she knew he had never learned that Toryn’s reckless rush into danger which had resulted in his capture had been her fault. He had still held feelings for her then and when she had told him that she had taken an oath regarding Captain Brell that might result in her suicide, he had acted. She had added that guilt to a whole list of things she felt guilty for. They had started to recover from that...she hoped....when he had been called away for other things. Now he was back. Where would they stand? Friend or...well maybe not quite enemy, but...not so much friend? Time would only tell. One thing was sure. She felt at home with him around. It was like Atlantis was Atlantis again. Silly notion, but that was how she felt.

Serala: Well, good to have you here. Why don’t you see if you can help Esa and Ensign Matthieu. They’re trying to do a few different things including tracking down the source of a power drain. We have reason to believe a Valcarian spy might be in play and could even be the cause.

Kiax: I could definitely use the assist. These unremarkable readings are really beginning to confuse me.

Dermont: Aye, 'appy ta get back into the swing of things.

Knight: Response

Serala: :: to Raga :: Toryn, would you take care of deploying the security teams, please? Once they’re all set, come join me. We need to coordinate with the Major here.

Raga: I'll take care of it.

Serala: :: turning to the Major :: Sir, I know that you are in charge here, but you did ask us for help. As such, I am going to recommend questioning, but not detaining, the Ambassador. We don’t have enough to accuse her of anything at this point. However, it is possible she may be aware of this person’s presence.

She could hear the others conversing behind her, but focused her attention on the conversation with the Major.

Stonecypher: Response

Serala: Well, sir. You may very well be correct, but do you really want to start an interstellar incident based on speculation?

Stonecypher: Response

Serala: Well, sir. As I said, she may indeed know something. Whether she cooperates or not, is another matter entirely.

Stonecypher: Response

Raga: That may be unavoidable. Given what we know of the Valcarian's, just suggesting that they have a spy in our midst might set her off. But it would be simpler than outright arresting her. ::He shook his head:: I doubt she'd go quietly and if she's aware of the spy, she may intentionally trigger them to actions more extreme than whatever reason they have for being here in the first place.

Serala: I would agree with that. We tip our hand too soon and the spy may slip through our fingers. Worse, we may have some catastrophic consequences we can’t as yet foresee.

Kiax / Matthieu / Knight : Responses

Stonecypher: Response

Raga:  Is there any way to find out where the logic bomb was sent from?

Dermont: Perhaps.  But if the damn thing's replicated itself into each subsystem separately..won't make much difference.  Not sure if it 'as, but regardless I agree with Kiax and suggest at the very least ya send mahself down ta wherever this facility routes power from.  I might be able ta do somethin' ta offset the damage.

:: turning to the Tactical Officer :: David, any luck with those comms yet?

Kiax / Dermont / Matthieu / Knight: Responses

And the lights went out again. This was starting to get rather irritating.

Raga: What happened now?

Serala: Mr. Dermont, I don’t suppose you happen to have a palm beacon or two? Toryn here might be able to see in the dark, but the rest of us aren’t so lucky.

And then the lights came back on. Someone was playing games. At least, that was her first thought. Their spy knew they were investigating and was working to thwart them.

Kiax / Matthieu / Knight /Stonecypher : Responses

Raga: I understand, Major. We want to resolve this as well, but I'd prefer if you didn't start an incident that will catch my people in the crossfire. You're not the only one who's requested our help with security for the conference. We have people assisting the Freeworlds security department as well as yours. We need proof.

oO Thank you, Toryn. Maybe he will listen to you because I am close to exercising the Perkins Diplomatic Protocol. Again. Oo

Dermont: Yer not gonna be arrestin' anybody if the lights go off again and stay off.  And is it startin' ta get a bit hot in 'ere, as well?  Permission ta head ta this facility's power junction?

Serala: :: nodding :: Do it. Take Lieutenant Kiax with you. 

Valin stood and held up a pair of flashlights, tossing one to her and the other to Toryn before clipping a third to his side beside a phaser and a tricorder.

Serala: Thank you. Let me know what you find. And be careful. I suspect our adversary knows we’re on to him. In fact, take one of the security teams with you.

Kiax / Dermont: Responses

As the two departed, she turned to David and the Ensign who’s first name she couldn’t remember.

Serala: David, any luck with the comms?

Knight: Response

Matthieu: Response

Stonecypher : Response

Serala: Major, I’m -

McKnight: =/\= McKnight to all team leaders, sitrep =/\=

Serala: =/\=  Serala here, Captain McKnight. All good here at the moment. =/\=

Logan: =/\= Response =/\=

McKnight: =/\= Anybody have an idea what the black out was about? =/\=

Serala: =/\= Not yet determined, Mr. McKnight. We have a team working on it now. Recommend you have your security teams be extra alert right now.  =/\=

That comment was certainly based on her assumption that he had brought Marines down, but Toryn had been correct in suggesting he would do just that.

She looked once more at the Major and deciding she was getting nowhere with him, she turned to Toryn.

Serala: Commander, stay here with them and monitor these blackouts. :: quietly adding so low she was certain only he would hear her as she turned to leave :: and see if you can’t talk some sense into him.

Raga: Response

She paused at that question. She really didn’t have a destination in mind, but she knew she needed to leave before she started something. And besides, she was a trained security officer. Maybe she would spot something.

Serala: I’m heading over to the other investigation to see what they have turned up. We may have a connection that we haven’t noticed yet. I should be back shortly.

Raga: Response

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